49 Test Results

Mark stopped everything as he focused on analyzing Rubes' moves as the latter approached him. He knew Rubes wasn't that simple and didn't plan to underestimate him again.

Rubes stopped just a few steps from Mark, and unlike his usual somewhat goofy face, he looked at Mark with a very severe gaze.

"So she really made you an offer. Just letting you know, though, that this won't make the two of us really allies. I will find what you really did and when Ava learns about it, you will be a dead man."

Mark said nothing, as he couldn't. Even if he explained what he did, he doubted Rubes would either believe or agree with what he did. Even that action of his had saved her life at that moment. There was always the chance that the doctors or nurses would get there in time to tend to everything.

Also, even if he saved her life, for that instance, he was the person who was responsible partially for her getting shot in the first place. Furthermore, sending her to another Realm wasn't as safe as who knew what task she would get there, but since she had perfect compatibility, she should have some edge on the power given her.

Rubes turned and left, leaving behind a sad Mark and a confused Claire.

"What just happened? "Claire said out loud, although it seemed like she did it by mistake.

"It is a long story. I am uncertain if I can speak for it, though. Are you familiar with Rubes? "

"Mr. Free Will? Who isn't, really? He is quite a rascal, but he is also powerful. He is in the top Three of the Combat Department of the entire Organization and not just this Branch. "

Mark nodded as he had a few more things to ask from what he had heard from discussions Claire and others had. As for Rubes' nickname, it didn't surprise him.

"How many branches are there, then? If Rubes is in the top five, how about this Sam I fought? Also, how about Miss Erinne? Is she just the secretary of Lade Ava, or is she part of a department too? "Mark asked some questions he had at the top of his mind for now.

"I can't tell you about other branches. Even knowing they exist is supposed to be confidential, but you were given the approval to know that much, at least. As for Sara, as far as I am aware, she is in paper at least the number one of our Branch in the Combat Department. Rubes had only been here for two months, and he hadn't tried to take her title or anything. As for Miss Erinne, she is the Head of the Logistics Department but also an honorary member of the Combat Department, so it isn't rare for her to go out on missions. You are going to learn more soon in the briefing room. "

Once more, Mark nodded as he continued following Claire and continued in the meantime, trying to finish processing every piece of information left. On the way, he passed many objects he had never seen and would typically use his <Appraisal>, but it would add more things to the process, even if they would be just drops of water compared to what he had.

For now, he just wanted to deal with what he had. After all, they wouldn't go anywhere, and he would be a full member, meaning he should spend more time here.

They went up a few sets of stairs, which Mark found weird as it almost seemed like they went more up than they had gone down, but the whole place was difficult to tell how deep on earth it was. Finally, they entered a room with a long table with many chairs, having a perfect look for a meeting room.

Other people were already in the room, with a few sitting while others were standing up next to the people they were sitting with, and it was clear they were with. So there was Ava, sitting at the chair across the entrance, while at the left of her sat Erinne.

The seat at the right of Ava was empty, but the one after that Alexander was sitting at, and Claire made her way behind him. Then next to Erinne and across from Alexander was Max, and behind him was the person Max had tasked him to test all of Mark's guns.

Next to Max sat Julian, with the driver woman, who Claire had called the Red Devil behind him, and across him was Jack, with Sam at his side.

As Mark entered the room, everyone turned to look at him, or at least almost everyone. The only people that didn't were Alexander and the 'Red Devil,' although it wasn't like they didn't notice but found no reason to do so.

"Perfect timing, Mark. People here want to announce your test results, but I told them to wait. Take a seat. "Ava said in her usual neutral tone.

Mark went to take a seat at the nearest free chair, but Ava signaled him to come and take a seat next to her.

Everyone noticed that, and this time even Alexander turned towards Mark. As for Mark, even if he found it somewhat confusing, he had no reason to say no, other than the piercing gazes of Erinne.

As he took his seat, Ava turned toward Alexander.

"How about you, Dr. Alexander, start with the announcement of the results of the newest recruit? "Ava said.

Mark found it a strange request as he was confident that Ava should know Alexander didn't test him. Claire was also trying to get Alexander's attention, but he ignored her as he spoke.

"Complete failure, of course. A brat like him shouldn't even breathe in this space, "Alexander said with more arrogance than Mark expected from one so brilliant.

'Maybe because he is so brilliant, he is that arrogant. I guess those two aren't a rare combination, Mark thought to himself while keeping any reaction from showing on his face, as he also didn't like that someone that was clearly younger than him called him a brat, but he tried not to show it.

"I see. That's a pity, then. Then how about you, Master Jack? As a representative of your Department, what were the results? "Ava said, continue keeping her usual tone.

"He is a monster, so you better give him to us. It will be a waste otherwise. After all, he beat the punching record without wearing an exoskeleton and even beat Sam, who wore one. Of course, she isn't our best, but that isn't a simple thing either, "Jack said, as Sam behind him pinched the back of his neck, as she didn't seem to like what she heard.

Ava nodded and returned her gaze towards Max, who seemed excited that it was finally his turn to speak.

"I agree with the first part of Jack's sentence. The boy is a monster, but I disagree it would be a waste unless he joined the Combat Department. He created 25 Guns in record time, all being top quality, even if he used our low to medium-quality parts. Some were even designs we hadn't even thought of. He is genuinely a one-in-a-million genius, unlike some people."

Max's last part obviously went towards Alexander, as Max was staring straight at him when he said so. Alexander was ready to say something but stopped as Lady Ava spoke.

"How about you testing, Mister Julian? How did our 'genius' do? "

"Well, calling him a genius is truly an understatement. I had never heard of someone like him being that good of a driver over everything. Even if he had beaten most of our time records, he didn't make a perfect score, but he wasn't that far off. With some training, he can get into places we never thought we could send a single person. I suggest, my lady, you consider assigning him to my Department, as we can expand easier with someone like him, as he will be easily going under the radar of others."

Ava once more nodded as she turned towards Alexander, who was utterly confused over what had happened. Clearly, he didn't expect everyone else to have that kind of opinion about Mark.

"So, Alex? Do you have anything else to say?"

Even if this time Ava used a shorter form of his name, which in most cases would show that the two were intimate or close, it sounded like the opposite. It actually sounded like by making his name shorter, she was belittling him somehow.

Alexander turned his gaze over the one person he could blame—- Claire.

But before he could say anything, Ava spoke again.

"I expected more from you. I suspended you for a month and also lost your Rank over the Head of the Research Department. After your suspension is over, you will work under Master Max. "

Alexander's mouth hung as he didn't know what to say. It was like he had frozen in place and couldn't say or do anything.

'Such control over her energy. She, indeed, must be an ex-transmigrated person. But reaching that point once more, and still not rejected, is that the limit of the D-Tier? '

Mark had his <Minor Energy Manipulation> active to detect what was happening. Even if everything was hard to see as Ava's aura filled this entire room too, it was a bit smaller, as some concentrated around Alexander.

It didn't seem to have an actual physical effect on him, but the reaction of her energy to his turned out to have that kind of effect.

Mark understood that Ava really deserved the title of the 'Ice Queen.'

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