12 Nascent Soul

"sup." Ling Han said lazily as he looked at the old man. The old man's eyes we shocked as he looked at Ling Han. This was a 14-year-old at the 8th level of the core formation.

"young man, how would you like to join the Yan clan. without clam support..." Before the old man could continue, Ling Han shook his head.

"I shall not be held down by rulers. I shall do as I wish and act as I want." Ling Han said with a smile as he flew off, only to suddenly move to the side as a beam of Qu flew towards him.

"Since you will not join my clan, I'm afraid I can't let you go." The old man said as Ling Han's eyes turned cold.

"old man, I didn't kill anyone from your little clan. Don't let greed lead you to your death." Ling Han said boldly as lightning covered his body while he took out his sword appeared in his hands.

"Brat, today on behalf of justice. I will destroy a demonic cultivator such as you." Before the old man could continue, Ling Han brought his sword down, sending 10 blades of lightning shooting to the old man.

The old man jumped off the cloud, which was destroyed a second later. He landed on top of a flying sword as a saber appeared in his hands.

With a thought, he shot towards Ling Han, who also shot towards him. Ling Han snorted ad he swung the sword, not caring at all about his energy.

The old man's eyes shrunk as he shot backward, tapping his saber on the air in front of him. Puppets appeared out of nowhere as they blooded the blades for him.

Ling Han watched the waves of puppets that appeared before him.

"these are all humans, and you call me a demonic cultivator?" Ling Han said with a laugh as he looked at these former humans who were killed and turned into puppets.

The old man gritted his teeth. He looked down at the members of the Yan clan, who were looking at him in shock.

He had no choice but to take these puppets out, with over 50 lightning blades flying towards him. He knew for sure he couldn't escape in time. At most, he would have to give up a body part to escape.

Ling Han shot forward toward the waves of puppets. Swing his sword as he slowly made his way towards the old man.

Ling Ham was quickly swallowed by the waves of puppets to the point he could move. The old man snorted, only for him to cover his eyes when thunder boomed from the waves of puppets, sending all the puppets flying away.

Ling Han stood there with lightning that had taken the form as lighting wrapped around him from head to toes.

"This is a technique I personally made. come, I your father will test this technique on you." Ling Han said with a smile. They were about equal in strength. Ling Han's strength was at level 3 Nascent Soul.

Even with everything, it was extremely hard for Ling Han to match those at level 4 nascent soul. The old man was at level 3 Nascent soul, but he was slightly above Ling Han as he could face those who just broke through to level 4 Nascent.

Ling Han rushed forward before the puppets could regroup. These puppets were not strong, at most at level 9 Core formation. Even if Ling Han just sat there, these puppets will not be able to damage him. they could only slow him down

Ling Han fist shot forward, aiming towards the old man. His first went through the old man as if he punched a puppet.

"fuck." Ling Han said as he turned to look at the puppets which were killing all the clan members who saw this before they fell weakly to the ground.

Ling Han couldn't keep his spiritual sense out while in battle. Even those as Nascent Soul can't do that for long, so Ling Han didn't sense when the old man ran away.

"..." Ling Han stood there as his spiritual sense was spread all over the place to find that old man. But he couldn't sense him. Gritting his teeth in rage, Ling Han shot towards the Yan clan build.

His palm moved as he destroyed all the buildings in a way as he shot towards the Yan Clan Head. He shot forward, arriving before the clan head, who was gathering a group of guards.

He grabbed the clan head's neck, forcing his spiritual sense into his mind. and began searching for the where the treasures the Yan Clan had.

After a second, the Yan clan neck was snapped. Ling Han eyes were cold as he looked at the elders,

"do you believe when I saw I would kill each of you if you step forward?" Ling Han asked coldly, making the elders freeze for a moment. Ling Han snorted as he threw the body to the ground and went to the Treasury.

He soon arrived at the treasury, as he destroyed all the runes in his path. He came before the Treasury as he destroyed the door with a fish covered in lighting.

"it looks like I'm going to be a well-known demonic cultivator... I should start my own farm and just lazily travel the world." Ling Han said softly. He looked at the endless amount of herbs, weapons, and spirit stones before him.

Although most of those spirit stones and herbs were useless before him, it was alright. He could just tell them off.

Spreading his spiritual sense out, he controlled all the herbs to float up as they flew towards him. And when they got close, they would enter the black tower.

After which, he turned and left the Yan clan, quickly leaving before any truly powerful cultivator arrived.

It didn't take long before he left the city and made his way back to the forest. He entered the black tower as he went on to look through his gains.

"This should be enough for me to reach level 4 Nascent Soul... but I have nothing to do now. I should first reach Nascent soul." Ling Han said softly.

"you should hurry up and get stronger." The black tower said seriously as it appeared before Ling Han.

"explain." Ling Han asked calmly. He, of course, wasn't going to stop cultivating. He just lost some motivation to push him.

"the immoral realm has been sealed off from this lower realm. This means someone is blocking the way to ascend and become an immortal." The black tower said as Ling Han shrugged

"sigh, why most I hurry then?" Ling Han asked

"because the little immortal Qi in this world is disappearing. Without immortal Qi, then you can't reach Void Shattering." The black tower said as Ling Han frown

"how long Till the energy disappear?" Ling Han asked

" 10 years at most. even with your talent, you must hurry." The black tower said as Ling Han nodded and began cultivating.

A week quickly passed before he stepped out of the back tower, summoned his tribulation.

Lightning clouds floated above him as Ling Han went on to weaken himself so he could tamper his physique. he had to do this because his tribulation was just too weak.

'let's see, after this. my physique will be equal to rank 4 metal of the high grade. Even at level 1 Nascent Soul. I would be able to face those at the peak of Nascent Soul.' Ling Han thought with a smile

'plus, I'm getting a new cheat. this system is much matched.' Ling Han thought as he was hit by lightning. He ran The Indestructible Heaven Scroll as he tampered himself.

His body was being destroyed and rebuilt under the strikes of lightning. In total, 9 lightning strikes hit Ling Han before the tribulation disappeared.

Ling Han slowly stood up as he a drop of Indestructible True Fluid to heal himself as he entered the black tower.

Ling Han put on new clothes as he punched the air a few times, feeling the power that ran through his body.

"amazing. I should be able to face those at the half step of the sky realm with my power." Ling Han said a smile

*Host has reached the Nascent Soul realm, searching for a new world... world found. I Never Run Out of Mana. Cheat: Never run out of Energy.* the system said as Ling Han's eyes widened.

*Note your mind can get tired, along with your body feeling fatigued.* the system said as Ling Ham smiled

A sword appeared in his hands as he spread out his spiritual sense to the limits, plus he covered himself in lightning armor.

At a quick speed, he began waving his sword, a 12 lightning blades flew out with each swing. for 6 hours straight, Ling Han did this until he stopped.

"haha, my energy never drops." Ling Han said with a laugh as the sword disappeared.

"With this, even those sky realm cultivators would not be my match. plus, I can use these techniques use uses a lot of energy." Ling Han said with a smile as he went through his mind of a technique that could be considered the ultimate technique.

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