1 Prologue- Angry Uncle

" Nathalie ! Where are you? " I heard my uncle screaming from upstairs. I knew he would start calling my name if I didn't reach the bedroom by 9 . It was already 9:05 . I hurried with my home work and packed my bag for school tomorrow. With long strides, I climbed the stairs and tiptoed to the king sized bed. Uncle was sitting with his arms crossed over his chest. His brows were knitted together and lips set into a straight line. This look of him clearly meant that he was angry beyond imagination.He was a fairly handsome man and his long posture was taller than me by more than a foot.I slowly went to sit on my side of the bed and smiled at him. He liked it when I smiled like that. But now, nothing helped in eliminating the anger in his head.

" Nathalie, Is that how you should behave? " His serious deep voice called out to me. A pulse moved in his face.

" I am sorry uncle, I wasn't paying attention to the clock. The science teacher gave lots of homework... " I replied even though I know he would say something more. It was like I could read him just by his expression.

" Hmm. You know perfectly what I am talking about. It's not about homework or being late to bed. It's how you behaved today with my friends. " The hatred dripped from his words and I gulped down fearing his anger.

Today, he had arranged a get together for his college friends. It's been 8 years since they graduated. So many of his friends had attended the small party, I was excited to meet them too. Because not many people ever come around the house. We both always lived alone. No visitor,no friend and actually no one else.

One of them, Mr. Lee was a Mathematics teacher for high school students and we talked about academics and heavy pressure. I know, uncle didn't like me interacting with other people. It was dangerous because we had been watching lot of news how people kill each other for greed and rivalry.

But it was not at all friendly conversation but we only discussed about syllabus. Mr. Lee was married and even had a daughter.

" What? Use your words! " He kind of shouted at me.

" I... I was discussing about Calculus. It's not... " Uncle asked me to stop with his finger on my lips.

" What have I told you about talking to strangers? Just tell me that straight and I don't want to hear your stories. " He said looking very serious.

" It's that I am not supposed to talk to anyone. " This was the rule and I failed it.

" Did you follow it? No, you didn't. " He answered on his own.

" I am sorry uncle. " My eyes filled with tears.

Uncle took a deep breath and sighed looking at me. He wiped my tears and his expressions changed. He was no longer frowning or looking at me with anger. Instead a very understanding look appeared in his eyes.

" Doll, I know you didn't mean to do it. But it's clearly a rule broken and I have told you that I don't like my rules to be ignored by you. Come here. " He called me closer to him.

I quietly went closer to him, he held me in his famous bear hug. And I chuckled when his face nuzzled my neck.

" I will not talk to anyone ,it was the last time .Please forgive me. " He pulled my cheek and pecked me on my forehead.

" And what was the one about bed time? " He asked me this every night before sleep.

" That, I am not supposed to tell anyone that I sleep with you. Or else they will make fun of me. " He laughed lightly before pulling me closer to his hard chest.

" Yes, and did you like this new night suit? " He asked fiddling with the skirt on my knee.

" It's perfect. I like it so much. It's so smooth and not that long which covers all the hands and legs. " I pouted, because uncle liked it too when I did it.

He put his leg over me and his heavy hands circled around my body. Now, no monster would hurt me.

" Good night and Thank you uncle. " I said to him.

" You are always welcome, doll. " He replied in a weird voice.

Well, his voice always changed after we slept and I laughed at him.

He was my only family left in this world after mom and dad died. He took me with him in his house. I didn't even remember how my parents looked or what my life was before him. But I was sure it wasn't better than this. He provided me with everything from school to luxury. He even cried when I had once gone to attend a Friend's birthday. That day, a new rule was formed no friends allowed. And I agreed. I had to sacrifice for him because he was doing that too. He had even told me that if I didn't follow any rule then he would die or the bad people would hurt him. I respect him alot.

After all, a 29 year old was already an uncle or more like dad to a 18 year old. Poor he, didn't have a wife yet. He told me it is the purest relationship in the world. I hoped that he would find his soul mate soon.

" Sleep. Stop over thinking... " He hugged me tightly and I wasn't surprised that he knew I was awake.

Because somehow he seemed to know everything I did or thought of.... That's why I could never do anything on my own. Not like I wanted to do. But from these past years my mind had asked me to ask him for freedom. My friends enjoyed going to picnics and have sleep overs.Here, I never had any. But I knew he would be angry. So I would never dare that!

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