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Lunch time, Nango-Kuren High School :-

Kyle met up with Ayane at the rooftop of the highest building of their school, this was what he had originally intended and as such instructed her friends as their meeting point for training and teaching purposes. As he had already come and Ayane was present he would've wanted to start teaching her as soon as possible, however…

"Meru and Miss blue haired violent woman what are you two doing here?"

"Call me by my name! It's weird and awkward being called like that." Kyōka complained about Kyle's humor.

"Okay, then Kyōka, answer my question now."

"Kyle don't sweat it, I'd like to see what you are going to teach her." Meru stated her reasonings for being here, now to Kyōka.

"The same as Meru."

Staring at the two annoying troublemakers, he could only exhale tiredly, giving up, he resigned himself to tolerate their presence, as long as they didn't interrupt his teachings.

Looking up he rested his, now stern, gaze on Ayane as he started explaining about the basic form of the Breathing Technique. He didn't need to explain it more than once, Ayane was smart and perceptive enough to easily discern his teachings with only that one session. This immensely satisfied him, why wouldn't it? This made teaching her all the more easier.

The pests, aka Kyōka and Meru also listened to his teachings and they were in complete awe, supposedly if what he stated was proven to be right, they could easily break the limitations of the human body. Calling themselves human would've been difficult in that scenario, they would've transcended their physical limits and become something… more.. something.. unique.

With that thought in mind, they became more motivated and focused than ever before. Solely because they realized the significance of said breathing technique. After the rundown about the theory behind the technique he started the demonstration part of it.

First, he used his normal strength without the usage of the breathing technique to punch at the school wall, it was weak but he still made a crack on said wall. His magical enchantment was still in effect, hence his strength was still ten times the normal strength of a base human. He didn't use the full force of his body in that punch but it was still a foreseeable result.

The girls, seeing such a display, were unsurprised. They themselves too had similar strengths, to be able to crack the walls with just their fist force; it was especially true for Kyōka who was vastly known for her strength and the power packed in her punches.

Done with the normal display, Kyle now activated his breathing, letting the girls see the methodical approach of his breathing as he inhaled a sharp breath using said breathing style, his muscles visibly bulged then reverted, veins popping out of his forearm as he used force on it and proffered a punch at the now cracked wall immediately shattering it to pieces, and even cracking the building floor! 

Some may wonder if doing this to the school building would've been a problem, well it would've if it not have been their current school. Brawls were a common occurrence here and everyday some form of destruction lay waste to the school structure in one form or another, but they would be fixed the next day. Damaging school property was almost encouraged here, so there was no chance of there being a problem.

In his previous strike, Kyle hadn't even used half his strength, if he did the building itself would've surely collapsed, if directed with said intent in mind. At the very least the rooftop would've been devastated!

"Now, you can see how amazing this breathing technique that I am about to teach you is, but remember after you learn this technique... don't ever teach it to another person or else….." He paused and stared intently at all the girls, his aura and stern gaze was enough for all of them to understand the consequences of going against his orders.

"You can imagine the rest, that includes both of you, Kyōka and Meru got it?"

Said girls nodded their heads, seriousness radiating from their gaze, keeping aside the fact that they would never even think of doing anything that would possibly earn them Kyle's ire, the simple implications of revealing such a technique was enough for them to remain shut! The world would surely render into chaos if something this astonishing were to be revealed, something both the girls were not keen on orchestrating. 

Kyle was relatively fine with them learning this technique, if he wasn't they wouldn't have been standing here in the first place; he had very simple reason for doing so, they were two of the closest persons to him in school and he thought of them as a friend, he trusted them and sharing some form of his secrets with them was relatively alright in Kyle's books.

Well, about them being his friends, that was true for Meru, but he wasn't entirely sure about Kyōka, it could be said that they were friends, but if he had to word it out specifically then she would be a very close acquaintance of his at best.

Moving along, lately because of Meru's confession he was in a perpetual dilemma as to how he should act around her, it was eating away at his nerves every time he would think about it. Fortunately Meru still remained her usual self, not doing anything that would reveal her intimacy and affection for Kyle, he was sure however that it would soon change.

With the theory and demonstration done, it was their turn on trying out the basics of the breathing technique. First they had to properly understand the breathing pattern, about how they would utilize their breath and which form they would inhale and exhale along with the amount of it. To his mild surprise they mastered it almost instantaneously, making him ponder in his mind. 'As expected 3 girls who are hailed as geniuses.'

Now, it was time for the relatively hard part. After the pattern came the method on how to properly use said breath in your lungs and guide it along the veins and blood vessels of your entire body. Generally one would need to punch one's stomach in a specific manner and power to help them understand the way the utilization method works, which he would really like to teach them, this was the shortest method and the other one would take them a long time to accomplish…but, he was helpless in that regard.

