50 50. Waking up

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What is that annoying sound?

A ringing was constantly being heard inside his head. He found the strength to open his eyes and the view in front of him was blurry. Slowly, the blurry image faded and he got a clear vision. He found himself inside a room and the walls that surrounded him were reminiscent of cold, hard metal. Just then he was about to look more into his situation, he heard the annoying noise again inside his head.

[Processing 98%]

[Processing 99%]

Abraham finally became fully aware of his reality. The ringing noise inside his head was from the notifications of the system. He was undergoing an evolution and the process was supposed to take up to two years. He hoped for the best and really wished that there was no negative surprise.

He could not dwell further in his thinking as his body was starting to feel pain again.

The pain seemed to be worse this time compared to before, he could feel his bones breaking down forming again, his muscles being torn apart, forming again and again. It was the worst pain Abraham had ever felt in his life.

"That was only with one percent of the evolution remaining, what would happen if I was awake through the whole process." Abraham could not help but shiver at that thought. Now he understood why the quest has placed him into eternal slumber.

Abraham clenched his hands hard together to bear the atrocious pain. In the process, his nails had pierced his skin and blood was starting to drip onto the bedsheets.

A strong sensation spread through his body. All of his muscles were cramped and felt tensed up. His body felt so tight it was as if his very own muscles were trying to strangle his own body.

He was wishing that he would have woken after the process had ended. Finally, a new notification sounded.

[Processing 100%]

[Congratulations, your Evolution has been Successful]

[Congratulations you are now a vampire noble]

[You have received a new quest]

[Become a Vampire leader….]

[Congratulations you are now a ....]

Finally, the slight pain stopped when his evolution was completed. Lots of notifications kept popping into his head that he had to close them. Abraham was going to review that one by one.

The long-awaited evolution was finally completed and for a brief second, Abraham didn't even feel like he was in his own body. Everything felt foreign to him, yet at the same time familiar. Before the evolution, he always felt like his power was too much for his body to sustain. It was only due to his continuous training in Qi that was keep the energies inside his body at bay.

He woke up from the bed and immediately he noticed two things. One, the previous white bedsheet has been completely dyed in blood. But instead of the normal red blood, it was more of a dark red. There were also many spots that had burning marks.

Second, he was completely naked. Every piece of cloth that he was wearing had vanished.

He guess that from the burn caused on the bedsheet, the same thing must have happened to his clothes. Looking around, on one side of the wall, a large mirror was hanging, so Abraham walked to it.

The room was still like the time when he first got inside. There was a small circular robot on the floor that was cleaning the room at that moment. The room was void of life except for Abraham. When Abraham finally arrived in front of the mirror, what he saw was totally different from his usual self.

The first thing to catch his eyes was the color of his hair. A beautiful crimson red. It was a sight to behold. The vibrant, intense shade of red was surely going to get some attraction. When running his fingers through it, it felt so soft and warm. The sensation was both mesmerizing and comforting. The hair had also grown longer reaching his shoulders. It seemed that after this evolution, his hair had completely turned from black to red.

He could not help but play a little with his hair.

The most regular change after an evolution was his height and right now he was finally tall like a proper adult. Abraham guessed his height as around 1m80cm as he look around the same height he was in his previous life, but that was just a guess, later he was going to confirm it.

His already shredded body became even more refined. His 6-pack abs were well-toned and defined but that was not exactly what Abraham was looking at. Instead, his attention was fully on his arms.

Starting from the back of his hands, up to his shoulders were scales. It was a dark red color like his blood. At both ends of his arms, the scale became faint and look to merge with his skin. It looked as if Abraham was wearing beast armor on his hands. The red scales felt hard to the touch but Abraham didn't feel uncomfortable with them.

After a few moments of analyzing his new body, Abraham opened his dimensional storage and took a new set of clothes from it.

The clothes were too tight and small for his new size.

There was so much thought going inside his head right there. How many times have passed, was everybody fine, did his coming into this world brought any changes during his sleep?

Some questions, but there was only one thing that was first in his mind.

After adjusting himself, Abraham sat down and said a single word.


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