149 A Suspicious Man

Kyle stood up from his bed, he was so exhausted because Tohru really drained him all, she rode his dick all night long, his legs were seriously numb, he had a hard time balancing himself, he shifted his gaze toward Tohru. "You really did it...you didn't let me sleep!"

Tohru was fixing her clothes while humming. "Yes? What about it?"


Tohru continued, "Anyway, I'll go first since I have cook breakfast, anything you want me to cook?"

"Beacon and egg." He said.

"Alright." After that, she finished fixing her clothes and went outside his room, seeing her leave, he couldn't but sigh heavily and said. "I can't beat her in this game, she was both superior in strength and stamina, even though sex felt good it isn't nice to repeatedly doing it...if was a normal man, I would have died because I'm pretty I came 100 times at least, even a hentai protagonist couldn't do the same feat no? Strangely, I feel a sense of accomplishment."

He chuckled after that, then he struggled to approach his door because he couldn't feel his two legs. A minute later, he finally reached the door and opened it. Now he had to walk for another few minutes so that he could go to the bathroom.


Presently, he had finished taking a bath in the artificial hot spring, though he hadn't recovered completely yet, he could walk normally now, after wearing his school uniform, he went to the living room so that, he could eat breakfast and go to school, also he didn't forget that today was the school festival, he wasn't interested in winning in the competition, he just joined this competition because, he had to follow the school tradition, although the prize of being the champion is a bit tempting.

It was a chance to create your own rule, for example, he could create a rule that makes all of the girls wear bikinis every day, however, he wasn't that perverted...Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are enough!

While he was wondering, suddenly Esdeath called him. "Dear! Look, I found a rat in our house."

Immediately he went toward her place, and as he arrived he saw a poor guy on the floor, his face was beyond unrecognizable, all of his limbs were fractured and countless wounds in his body, it was already obvious what happened, he stared at Esdeath and said. "You tortured him?"

"Yes!" Esdeath answered with a cheerful tone, and her expression was smiling, she enjoyed torturing this rat that she found recently, it's been a while since she tortured someone, so she was afraid that her skills might have gotten rusty, so she was in a happy at this moment because she could use her torture skill.

Hearing her honest answer, his face twitched, he couldn't help but ask her. "He's alive right?"

"Of course, I still haven't gotten the information of why he is spying in our house, it's been a few days since he started spying on our house, and when he tried to sneak inside Immediately took action to catch him, just so you know I won't just torture an innocent person this guy is just suspicious." She said as she looked at the man with a grin.

"That's a relief then, I thought that you kidnaped a random guy and tortured him."

Esdeath refuted. "Why would I do that? I'm not someone who would torture anyone without a proper reason."

He shrugs. "Oh yeah? Anyway, let me ask the guy."

Kyle approached the man, and he did a half-kneeling position and said. "Hey, can you hear me?"

Seeing that the man didn't answer him, he suddenly slapped his cheeks. As a result, a few of the man's teeth flew away from his mouth after that sweat formed in his forehead. "Ah...my bad it isn't my intention to knock your teeth out of your mouth! I swear I just used a bit too much force when I slapped you in the cheek."

"Cough- cough` You…! I will never speak no matter what you do to me!" The man stared at him with an enraged expression, that enough for them to know that this man wasn't kidding, he was serious he was ready to die anytime,

"Dude, chill! Why so serious?" He wondered what kinds of torture did Esdeath do with this man, for him to be this angry, the way he looks at him is like he wanted to devour him completely.

The man wasn't happy with his joke, he knew himself that he couldn't get away from this damned place, this is probably the last day of his life, he thought. 'Ma'am, I'm sorry this servant failed you! You were right about this young man, he isn't ordinary! Other than him, there is also this demonic woman that caught me without even realizing it. I don't know how she did it but when I regained my consciousness she started inhumanely torturing me with a smiling face! She's a demon!'

Then, he started to remember those unbearably painful sensations when Esdeath tortured him, he started shivering.

"Well...I guess he wouldn't talk.." Kyle said.

"He will, just let me torture him again!" Esdeath said with confidence and a little bit of excitement.

Hearing that Esdeath is about to torture him again, he instantly loses the will to live, his eyes became lifeless, both of the couples noticed this change.

"Ah, you broke him." Kyle was speechless, just casual word from his wife the man instantly lose his will to live, he couldn't help but wonder what kind of torture this man experience, he could ask but he felt like he shouldn't.

"He completely sealed all of his emotions huh...don't worry I have a lot of experience with this kind of thing, I would say that this is pretty common amongst the people I tortured, even if he completely seals his emotions. I can still get the information I wanted." She said with confidence.

Shaking his head at her suggestion, he replied. "Let's not make the man suffer more than this okay? It's not like he's an enemy or something, but if it turns out that he is well...I leave it to you." He wasn't a good person, he wouldn't be so nice with his enemies, however, he never really had any enemies in his world, so he was sure that this man isn't one, just probably someone that wanted his information, which he had been expecting to happen for a while now because as a shareholder of trillions of worth company, it wouldn't be strange for those people from the company to investigate him.

"Anyway, I have a way to get information from him without torturing him." Kyle touched the man's head, and he chanted a magic spell, suddenly the memories of the man started to appear in his mind, he was reading the man's memories.

A minute later, when he finally got the information he needed, he couldn't help but smile wryly. "Well...I guess I made a mistake that this is about the Shinomiya Company, Chō mother misunderstood my background...haha...I'm not sure if this is a good development or not, anyway I should let this man live since he's one of Chō's bodyguards, however, I'll wipe his memories about my house, me, and Esdeath.."

"Esdeath, it's just a misunderstanding, you don't need to worry about it." After that, he wiped the man's memories and dragged him somewhere far from his house.

Now that the issue was solved, they ate breakfast before going to school. For some reason, Nobu was quite excited because she knew that it's their school festival, and she was sure that she would be entertained there.

( End- )


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