10 Chapter 10 Various Pov's


'Millenia of keeping my purity only to lose it in a drunken? escapade... No that's a lie I wasn't drunk at all I just wanted to feel loved after knowing that the first person I opened my heart to had zero interest in me as a woman.'

'But honestly, I don't regret doing the activity at all hehe. As a woman and a goddess, I feel more alive than ever before and every time I meet his eyes it's not only my stomach that quivers in anticipation or even... infatuation.'

Hestia shook her head clearing her head as she sat down in front of Hephaestus the one goddess she considered both trustable enough and not so likely to yell to the world about her lost virginity and most importantly a close friend since our time back in Tenkai. Because now if those perverted gods heard she lost her purity would think they would have a chance now, and there are only a couple of gods that are decent people in general, the rest are just the lowest scum...

"So you needed to talk about something important enough to make me halt my back orders." The goddess gestured at the fidgeting goddess sitting in the chair across from her "So what happened stop fidgeting so long as you don't need more money I can probably help you with most things." Hephaestus said smugly obviously hinting Hestia was probably here to mooch off her more.

"I don't need any more money!" Hestia shouted before sheepishly giggling and then she blushed as she tried to spit out what's happened but the words just wouldn't leave her mouth and she literally could feel her breath building up in her chest as her own face darkened in shame at the awkward silence which even seemed to make Hephaestus bored and pour a thimble of whiskey but just as she pulled the drink to her mouth, Hestia exploded. "I rode a dick" Hestia blurted out and Hephaestus choked on the whiskey she was drinking in preparation for Hestia's nonsense.

Hephaestus seemed to roll around her chair in agony making Hestia squeak in apology and handing her the cup of water Hephaestus gave her which she chugged. "You little shit! You made my whiskey go up my nose ugh."

Hestia grimaced at the feeling knowing that particular drink was much stronger than wine and how much it would burn going through the nostrils. "Sorry, Hephaestus," Hestia said with obvious sincerity as Hephaestus eventually got over the pain.

"Ok so you finally made a woman out of yourself, why did you come to me even though I know probably just as much about relationships as you?" She questioned and Hestia was reminded that granted Hephaestus was certainly no virgin she was unable to get into a relationship with anyone, even gods due to her cursed eye she kept hidden under an eye patch.

"I don't know what to do with the man that I Uhh did that with," Hestia whispered making Hephaestus groan in mortification.

Hephaestus chuckled after taking a full swing from her whiskey bottle and then handed it to a bewildered Hestia. "Ok, Hestia for one I am sure the man you slept with is from your Familia and I know for a damn fact that even if you were black-out drunk if he tried to force himself upon you well." Hephaestus shrugged as Hestia finished her own chug of the obviously strong spirit that made her face turn ruddy from its strength. "I bet you would have unleashed you're Arcanum and be back in heaven already if that was the case."

Hestia paused at her statement and couldn't help but agree as a proud goddess, she would rather be relegated back to doing paperwork than have a man force themselves upon her and live with that shame. "So basically you did consent to it and I can tell for a fact as a woman you enjoyed it which is lucky for the first time even if us goddesses have it easier in comparison to a mortal woman."

Hephaestus then leaned in with a smug leer and asked Hestia something that made her sputter. "Now the real question is whether you like the man enough for a repeat session with how much you enjoyed it."

"Yes, it was..."

Hephaestus triumphantly smiled "There you go! If the dicking is good enough just leave the feelings to develop naturally and if he gets uppity, tell me and I will loan you Tsubaki to come break his legs for ya haha!"

Hestia after a moment mentally agreed. What was the point in pinning after a boy who literally doesn't see me as a woman when a real man who was very much interested and I knew for a fact wouldn't abandon me seeing as he can't lie to me?

Hestia smiled as she accepted what had happened, and truly moved on from Bell now but... What if other women find out about him? Noooo what if other goddesses hear about him and try to steal him away because he took my virginity?

Now Hephaestus had to console a clearly now drunk Hestia and convince her that other goddesses wouldn't bother to steal him away as he couldn't join their Familia's without a war game but if anything that seemed to freak her out even more till she finally managed to calm her down enough to send her home in a carriage.

Later that night.


Being torn between differing choices is never a pleasant feeling for most people but for me, it's simply a matter of taking the time to collect all the choices whether I need a break a couple of hearts in the process is little concern to me.

That would normally be what I say but Hestia is a different beast from the other deities I have plucked adventures from with most gods being willing to bend over backwards for my attention and the rest whether god or goddess will obey due to my dear Ottar's strength. Hestia on the other hand is one of the oldest and most powerful gods back in Tenkai so if she were to flip the board and literally burn my Familia to the ground only Ouranos would have both the power and ability to interfere.

"Ottar which is better? An art piece you can admire from afar being built naturally or one you can take within your hands and model as you please." Freya purred sipping a chalice of Soma wine that cost more than most Familia's would make in a full month.

The Boaz in question contemplated for a moment before his thick baritone voice answered "My lady both are beautiful, but I am sure if you were to be the sculptor the work would be unrivaled."

Freya hummed in response and gently spun her wine in the chalice as she thought. "Both of Hestia's children have such interesting souls, that I can't help but feel jealous." She pouted and twisted her long leg over the other in frustration at missing such rare collectibles.

Granted now that a new interest has arisen I am no longer as... I would almost be ashamed to say I obsessed about Bell's soul which was clear and transparent of any sin or blemish but now with the contrast of Jake's soul is a constantly shifting kaleidoscope, I know that for as long as he lives I will never grow bored of it though I admit the colors are just as interesting as Bells completely transparent soul.

Ottar seeing his goddess in deep contemplation asked with his usual blunt manner. "Do you wish for me to retrieve the two men you have been watching my lady?"

"No, I think watching them grow a bit more would be more entertaining. Hmm, actually Ottar my dear can you do me a favor?"

Ottar nodded and Freya smiled as she looked out of her balcony which allowed her to see the nightlife of the city. "I want Jake's soul to shine ever brighter but he doesn't seem to be spending as much time in the Dungeon so I need you to make him grow faster Ottar."

Ottar bowed and with his head bent over he said "Your will be done my lady." standing up straight the strongest living adventurer walked out of the Freya's penthouse with a purpose.

Freya then turned to her most precious object and after putting in her will the magic mirror lost it's fog and showed a luxurious bed and a cleaned up enclosed room. But her eyes were locked on one place and if someone was within Freya's room they would have been astounded to see her spill several million Valis worth of Soma wine on the ground as she clenched her fists and shook with fury at the sight before her.

"Well well Hestia it seems you aren't so pure anymore, and are a threat to my desires..."

The mirror showed a sleeping Jake peacefully laying there on the fused bed and oh it annoyed her to no end the man was able to make better quality things than even she could acquire with basically any amount of money.

No the scene that drove her to almost call one of her Familia members and attack the Goddess was Hestia the once pure goddess bobbing her head within his lap as he slept and clearly pleasuring what Freya already considered her man.

"It seems I am going to have to get his attention more personally it seems..." Freya said coldly as she started plotting her own moves, and oh if Hestia just happens to be killed and sent back to Tenkai during it, well that's not much of a loss to her now is it?

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