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My Time System


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This novel is under massive editing. Ishigami Jeran is a single 19-year-old freshman college student, A self Proclaimed Genius about everything except being kind. He lives with his twin brother in the Philippines because of their family problem while his whole family lives in Kyoto, Japan. His premonition came true from his dream. He died in a bus accident, But for some odd reason he woke up lying on a shrine. In that place, A woman suddenly appeared and identified herself as Chronohades, The gatekeeper and the God of Time. To clear up Ishigami's head, That was full of questions. She told him that he was truly dead and that he is now standing in front of the gate through the Spirit Realm. In certain circumstances, Chronohades proposed a deal. Get reincarnated again, pass the trial and fight The Brixis Empire, that once terrorized that world, Or rest your soul in the Spirit Realm. Ishigami answered while trembling due to the unpreparedness of his soul to devote himself to fighting. Therefore Chronohades bestowed upon a power called the "Time System." In the late game, he called himself the God of Time. ___ Ishigami: "My life ended in the tragic car accident and I was reincarnated as a savior of my crush but after that, I got sent into another world named Ozeathra, where the world is full of unfairness and where I will experience the real betrayal, despair, and sorrow. ___ Other Tags: R18, Tragedy, Betrayal, Weak to Strong, Gods, Demons, OP Main Character, Harem, War, Ruthless-Cold MC, Medieval Era, Conspiracy, Explicit Violence, Political, Rebellion, Revenge, Rivalries, Terrorism, Matured Themes, Dark Fantasy, Person in a Strange World, Summoned into Another World, Profanity, Manipulation, Kingdom, Ideals, Female Characters Supremacy ___ DISCLAIMER: Every chapter of my work is all RAW and Unedited because it was hard to meet the deadline. I will edit this in Fall 2021 and release the completed edited version of the novel in Winter 2022. ___ STAFFS Moderator: Fujiwara_Aoi Content & Platform Editor: Roy! Story Reviewer: KCSakkimi Book Cover Artist: turtleboiii


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