My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires.

Victor was a normal 21-year-old man, he grew up in a loving family that helped him take care of himself knowing that he had a practically incurable disease, the RH null blood, he was the owner of a rare blood type... But what Victor didn't know, is that this blood type was a delicacy in the supernatural world, creatures that fed on blood loved his blood type... And that blood he hated would be the factor that would make Victor the greatest vampire of all time. ........................... [A/N: The cover is mine, it's original.] This novel is being edited by: IsUnavailable, And Davo 2138. If you want to support me so that I can pay artists to illustrate the characters in my novel, visit my Patreon: patreon.com/VictorWeismann More characters images in: https://discord.gg/4FETZAf

Victor_Weismann · Fantasy
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Chapter 694: Hierarchy and 700 Years of Accumulated Frustration 2

Chapter 694: Hierarchy and 700 Years of Accumulated Frustration 2

"If it gives us more power in the Supernatural World, then yes."


"But that's not the point. It all depends on Victor, and I don't particularly like throwing my Husband to other women, even if it gives us more power."


"Violet-." Ruby was going to say something and add how 'important' it was, but Violet interrupted, saying:


"I know, Ruby. I understand the importance, but that doesn't mean I like it."




"Forget that for now. The point is that political alliances through marriage can happen in the future. We've already discussed that. Another thing that can happen is Victor becomes interested in a powerful woman, and she ends up in his clutches."