158 Chapter 158: They never learn. 2

On top of a building several KM away from Sasha's old mansion, two beings were looking towards the mansion.

These two beings had blood red eyes that shone, creating a stark contrast in the dark night.

"What do we do? Zandriel has been captured, and if this continues, they will know our secret." A woman's voice was heard.

"...I have contacted SWAT through one of our faithful. They will break into that place and retrieve the body of Father Julian and Father Zandriel." A man's voice was heard.

"Father Bruno is going with SWAT to keep everything under wraps."

"This is the safest option right now."

"Is it okay to involve humans in this?" The woman asked

"Yes. The new Count seems to care a lot about his old life, he won't cause any problems for the humans." The man spoke with absolute certainty.

"..." The woman was silent and seemed to be thinking of something.


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