6 Chapter 6- R18

"Jakeee!" Hestia moaned erotically out loud as she ground herself onto my lap and held me tightly for dear life. The vision of beauty on my lap wasn't holding back in trying to make me her metaphoric cat scratching post as I could feel my back bruising through the thick jacket I would normally wear in the dungeon was unable to protect me from her divine attention...

Yeah, you heard right Hestia was glowing with a violet hue as her divinity escaped her control and I knew that trying to 'control' a drunk woman was an effort in futility so I just held her in my arms as she gibbered in drunken delight?

If anything she seemed to be getting more and more into this but then again I doubt she has had many opportunities in life to let go of her lust and act out on it with her being an eternal virgin. I was starting to drown in her affections as she started licking her way up my neck I snapped and gently took her face in my hands and started to kiss her and she reciprocated even more fiercely by sticking her tongue in my mouth and battled my own into submission.

Hesta seemed to slow down for a second and leaned back and I would have normally said she was drunk or simply not in the right headspace but her eyes were laser-focused on my own as she said the words everyman desired. "Take them off.." She said with desire dripping from her every word, and then she lost eye contact as she looked down and flipped her dress in half and moved her panties to the side as I stumbled to pull my pants down as well.

"Tsk." I hissed as Hestia wasn't gentle in grabbing my manhood and started to maneuver it to pierce into her maidenhood then the magical moment came as we made eye contact and I felt the head of my cock be enveloped in wet warmth and stopped by a small obstruction I decided that I have submitted to her desires enough and firmly grabbed her hips and brought her down to the base of my cock.

Hestia wailed out loud "Ahhh it's too big!" She cried out exploding into her first orgasm with another person and more importantly with the loss of her virginity. I frankly wasn't far off with how her core was determined to milk my own seed as I ignored my roiling desires wanting to meet her orgasm and instead dug my hands into her thick ass and as the meat of her ass overflowed between my fingers, I started dragging her almost limp body up and down my manhood making her cry out. "Nooo Jake I can't take it all!"

She was honestly right as I ground her on my cock in the depths of her pussy I could feel her cervix as an almost gate guard actually pulling her down the last inch making me groan with need as I literally could feel the cervix's mouth on the tip of my cock and it was driving me mad with the desire to claim every inch of this goddess's womanhood.

Normally a woman wouldn't be able to even enjoy having her cervix pounded against and, would certainly not be trying to snap her man's back by wrapping there legs around his back. But no this is divine pussy and we both triumphant moaned as I finally managed to breach past her cervix and my manhood was held within her womb making me shake and mark her throat with a love bite leading to her own climax.

It was a divine experience being in Hestia's womb, her vaginal canal was grabbing and pulling on my length as she quivered in pleasure but the real kicker was her womb was almost another mouth sucking hard on the head of my cock and I couldn't even pull out of her greedy womb as not only would it greedily tighten on me in refusal Hestia herself has anchored herself onto my now bare chest and has left a number of bite marks and bruises from her own orgasms.

Finally losing control I gave up on trying to do deep strokes and just grounded her onto my lap in circles till my balls boiled over and I started coming inside of her hungry womb.

Holding the cooing goddess who seemed to have shared a mutual orgasm at the feeling of my hot semen pouring into her womb I started petting her long straight hair that seemed to have come undone in our activities as we rode over the shakes of our pleasure.

I was scared Hestia was going to freak out as her divinity/Arcanum was sealed again under her control but she just sighed and melted into my embrace seemingly at peace I couldn't hold back the worries in my heart because although I had every intent on trying to seduce Hestia I wanted to make sure I didnt hurt her.

I gently picked up Hestia and took us to the outdoor shower that was in the back of the church and Hestia seemed to be in her own world as I opened the valve that let out lukewarm water from sitting in its tank in the sun and started washing Hestia's hair and massaging her scalp making her groan in comfort and lean against me.