Ayane was still recovering and suddenly using that method would strain her already strained body even further resulting in permanent damages being done. On the other hand Kyōka and Meru weren't his disciples, so he had no obligation whatsoever to guide them in the short way. Friend or not, he didn't have the obligation to teach them, and if they weren't able to learn it, it wasn't his problem either, he would just term it as them not being fated with this technique.

And with that the lessons for today ended, just on time too since it was almost time for afternoon classes to start.


During the class Kyle was now properly improving his breathing technique, it was high time already, and he didn't want his disciple to surpass him by creating her unique style before he created his own version, it would be extremely awkward and embarrassing if that scenario were to occur. He was already on the verge of mastering it, if he just concentrated for a few more days he would be able to piece together his desired technique.

He should've mastered it sooner… welp, too late to regret now. When he would master it fully, he would start working on the total concentration: constant aspect of his breathing. This way he would be able to permanently strengthen his body by using it everyday. And once he was able to master even that, his physical enhancement magic would surely disappear.

It was inevitable since he would surpass the limit of which the magic would be able to amplify his physique. But there was a catch, he didn't know if his little brother down there would also revert back to original along with his muscles if the magic's effects were to be lifted. Oh God… wait he was 'God', no advantage in praying to a false deity, anyways problem was, he really didn't want his holy sword to turn into a holy dagger instead.

Either way he would find out later, he could only silently pray for a better result, no man would ever want their dick to be small, he wasn't an exception though Kyle's original size and girth weren't small, a bit above average even, but still it wasn't enough to stroke his pride and ego, he didn't want to lose what he had already gained.

After classhours ended, Meru and Kyōka invited him to hangout, only for him to politely refuse, this time he didn't run away, he had already decided to not run anymore and face all his annoyances head on. 

He was able to successfully get away this time, without running away, he just stated that he was busy nowadays and didn't have the time, and when Meru tried to ask if it was because of his job, he denied and informed them that it was more about personal matters, which earned him the desire result of them leaving him alone, albeit reluctantly. 


The MgRonald's Restaurant :-

Today was just another regular day in the restaurant. Well, it was at first but, the plot started stirring and threw a chaotic problem in their path.

Today Emilia aka the Hero of Ente Isla, aka Emi Yusa, Sadao's arch nemesis and also his side bitch (the last part was a lie but not really), showed up in the restaurant and started causing problems for him. And with her arrival, the plot of the Devil is a Part Timer officially came to a start.

Emi hated Sadao from her core, all she wanted was to kill the demonic trash and in the worst and most painful ways possible.

Shortly after cursing Sadao with her venomous tongue, firing cussed like an automatic AK47 rifle, she left, which made Sadao sigh in relief. Kyle approached him and queried in a natural tone, hiding any form of mischief his mind was brewing. "Is that your ex?"

"What?! Maou-san's Ex?! How come I didn't know about this?! Explain it to me Maou-san!" Chino nervously exclaimed, sharply looking at Sadao as her whole body trembled in fright from the implication of Kyle's words.

"Hold up, hold up! First of all that girl isn't my ex! And Chi-chan, why do you seem to be more nervous than me?"

"E-eh?! I-it's because umm.." Chiho couldn't answer him, only being able to direct her gaze to the floor, her cheeks flushing from embarrassment. It was evident Chiho liked Sadao very much, but Sadao being Sadao didn't notice it. She couldn't just tell him that she liked him now could she? She was a girl and confessing was 100 times harder for them than any boys, so her feelings were justifiable.

"So she isn't your ex? Then perhaps she's your bitch?" Kyle exclaimed in a dramatic faction, obviously he was pulling his leg and doing a real good job of it according to the reactions he was getting from Sadao and Chiho.

"Dude?! The way you mention her relationship with me is getting worse! She isn't my bitch, she's my enemy back in.. Ente Isla." He whispered the last part to Kyle in a hushed tone.

"Is that so? So then, when are you going to start dating each other?"

"Fuc- are you even listening to my words?! Look at her, that bitch is a hero making her my Nemesis! There's no way in hell I'll be dating that annoying sassy bitch with a tongue that could kill a person with their words." Sadao whispered with a serious expression on his face. Sadly, Kyle was in the mood for having fun and not spare his friend today.

"Yeah, yeah I understand, just tell me when you're going to marry, I'll be sure to attend it."

"...." Sadao gave up, opting to be silent instead. He felt that no matter how much he tried to explain it, this annoying guy wouldn't listen. It was almost as if he wanted them to be together, but it was impossible due to their identities, they were each other's enemies and nothing in the world could change that.

'There is no way me and that crazy woman would end up together.' Sadao finalized in his mind.

However, he was unaware of the fact that Kyle was already forming his own side project termed - The Devil is A Part Timer:- Alternative Ending - MaouXEmilia.

( `END` )


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