179 Obvious Note

Ok so it's been a looonggg while since I touched this story and for a number of reasons. Like the story itself being my first fic I actually went far in and thus had a glaring number of issues in the story itself.

Then there were the scalper sites stealing it.

Yet I am still getting comments for this story so I wanted to make things clear...

This story is dead.

But not all is lost as I am already rewriting this story even better than before and I have three chapters done already and once I get six ahead I will begin posting publicly.

Writing is replacing my day job honestly as I am making 3.5k in USD in commissions a month and other things so please understand that I write according to what people who pay me want. So if you want more of my rewrite consider supporting me via my Patron sites I shill on every chapter on my other more updated stories.

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