The Tomb

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In the east 4th ring region of the Revolving Star Territory, on the Obsidian Planet of Tigertail Galaxy…

The southern end of the 36th Satellite City was generally known as the 36th Base City.

In a small bungalow situated in residential area no.54 south of the 36th Satellite City, the warm, yellow light in a small room shone through the windows in the quiet neighborhood.

"Be quick! Finish your meal! I'll be going to university in two weeks. I want you to tag along, but they have very strict rules.

"I've already asked the counselor. She said as long as I become a three-star student during this semester, one of my relatives will be allowed to study in the secondary school affiliated with the university.

"Sister will definitely work hard to get you into the school! Revolving Starlight University is the top university of our planet. They must have ways for you to sign a contract with a beast." Fang Luolin took out a plate of piping, a hot dish that looked like sliced ​​sausages from the kitchen. She was also carrying two bowls of millet porridge.

Bai Ye lowered his head. The black hair on his forehead covered his eyes, and the hot steam of the millet porridge got into his eyes. Feeling his eyes moisten, Bai Ye sighed gently and wiped away the water vapor at the corner of his eyes.

"Sister, you don't need to tire yourself out. I can support myself financially."

His voice was getting softer and softer.

Even he didn't quite believe what he had just said.

In today's world, anyone who did not have a tamed beast was considered a commoner.

He could not even qualify as a citizen in the official records, so he could only be a commoner.

In fact, commoners had another name: poor people.

They were called poor people because it was very difficult for them to support themselves financially and they had to go all out in order to survive.

In this day and age, tamed beasts had already been integrated into all aspects of one's life.

Food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, as well as adventure, battles, and entertainment, were all closely associated with tamed beasts.

Even if one could not become an adventure-level Beast Tamer, beast taming was absolutely indispensable if one wanted a better life or better welfare and treatment in society.

Take the meat on the table as an example. It was made from the brown-patterned carnivorous vine, a type of plantal beast that belonged to the vine family, the polyvine and carnivorous species.

It was a kind of food in name, but in fact, the entwining ability of the brown-patterned carnivorous vine could easily strangle an adult wild boar to death and bury it in the soil near its roots. The boar would then decompose and become nutrients for the vine's growth.

After the Beast Tamer signed a soul contract with the beast, a close relationship would be established between the brown-patterned carnivorous vine and the Beast Tamer. The Beast Tamer would then be able to communicate with and control the beast through the soul contract.

Therefore, if any of the beasts were to cause injuries or commit murder in the Base City, in the absence of the influence of enchantment or manipulation abilities, its Beast Tamer would be held accountable first.

While sitting opposite Bai Ye, Fang Luolin picked up a piece of vine sausage with her chopsticks. Seemingly oblivious to what Bai Ye had said, she chewed, swallowed the food, and narrowed her eyes like a big cat enjoying its meal.

"Eat more." Fang Luolin placed a piece of meat in Bai Ye's bowl.

Bai Ye lowered his head and took two mouthfuls of rice.

While watching her younger brother gobbling down the food, Fang Luolin uttered silently in her heart, 'Sister will definitely find a way for you to sign a beast contract.'

After dinner, Bai Ye got up, cleared the table, and put away the cutlery in the kitchen.

Fang Luolin went back to her bedroom to meditate.

Signing a beast contract required a lot of soul power. The stronger one's soul power was, the more beasts one could sign with, which would in turn make the tamed beasts more powerful.

In this world, Beast Tamer and tamed beast were complementary to each other.

A top Beast Tamer without a tamed beast was just an ordinary being with strong soul power. On the other hand, by having a Beast Tamer, the tamed beast could benefit by increasing its combat power.

Signing a contract with the tamed beast was not enough.

Besides the importance of raising and training the tamed beast, the Beast Tamer's meditation skill was also very important.

By now, in this planet world, Beast Tamers and tamed beasts had already become massive and developed a vocation system associated with all aspects of life.

Bai Ye also wished to sign a contract with a tamed beast. His meditation technique practice had been going very smoothly. Furthermore, his talent when it came to this aspect was not inferior to his sister's.

This was also the reason Fang Luolin firmly believed that her younger brother would be able to sign a contract with a beast. Her younger brother's meditation talent was not any lesser than hers. There was no reason he couldn't sign a beast contract.

It had to be because they had not found the right method.

Perhaps he had not found a suitable beast.

Once he found a suitable beast, her younger brother would certainly become an outstanding Beast Tamer.

The reason that commoners could not sign a beast contract was that they had poor talent, but her younger brother was fairly talented.

Over the years, Fang Luolin had bought dozens of large and small beasts for Bai Ye. There had been a variety of them, including plantal beasts and walking beasts. Once, Fang Luolin had even found a mechanical beast, a rare kind of beast, for her younger brother.

However, regardless of the kind of the beast, the contract would fail to be signed at the very last moment. These beasts would also develop some resistance to Bai Ye and would no longer sign a contract with him. They could only be resold to others, as they had lost their value.

After washing the cutlery, pouring the leftovers into a garbage bag, and packing them, Bai Ye cleaned up the kitchen and returned to his bedroom.

He folded his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling. He could not sleep.

He would be 16 years old tomorrow.

After the age of 16, he could no longer receive the subsidies minors were given by the Federal Government of the Obsidian Planet.

According to the laws of the Obsidian Planet's Federal Government, a person would reach adulthood at the age of 16.

The midnight bell rang.

A warm current quietly flowed from Bai Ye's body to his limbs and bones, and a feeling of ecstasy surfaced.

With his head tilted, Bai Ye closed his eyes while lying on the bed.

A huge cloud of mist rose in the air.

In the dream, there was a vast, deep abyss. It was not certain how long had passed. It was as if he had passed through endless chaos and arrived at a dark, yellow void.

There was gray mist everywhere, but the mist seemed to have died. It instead looked solidified in the void.

A smell of ruins, decay, and antiquity filled the place.

Bai Ye descended into this world with a bird's eye view. In the void of this world, one by one, huge tombs were scattered everywhere, separated by extreme distance.

There was no point of reference. The size of things in this place was relative.

Small things were as tiny as ants, and large ones were as big as stars.

A variety of enormous monsters he did not know were sealed in huge tombs.

Among them, a certain monster had black glass-like beads floating near the back of its head, and circles of small balls of various colors and textures were floating near its body and limbs. After taking a closer look, Bai Ye felt that this scene resembled a planet.

These monsters had different forms and shapes. Some had bone spurs growing all over their bodies and looked as hideous as demons.

There was also an irregularly-shaped polyhedral crystal that emitted hazy white light from its surface.

In addition, there were ancient snakes with 36 wings and a long, massive body curled up into a ring.

Each monster exuded an aura as deep as an abyss. It was terrifying and inexplicable.

Even though they were sealed in the tombs, the wisps of majestic aura radiating from their bodies could seemingly crush the void and stop time.

Most importantly, with no exception, each of these giants had terrible-looking, fatal scars on their bodies.

Suddenly, a tomb in the middle of the void burst open.

A crack was split in the middle of it, almost penetrating the entire tomb from top to bottom. The tomb suddenly exploded into pieces. Pieces of broken ice crystals floated in the void like light spots and gradually dissipated.

In the tomb, a deep mirror that looked like a black hole but was at the same time colorful disappeared from its original spot.

On the tomb in front of it were three huge characters—Super Dimension Mirror.