194 Intention To Kill

It's been 80 years....


Outside the shrine, 

It was already noon, the sun temperature was a bit hot, suddenly in a certain spot a man and a child appeared out of nowhere, naturally, the man is our protagonist Kyle and the child is Eve, who recognizes Kyle as her daddy.

"The sun is too bright…." Kyle couldn't help but close his eyes for a moment, being in the dark for a while and suddenly exposed to the sun isn't a good experience, while he was complaining about the sun's brightness.

Eve's eyes were looking right into the sun, her gaze was so intense, this was the first time that she saw the sun, because all her life, she was inside the incubator.

"So this is the sun? How beautiful." Eve said with a childish voice, true that this is the first time she saw the sun, but at the same time it wasn't, when she looked at Shinobu and the rest of Kyle's believers, she had seen the sun inside their memories, so she wasn't ignorant about this.

"Hey, stop looking at the sun, it's not good for the eyes, you'll go blind if you look at it for a certain amount of time." He said.

Now that they're out of the cave, he doesn't know how he should explain this to them, though hiding Eve was the best option to avoid trouble, but who knows how long it would last? Sooner or later, they would know about her existence anyway.

It's better to introduce her to his family as soon as possible, but still, he would have never thought that he would acquire a daughter before his child with Esdeath is born, life is just unexpected.

"Otay, daddy." Her tongue slipped. 

He had to admit this is cute, now seeing her make a mistake, made her look like she's an ordinary child if it wasn't for the fact that she isn't.

"Anyway, I'm going to meet with the others, and be sure to be polite." 

"You mean, you're family daddy?" Eve said.

"That's right, and if possible can you stop calling me daddy in front of them? Please?" For the longest time, he never thought that he would beg a child to not call him 'Daddy'.

"No, I don't want daddy to be my daddy!" Eve cutely shook her head.

"But daddy is surely going to get killed if you do." Kyle smiled bitterly when he said that, if Tohru knew about this, he doesn't know what kind of trouble she would bring.

"Daddy is going to get killed? No way! Daddy is powerful!" Eve truly believed that he is powerful because so far, he's the only person that she couldn't understand, her ability allows her to know whatever that person or thing has, basically just by looking at a person or a structure, she will immediately know about it.

It was an overpowered ability that could even make a Creation God fear it because just by looking at them, she could basically copy their ability, but of course, there are restrictions and that's her body, no matter how powerful the skills she copies it's pointless if she can't use it herself, but even so, it's still an overpowered skill that anyone wanted.

The reason why she believed that her daddy is powerful, because she couldn't see anything toward him, no matter how she looked at her daddy she would end up being confused, no one can block her ability except if that person or thing is an omnipotent being.

"That's not true, you know? He sighs, he doesn't know much about her ability, but from what he knows, it's a broken one, it was useless to ask the system because it won't tell him, saying that he doesn't have enough permission bullshit.

Even without it, he will try to figure it out, if not he'll just forget about it. Eve was someone from his side, she recognized him as a parent, she's not a threat.

After that, he went and look for the other, and a few minutes later, he found Shizuka dragging Emroy with her, he couldn't help but look at this sight strangely, he still wonders how the hell could his sister drag this evil goddess-like nothing, even he won't do something risky as that, but it's a good thing that they get along.

Shizuka saw him from near, she waved at him, and approached his direction while dragging Emroy who was minding her own business, she was playing a gacha game this time, no one could make her stop playing the game even though she was being dragged by Shizuka.

"Kyle! Where were you last few hours ago? I've been looking for you around but I couldn't find you." Shizuka stops her step when she sees Eve behind his back.

She added. "You….did you kidnap that child?"

"What the hell is that the first thing you say after you see a child with me?"

"Then, is she a lost child?" Shizuka asked.

"No, she's not."

"Huh? What are you trying to say here? I said it as a joke but did you really kidnap that child?" Shizuka looked at her brother with a disbelief expression.

"That's not it either, she's-" Before he could finish his sentence, Eve spoke,

"Daddy! Is she my aunt or mother?" Eve was confused about what she would call Shizuka, she just looked at her and she got to know that, Shizuka is his elder sister but at the same time his lover, so she was confused about what she would call Shizuka.

"Wha-what did that child just say? Daddy?! Kyle, when did you have a child?" Shizuka's shock was greater than the last time, then her brain started to think. 'A child? I thought his first child was unborn, who is the mother of this child? No, didn't she just say aunt or mother to me?'

Before whatever, she could continue imagining nonsense inside her mind, Kyle's words brought her back to reality. 

"She's not my daughter by blood, okay? I just found her in an underground city, she just called me daddy when she saw me for the first time."

"Ah? So you found here in an underground city? Which underground city are you talking about? I don't think Japan has one." Shizuka started to recall the underground cities around the world, but Japan doesn't have one.

"Kyoto has one, It's currently under us, it's been there for millions of years. I found her inside an incubator in that ancient underground, while she looks like a 3 years old girl, she's way older than you and me, as for her mentality...she's a child...I guess?"

"Daddy, it's only my appearance that is a child."

"Oh...if that's the case can you stop calling me daddy then?"

"No, daddy is daddy beside it's perfect for my appearance. I'll think about you father when I get older but I'll call you daddy for now." Eve said.

Honestly, he couldn't understand her at all, then Shizuka's expression was changing from shock to excitement. "So there's an ancient underground below us? I'd like to go!"

"Maybe later, but what do you think about Eve?"


"This girl."

"Oh, tell me, are there others like here in the underground city below us?" She asked.

"No, she's the only living being in the entire city, I'm sure of it."

 There is no way his divine sense couldn't sense a living being.

"I see, then let her stay with you as your adopted daughter, since she doesn't have anyone to take care of her, you have to take responsibility." She replied.

"Well, I don't really mind her staying with me but as my daughter huh…"

"Why don't you like it? Even if you deny it now, you'll eventually become a father within the next several months anyway." 

Now that she mentioned it, she had a point: no matter how much he denied it, he would eventually become a father months later, he decided to adopt her as his daughter.

"Alright, fine Eve are you really fine with being my daughter?"

"Yes, daddy!" Eve nods as she said before, he is her daddy, even though she knows that they aren't blood-related, she treats him like a real father, because he's the first person she saw after waking up, all creatures had a parent, and she chose him as hers.

Then Eve realized that there was another person besides her daddy, and Shizuka, it was Emroy who was playing a game on the phone. She became curious about her and decided to observe her.

While playing the game Emroy suddenly felt like someone was prying her deepest secrets and her instincts screamed in danger, she instantly looked at the origin of danger, then she found that 'thing' behind Kyle, without hesitation, she attacked Eve to eliminate it.

Before her attack reached Eve, she was stopped by Kyle.


She intended to kill Eve with a single hit. Emroy coldly stares at Kyle and says. "Why did you stop killing that 'thing' behind you? It's dangerous."

"Ha-ha, sorry but I can't let you kill her, she's my daughter after all." He smiled at her, however, despite looking calm he was sweating all over his body, and the arm that stopped Emroy's attack was trembling, Emroy is just too damn strong!

If it wasn't for the fact that she's in her weakest form, he was sure that his hand would have been blown out of his body.

"Are you going to stop me from killing it?" Emroy was preparing to attack Eve for the second time.

"Wait, wait we can talk about this okay? I can prove to you that she's not harmful to you." If he let Emroy attack for the second time, he wasn't sure if he could block it.

Emroy actually listened to him, which surprised him but he was glad that she did.



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