19 Azure Wind Gang (3)

Yue Qiang begins to explain the investment topic and its detail with Zhang Qin Feng.

It was an Excavation Business. There is a mine located in the eastern coast of Changzhou. The expected income for this mine is estimated at 60 million dollars per year, for the first 10 years. While for the starting of the 2nd decade, close to 45 million can be expected.

Although earth gambling is quite risky, winning the gamble is comparable to hitting the jackpot.

And since Yue Qiang is the one that invites him, this investment can be said to be legit.

But what interest him the most are the products.

The excavation they're discussing here produces nothing else but Titanium Ores in the form of Ilmenite and Keilhauite. In this mining industry, these two oxide minerals are the best source for titanium.

Other than that, he can also expect a significant amount of Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Silica, and Calcium.

Another plus point in this investment is that it only need fifteen million dollars to start operation. Part of the preparation has been organized by Yue Qiang and Yue Han while looking for the third partners.

"I am indeed interested in this. At the same time, I hope big brother could consider selling a small part of the products to my business too." Zhang Qin Feng's reply indicates his willingness to part with 5 million dollars. Furthermore, his request is not a complicated favor to be granted.

"That won't be a problem at all. We're still looking for a buyer in case the mining goes well. The expected 60 million dollars profit is an approximate figure and may change depending on the Mineral Vein itself," Yue Qiang quickly agreed.

His reason to agreed without the need to consider too much is because of the estimated volume of ores. Because the business will focus on dealing with Mineral Ores, they're categorized as the Primary Stage Supplier.

As a Primary Stage Supplier, their sheer volume often exceeds tonne. After all, the ores that mined came unprocessed. And by estimating them to be around 60 million dollars of profit per year, perhaps more than a million tonnes of mineral ores need to be sold.

"I'll get the contract ready." Yue Qiang gets up and prepares to left the room. But as he's about to touch the doorknob, Luo Qing came in with a plate of mini sandwiches, cakes, and a pot of tea.

"Manager, are you going somewhere?" Luo Qing asked. If he is indeed going somewhere, won't that be a chance for her to talk with Zhang Qin Feng?

"Yes. I'm going to the printing room. Can you entertain my little brother Qin Feng first?" Yue Qiang pats her shoulder and left the room in a hurry.



"Hello..." Luo Qing greets Zhang Qin Feng while twisting her hair. Even she has no idea why she felt embarrassed.

"Hi." Zhang Qin Feng reply without paying too much interest in her. As he's yet to have breakfast this morning, the sandwiches seem more attractive in comparison to Luo Qing.

The moment Zhang Qin Feng extends his hand to grab a sandwich, Luo Qing quickly poured a cup of tea to him.

"It's too hot. Do you have some cold, soft drink here?" Zhang Qin Feng asked. Having a sandwich with milk tea is excellent for breakfast, but a Longjing tea while eating sandwiches?

Bad choice.

His request made Luo Qing rushed downstairs to purchase a bottle of Vanilla-Cola and returned to the room like a speeding cheetah.

"Huh... Huh... Here's the soft drink." Luo Qing handed the bottle to Zhang Qin Feng. Running that fast in heels was her first time.

"You don't need to be this awkward when you're with me. Just treat me like a friend." Zhang Qin Feng said with his mouth full of the bread, lettuce, and a part of the sliced tomato.

That face looks funny, but at the same time takes away the "Cool" and "Hard to talk with" atmosphere around him. With him looking more like a fool now, Luo Qing felt much more relax inside the room.

"What do you work as? This is the second time I've seen you here looking for our manager," Luo Qing asked.

"I have my own General Store, selling random stuff like food and goods. Some batteries and medicine too." Zhang Qin Feng answered her question in detail, but that sound more like a multipurpose store and not apocalypse.

"7-24 Mart? But you're too young to be a boss..." Luo Qing totally gets it wrong, but Zhang Qin Feng has no intention to explain it further to clarify this matter.

"So, your shop close on Saturday and Sunday?" Luo Qing continued.

"A General Store that closed on the weekend? What kind of business does that?" she has her suspicion but did not takes it out to question Zhang Qin Feng further.

"Yes. 5 working days and 2 days off weekly." Zhang Qin Feng nodded. While at the same time, his hand went forward for another piece of sandwich.

Their conversation continued.

And after close to ten minutes in conversation, Yue Qiang returned with a contract. It seems that Yue Han had it signed before he sends the copy to his brother.

There are a total of three rows for signatures, and two are signed with an initial "Yue Qiang," and "Yue Han." The remaining must be the one reserved for Zhang Qin Feng, the last partner for this business.

Five million dollars investment for a business that will generate 20 million dollars profit per person for the first ten years is a profitable investment, no matter from which angle.

Signing his name on the piece of contract, Luo Qing took it over to the printer and make three copies. Meanwhile, Zhang Qin Feng transferred the 5 million dollars into the account of East Coast Mining Company.

The additional paperwork will be done later on Monday, and a full contract will be delivered to his home before the end of next week.

After bidding farewell to Yue Qiang and Luo Qing, he left Fenglu Street and made his way back home. Of course, while he's on his journey, Zhang Qin Feng makes sure he made a few calls to all his suppliers and made sure there are goods to be collected Monday morning.

Additionally, Zhang Qin Feng made a rare call to the Metal Import and Export HQ. This time, the total order he made reaches 150,000 dollars, with an additional of Cobalt, magnesium, Cadmium, Indium, Chromium, and Tantalum.

With the last call ended, he accomplished what he's planned to do before going home. After a few shopping here and there for food and clothes, Zhang Qin Feng returned home and gave his parents and sister a surprise.

"Ahh! Smelly Feng, Bad Feng!" Zhang Qin Ling complained, but that did not stop her from grabbing the snacks she loved from the shopping bag.

"Mother, I'm home." Zhang Qin Feng greets his mother as the kitchen is closer to the house's main door.

"En. Go talk to your father." his mom nodded and takeover the bags from his hand.

"Dad, I'm home." Zhang Qin Feng's dad is enjoying his massage on the chair his son bought.

"Ahhh..." his father moaned in comfort. The massaging chair is indeed worth the price he paid.

"Your father's friend invited our family to dinner tomorrow. Do you still remember your uncle Luo and his family?" Zhang Jie Ming asked.

"I remembered my uncle Luo, but not his family." Zhang Qin Feng answered. He doesn't mind going to the dinner as that uncle used to take care of him and his sisters when he's still studying for the college.

"Then book a place tomorrow. Let's meet your uncle and his family. I heard that his daughter grows up to be quite a beautiful lady now." Zhang Jie Ming chuckled. Based on how his father looked, Zhang Qin Feng can easily guess what's inside his father's mind.

"What year is it now? Still trying to play match-making for your son?"

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