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"My bad, besides how could I know that you were naked? But more importantly, why are you naked in the first place? What the heck were you doing? Could it be you.." He glanced at her with a suspicious expression.

Instantly Shizuka replied with a panicked expression. "No! No! I wasn't masturbating, I swear!"

"....Holy shit Shizuka-nee, I meant that you were perhaps taking a shower, but you gave me a clear answer of what you just did!" Though it was quite normal to masturbate, he didn't expect his sister to do it, after all, she wasn't exactly the type of person that would do something like that, at least his image of her.

Knowing that she exposed herself, she was even more embarrassed than before, right now she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself inside, so there is nothing more embarrassing getting caught by a family masturbating, and what's even more embarrassing is the one who found her out is her younger brother that she had a romantic affection with!

So her shame was over the roof, she wanted to run away from this place but she couldn't because she knows it's pretty much useless running away from her brother, even though she doesn't know how strong exactly her brother is, however she knows that she couldn't hope to escape from him.

Seeing that she was silent, he decided to speak. "I know you're embarrassed, but it can't be helped since you were the one who exposed yourself anyway, don't worry I won't pursue that issue, since it's normal to do it, 'cause you're at that age after all…"

Hearing that she was being lectured by her younger brother, she couldn't but exclaim. "Bastard! Stop lecturing me, I'm older than you! I know that obviously!"

"Alright, yeah you are indeed but you act like you aren't." He shrugs.

"You! Listen here blah..blah.."


Shizuka lectured him till she was left with nothing to say, then after that Kyle spoke, "Have you calmed down now?"

"Yeah…" She said all of her embarrassment of being exposed is now gone, completely.

"Good, now it's time for me to ask you...why exactly are you avoiding me? Tell me, don't try to lie or avoid my question Shizuka." He stared at her with a serious expression, even though he knew exactly the reason, he wanted her to say it by herself.

Shizuka, wasn't completely caught off guard by his question she was somewhat expecting him to ask her this question, but she was a bit surprised by the fact that he was so blunt about it, looking at her brother expression, she knows that he wouldn't let her get away if she doesn't give him a satisfactory answer, to be honest, she would rather not say this because she knows that it's wrong very wrong, siblings aren't supposed to have romantic feelings with each other, but she did, the society wouldn't allow such thing, that was something taboo but she did anyway, she couldn't help it...

She fell hard for him, her affection for him was the opposite sex, a man, not as a sibling, years ago this feeling wasn't as strong as now, she couldn't stop it, was beyond her, she took a deep breath and stared at her brother.

"Kyle, the reason why I avoided you is that...I'm jealous of your wife, when I heard that she got pregnant with your child...you must be wondering why would I be jealous of something like that? I know this is wrong..but I can't help...I-i want to be pregnant with your child too...it's because I love you not as my brother, but as a man. I love you Kyle I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't. This feeling of mine is getting stronger day by day...I-I'm sorry...but this is what I feel...I'm disgusting right?" She said truthfully without lying, she smiled while looking at him.

Beneath that smile is indescribable loneliness and pain, but she didn't want to show it to her brother, because she knows that it would make the issue bigger, she didn't want that she would rather carry this by herself, because it was her fault for falling in love, to begin with, she doesn't want to cause any more trouble for Kyle anymore.

Before Kyle could say anything, she continued. "You, don't have to worry about this...I will take care of this by myself and that is to stay away from you from now on."

".....Is that really what you wanted to do?" He replied.

"Yes!" She said with a resolution.

"That's a lie." He said.

"Huh? W-what are you talking about?" She replied.

"You're crying, your words and expressions don't match." He said while looking at her.

Shizuka shifted her gaze into the mirror nearby, and she saw her reflection in the mirror, crying with such a pained expression. "H-huh…? W-why am I crying? How strange...this is n-not...sob*...sniff*...why? Why am I like this?"

She tried to wipe the tears from her eyes, but after she did another round of tears came out, it was pointless she couldn't hide it, she couldn't stop her tears from pouring, seeing this pitiful appearance of his sister, he felt pain inside his heart. He couldn't bear watching her like this, his body moved and hugged Shizuka tightly, and said. "Shizuka...don't cry..please…"

"Kyle...sniff* sob* I-am sorry...I'm sorry...sob*" Shizuka kept apologizing to him, if possible she didn't want him to see her like this, it wasn't possible anymore, she can't change the past, she could only go further, all of sudden a warm sensation invaded her lips.

Her eyes widened, she couldn't believe it...he kissed her!

She immediately pushed him. "N-no..this is wrong..mmp!"

She was kissed again, but this time she didn't resist, the first time she resisted was already a miracle, even though she doesn't want to admit it, but it felt really good being kissed by her brother...it was the of doing something wrong, yet it felt so good that she couldn't stop it.

Both of them continued kissing, a few minutes later, their lips separated while a string of saliva was still hanging in both of their lips, but they didn't pay attention to such insignificant detail, right now they are looking at each other's face

"Hah...hah...Kyle...do you understand what you just did?" She said while gasping for air.


"Yeah, sure I do, I'm fully aware of it but so what? This is the only possible way to make everyone happy, I won't let you suffer just because you fell in love with someone you aren't supposed to, it isn't your fault you couldn't do anything about it, falling in love is just that..unexpected, so since I crossed the line...I would take responsibility for now...I will fulfill your desire.." He gently pushed her into the bed.

"Kyle...you...are you sure about this?" She asked worriedly.

"Yeah, I'm sure about this so will you let me?"

A moment of silence between them, before Shizuka replied. "Yes…"

Hearing her answer, he didn't let her wait any longer and continued to kiss her before they would finally take that step.


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