My Unconventional Delivery System!

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2nd Delivery~ (Edited)

Tohru's cooking wasn't bad, it was actually really good, better than even Kyle's by a slight margin. 

Today, Kyle was on his shift of delivering MgRonald meals around the City.

After finishing his delivery order, his journey back to his workplace was interrupted by a sudden notification he had been keenly waiting for.

[ Ding! Ding! Another takeaway order request has arrived from the World of Isekai Shokudō! Will you accept the takeaway order? ]

Kyle was happy beyond words by this development and exclaimed in excitement, "Fucking finally, I've been waiting for this shit!"

As excited as he was, he didn't accept the takeaway order right away though. First he pondered extensively and started gathering his thoughts, searching his memories for any and all information he could find.

After a full minute of deep analysis and jump down the memory lane, he finally figured out which world it actually was!

"Isekai Shokudō, if I remember correctly this Anime is about a restaurant getting customers through a magical gateway that connects dimensions to his storefront, and the customers are people from another world! This world, in the anime it was portrayed as a harmless world. But it was bullshit at least on the power scaling side of things. It could be said that this world is far more dangerous than the world of Akame Ga Kill he had been to! 

Especially those 7 dragons, they were ridiculously OP existences, he was practically sure that any one of those walking balls of destruction was capable of blasting his defensive enchantments to oblivion if they wanted. He could only hope that he wouldn't need to face them or even antagonize them in any way. Best would be if he could be on good terms with them.

Kyle still decided to go for the sake of becoming strong! His reason to become stronger was fairly simple: As mentioned he needed strength to survive!

The gears of the mixed anime world he had landed on had finally started to turn. And he was pretty much certain that he would get dragged into increasingly dangerous situations where strength was absolute. He needed the strength to survive and thrive in this world of his, and he'd do all the necessary steps to pull through this endeavor! 

There was a counterargument of him not even being involved in anything and simply enjoying a peaceful life. But if his incredible experience in webnovels had taught him anything, then it was that if you have a System you're getting fucked one way or another; if you don't get progressively strong to persevere through those adversities.

Kyle's life was bound to attract countless troubles, from now on! Troubles no teenager should have to face. That's how it worked, the burden of bearing a golden finger was high! He gained something unique and now he had to be willing to pay the price for it in spades.

"System! Accept the takeaway order!"

[ You have accepted the takeaway order! ]

[ Requirements 30 plates of Chicken Curry! ]

Seeing the requirements of the quest he immediately went on to search for a shop which sold delicious Chicken Curry in his phone.

It didn't take him long to find one, and it was also one of those restaurants which had great quality food with cheap price tags, so he immediately sped up his scooter and dashed towards the restaurant!

Kyle had to buy the 30 plates of chicken curry with a major heartache!

Why wouldn't he, since he had to spend all of his saved up money in this purchase! 

He hoped that on the next delivery or takeaway order, someone would give him some amounts of money or sellable items he could pawn for some quick cash otherwise his future looked bleak otherwise!

Some may say that he could sell the rare  dagger Esdeath gave him. But that was impossible. It wasn't even an option in the first place. There were two prominent reasons for the impossibility of that sisituation.

1. The materials which were used for the formation of this dagger were from the other world. If he really had to sell a item as good as this he would have to most likely uncover the part of this mixed world which had magic and other odd sources attached to it. If he tried to sell it in the rela world he wouldn't be able to explain its origins and he would also not get the best price he could get from this selling endeavor.

2.  This was the main reason he would never bear to sell this item, no matter how much money he could somehow by a great luck of fortune would get from this item. This was the dagger Esdeath gave him, only for him. This was a precious dagger to her and she still parted from it and gave this to him as a token of her love and promise. She named it 'The Promise', it was the token, the promise she held with him this radiated her passionate love for him. He just couldn't bear to sell this item. 

That's why this dagger was quite special in his heart, it was the first item he got from a girl and that too as a token of love, though he sadly wasn't able to take the matter if their marriage seriously, he never could.

Esdeath was still a child after all, a child's mind was whimsical and often let emotions take control of their decesion making. Sooner or later, this experience, this love she felt for him, would just be a distant memory or maybe a sweet dream of hers. Maybe she would still remember but would eventually give up on this stupid love that she had felt for a guy she barely knew. He'd be happy if he was just a happy memory, a good chapter in her life and he was happy that she had the passion to give him a weapon and name it as such. It was enough for him. Sadly he made the mistake of not knowing who he was dealing with.

He forgot that he was dealing with Esdeath. The psychopathic crazy sadistic yandere queen. She took her decisions seriously. And her desires were something she would do everything to fulfill or die trying. She desired Kyle, desired his affection, his presence, his accompaniment and she'd stop at nothing to get to him!

Her endeavors were a story to be told for the future! A future that entailed their stories together to a conclusion to be told for ages!





Kyle was already done with preparing the takeaway order! All he needed now was to deliver it to its intended destination.

"System I'm ready!"

[ Drive your scooter straight at full speed, after travelling exactly 30 meters you'll be teleported to your destination! ]

Without saying another word, Kyle started his scooter and drove straight without stopping!

Several people saw him driving straight into a tall white wall made of cement, without stopping!

"Wait wait! Stop your scooter!"

"Hey!!! You'll die if you don't stop!"

Kyle could hear them, but he didn't stop, he knew that if he did, the teleportation would be cancelled!

Seeing that Kyle was about to crash into the cement wall, the girls and ladies witnessing this scene started shouting in fright.



