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A Dragon's Meeting

Surprised by his arrival, Aletta didn't forget her job. "R-right, please use the empty tables."

"Alright, guys let's take a seat," Kyle said to the girls behind him, they followed him and took a seat at the same table.

Unlike Tohru and Elma, Lucoa was observing everyone who was inside the restaurant, there weren't many people yet, however from what she could see, the people who are at this restaurant aren't people from japan, she could tell by looking at their mana.

It was foreign and pure, besides even looking at the outer appearance of the people in this restaurant, weren't all human, since she could see fairies, elves, dwarfs and demi-humans, and among the people in this restaurant, two people are looking worriedly at their spot, it was a human and half-elf.

The worry on their faces makes her quite amused. She could guess that they fear her and the others beside her, deciding to speak, she said teasingly. "The two of you are quite rude, staring at girls without permission."

Hearing that, both of the guys shuddered and they started sweating a lot, seeing this Kyle couldn't help but say. "Don't tease them, can't you see they are already on the verge of peeing, just ignore them."

"Fufu, if you say so then I'll do that." Lucoa smiled and didn't tease the two anymore, it's been a while since she saw such reactions from other beings.

Kyle looked at the duo, with a smile and said. "It's fine now, she's just teasing ya, anyway enjoy your meal."

Then after that, he didn't pay attention to them, however, it's a pity that he couldn't see the two of them looking at him with admiration, and gratitude, they wonder how a human-like him, could casually chat with dragons, they don't know such amazing person exist, without them realizing they started to idolized Kyle.

In their point of view, Kyle was no doubt a human since he had a different vibe from the rest of his party, they couldn't tell that he's a God since, they can't know, only high elves and similar powerful beings could tell that he's a God and not a human.

Aside from that, Tohru has been glaring at her for a while now, he couldn't help but ask. "What is it?"

"You lied." She pouted.

"What do you mean?" 

"You said you're acquainted with a man, but why is a girl?!"

"Ohh, that's what it is all about, I didn't lie okay?"



"Prove it then!" She said,

"Sure, hey Aletta can you call the Master?" Kyle said.

"A-ah, sure! A moment please." After that, Aletta went inside the kitchen a moment later, she went outside the kitchen along with a middle-aged man, who is known as the master, as he went outside his kitchen, he saw Kyle and he was surprised, he didn't expect him to visit.

"What's up? Did you forget my name already?"

"No, you didn't tell me your name to begin with."

"Oh, yeah right it's Kyle by the way."

"Sure...so you went after all…"

"Yeah, I used our world's gate."

"I see...anyway you brought a few acquaintances today." Honestly, even though he was used to seeing beauties, he couldn't stop admiring them.

"Well, rather than an acquaintance, this woman with orange hair is my fiance, the one with short black hair is a friend who is living with me, and the other one is my teacher, but at this point, she could be considered as my master," Kyle said.

"What a lucky man you are, so aside from that why did you call me? You didn't call me for this right?" He said.

"Of course not, I'd like to order 3 dishes of everything on the menu, including the sweets," Kyle said without blinking.

Hearing this, everyone's attention was on him, this was the first time they saw someone order everything, then the master got serious and said.

"For real?"

"Yeah, for real though I'd pay with yen, is that fine?"

"No problem." He agreed.

"Should I pay cash or credit card?" Kyle asked.

"Cash." He said.

"Alright." Kyle might look okay outside, but inside he was struggling, he thought. 'Why are the Japanese so obsessed with cash only? It's only a pain in the ass.'

After that, he paid a million yen, almost 2 but it didn't really matter, then the master started cooking the dishes he ordered, although it would take a while for him to finish, then Kyle looked at Tohru and said. "See? I didn't lie."

"Tohru, believe you for now,"  Tohru replied.

Aletta was panicking, they were lacking manpower, since her co-worker wasn't here yet, then as if her savior arrived, Kuro had finally arrived, quickly Aletta dragged her to help.

Kuro didn't mind being dragged by her since, she was used to it already, also she noticed something new, for a moment she looked at Kyle's seat, though she was a little happy to see Kyle again, what interest her the most right now is the fact that there are 3 dragons that she didn't couldn't recognize, as far as she knew only 7 dragons are living in her world since the beginning, so the only possibility she could think of that they aren't a dragon from her world.

Looking at the 3 dragons, Kuro could tell their power level, 2 out of the 3 dragons are par with her base of magic alone, as for the physical strength she has no idea since she has no intention of finding out either, as, for the 3rd dragon who is Lucoa, Kuro couldn't tell how strong she is, but one thing she could easily defeat her.

Lucoa is at least at the same level as Red, the strongest among the 7 dragons. of her world.

Noticing Kuro, Elma, Tohru, and Lucoa became alert, they didn't expect that there would be a dragon in this restaurant.

"That dragon...she smells like death."

"That's a natural ability."

"To think, there would be a dragon with the same amount of mana as you guys, this place is getting more and more interesting," Lucoa said, even though she said it's interesting, it's actually a signal that it's dangerous here, maybe who knows that there are other dragons as strong as that coming to this place.

Tohru also noticed something and said. "That woman just looked at you right? Hey tell me, do you know her?"

"...Why are you so keen if it's a female, it's not like I would jump at them and make them mine just because they are beautiful, I might be a degenerate but I also have standards okay? Anyway yes, other than the master she's my other acquaintance, she's the second dragon I saw after you."  He said.

After hearing that, Tohru deemed Kuro as dangerous, no matter what her fiance says, she won't take it seriously especially if it's about women.

Then a moment after, another guest arrived and this time the guests were on another level than anyone else, 2 of them stepped inside the store, and almost instantly their gaze was fixed at Kyle and the girls' spot.

"My, my look what we have here dragons...and a God?"

"So, there are other dragons beside us 7? How curious."

The two newcomers were Green and Gold., and at this moment, 6 dragons from a different universe met.


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