After finishing washing Hestia's hair I started rubbing her shoulders and washing down her arms with my soapy hands before putting my hands on her upper stomach just below her breasts that were almost invitingly pushing towards me with her little light pink eraser tipped nipples. "Hestia may I continue?" I asked gently

Hestia seemed to come back to life as she slowly looked up into my eyes and within her aquamarine eyes I could see any conflict she had dissipate as she shyly nodded and whispered "Yes... But Jake..." She hesitated before her voice became matched a mosquito's but due to how close we were I was able to make it out. "Will you love me as you're woman?"

I thought deeply because honestly as much as this happened so spontaneously I knew I did have affection for Hestia whether I was deeply in love with her at the moment was irrelevant because I knew what she needed to know. "Hestia I promise you I will take care of you as my woman." I promised and then added " And I truly do care for you Hestia, already you have stolen a piece of my heart."

Hestia froze as my confession resounded truthfully within her ears and she wordlessly started washing my chest confirming my feelings with her own I knew we both weren't truly in love yet, but I know Hestia is both a person who easily loves and is loved in return so I followed her silence and if I played with her boobs a little too much to be called cleaning I would swear in front of any deity it was an accident.

After being cleaned up I sent Hestia down to the basement as I thought of a good idea to make us all a lot more comfortable and brought down all the fabrics from the cart, down to the basement and saw Hestia gingerly putting her hair back into her twin tails I wordlessly walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her chest making her giggle from my affections. "Stop it for a second Jake I can't put on my ribbons." She whispered in comfort before I gleefully let go of the obviously sore woman.

"Hestia I noticed our beds and that couch is frankly only a step from going in the dump how about I fix them up and we can just relax for a bit so you can recover better."

"Sure I don't think there's much other than where we sleep that needs fabrics," Hestia said now leaning up against me as I dropped the majority of the fabrics onto the bed and some onto the couch and decided to see if I could fuse two objects at once.

"Fuse," I called and then imagined the couch and bed as separate things as I was touching the bed and not touching the couch, and lo and behold I was able to fuse the materials into the bed and the couch also started a fusion process that took the leftover materials.

The two pieces of furniture no longer looked like something homeless people would turn their noses up at and prefer to sleep on concrete after seeing. Now they looked almost modern with how the wood framing the bed was professionally lacquered and the couch was no longer a single large pad with a couple of pillows now it was several thick pads with four plush pillows, two on the sides where the arms were and the other two in the middle so I imagined Bell at least wouldn't suffer sleeping on it.

But the most important thing was how the bed was no longer a drab grey blanket that made you question whether the itch you felt at night was from a bug or the scratchy blanket, it was now and plush burgundy blanket, and after pulling it out showed a pristine white sheet.

Hestia gently crawled into the now plush and luxurious bed and then bit her lips shyly patting the bed next to her she called out to me. "Come here we need to talk..."

I crawled onto the bed and laid beside her sideways as she was obviously mentally conflicted about her feelings until she finally spoke out. "I am torn on how to feel I know that you truly do care for me but I still feel this was far too rushed." She sighed laying on her back and after a moment of silence as I was contemplating on what to say she stated childishly kicking her feet back and forth.

She rolled over onto me and pushed me onto my back straddling me and I didnt even have time to grab her hips as she dove in and started making out with me but this time I wasn't being as passive with her divinity being sealed so I cheated by taking a hand and grabbing her breast and started massaging it and gently pinching the nubs her nipples were making in her dress. Hestia moaned into my mouth and thus her tongue was conquered back into her own mouth sealing my victory.

Hestia finally noticing my tent forming in my pants pulled back and sat down on it with a smug grin but it faded as soon as her rationality came back but she seemed to have more affection when she was looking at me. "Ok, Jake that's enough." I could see the lust boiling in the background of her eyes and the unspoken 'For now' so I obediently relaxed.

"Hestia I know you're feelings are probably in a mess but let's just take this one step at a time alright." I know just sleeping with her won't make her helplessly fall in love with me but I could see that for a woman who has held her virginity for literally hundreds of thousands of years old she obviously started to have feelings for the person she gave that blessing to.

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