All of them closed their eyes simultaneously, not wanting to see the scene of carnage. But the intended carnage never came. Even after a few seconds, the sound of crashing never came so they started opening their eyes one by one and concentrated on looking towards the wall where Kyle was supposed to crash.

What greeted them was the sight of only an intact wall with the maniac driver nowhere in sight. No nothing. They got flabbergasted at this display where the driver practically vanished. 

No one was able to film this event because of the abruptness of the situation. Moments passed in silence, then there was a voice, quivering it maybe but it still voiced theone question that came on everyone's mind.

"W-was that a ghost?!"

The voice broke their stupor, fear replaced astonishment as they started shivering in fright at the mystery and strangeness of the situation that seemed to have come from a horror story. One by one more voices were made 

"I'm going home!"

"That's right! Let's get out of this place!"

"Mom! I'm scared!"





At MgRonald's, Maou's body twitched, he looked at the direction where Kyle got teleported.

"Again…? Looks like I have to investigate this... this might very well be a way to recover our magic."

As a Demon Lord, he was extremely sensitive to magical frequencies which made enabled him to sense magical energy at a vast area.

With no more disturbance spotted, he grumbled a bit and started trying fries again.



In Kyle's point of view, he was about to hit the white cemented wall, when his enhanced senses allowed him to witness the formation of a black hole that appeared for merely a moment and sucked him inside of it.

An instant later he was spewed out on a terrain that was covered with greyish sand that were partly glowing on a land covered in night yet illuminated by the lights of a thousand starts that covered it in all directions. Little lights they may be but they were still enough to light the land dimly.

He noticed that his scooter actually floated for a few moments before landing in the bright greyish sand.

Kyle was silent, taking in all the scenery around hin for a moment, as he spoke. "I'm definitely on the moon right now… amazing! Many people wants to come here but I got to arrive here just because I had to delvmiver a takeaway! This is absolutely amazing! Many would die in jealousy if they were to know this AHAHAHA!"

Kyle was having a good time, he totally forgot about the basic laws of space, he didn't even realize that he was able to breathe here on a space that should have no oxygen. He just kept laughing.

While Kyle was still laughing like a madman, the sillhouete of a big figure had cast over Kyle.

The sillhouete kept coming closer and closer and finally landed on the ground beside Kyle, making a defeaning sound.


Kyle's shrill laughter stopped, as he got covered with moondust, each gram of it costing more than 600,000 yen.

"Cough- Cough- what the hell! Did someone fire a missile in the moon or something like that?!" Though Kyle knew the culprit of this incident he still had to act like he knew nothing.

After the dust settled, Kyle spotted the existence that appeared like a missile from the unknown.

It was a huge european style dragon covered in blackened scale, permeating with magoc of a ghastly origin, spanning severely hundred meters in height and much more in length and width. 

This was by far the second dragon that was officially encountered by Kyle!

The dragon spoke using a magical melody, its voice soft and firm and reverberated from all directions like telepathy or other forms of magic.

"A human...? How could such a weak existence, with abysmal magical signature appear in this place…?!" 

Kyle smiled drily upon hearing the black dragon's words, he looked at the system map for a moment and confirmed his suspicions to be true.

This dragon was the one who ordered the takeaway!

He took a deep breath and realized he could breathe in this place. He felt baffled at this spectacle but still pushed the question of 'how he was able to breathe?' to the back of his mind. He had more pressing matters to attend to now.

Kyle loudly spoke. "Black Dragon-san! I'm actually here to deliver your chicken curry!"

Hearing him the dragon exclaimed in glee. "Chicken Curry?! Are you really here to deliver chicken curry to me?"

Kyle smiled upon hearing the glee in her voice and confirmed her questions with a short nod.

'Judging from her reaction, it seems that this isn't the first time she ate chicken curry… which would also explain why her desires could compell the system to make an order out of it… it seems that the series of Isekai Shokudō has already started and progressed by a lot… it's definitely passed the midway mark at the very least…' Kyle contemplated the dragon's behavior.

Stopping his contemplation he didn't waste further time as he unpacked his space inventory and delivered the 30 plates of fresh chicken curry to the hungry dragon.

Seeing the 30 plates of chicken curry, the black dragon's eyes sparkled in delight.

"So you didn't lie, but, sadly I don't have any money…. Red said that I need money to eat curry like this." 

Kyle immediately explained. "No worries! You don't need to pay money, even I'm not sure how this works, but I can assure you that you can eat it now, once you finish you'll understand what you need to do. For now, please eat the meal black dragon-san."

"Is that so? Then I won't hold back any longer." The black dragon used it's magic and transformed into a very beautiful elven woman. She had long and silky black hair, bright green eyes and pointy ears that gave her an elven feature. She was wearing a modest maid outfit, it was more fitting for a restaurant server than a household maid one. She exuded a mature aura but her magic radiated an eerie feeling.

'Seriously, over the past 3 days I've met with so many goddess level beauties that it isn't a joke anymore. No matter how many times I see them it still fascinates me greatly.' Kyle though in baffled wonder.

( `END` )


Isekai Shokudō : An anime about a restaurant which gets customers from other world, it isn't as interesting as you think, the characters don't moan or strip like in the popular foood anime Food Wars as they eat the dish from the restaurant. Nevertheless the anime is a refreshing and interesting watch to spend your idle time. I definitely recommend it to watch when you want a refreshing foodie experience.