12 Ookami elementary school

As the topic of the school that wanted to scout him was brought onto the table, Hiro got mad at his father for hiding the information from him.

Ronden elementary school was a non-profit school funded by the various charitable trust in London. And currently it was the best school in Tokushima prefecture for football. Although it had never won the nationals but it had made it to the nationals several times.

For past 7 years it had been dominating the prefectural competitions and making it to the regionals. And for past 2 years, it had continuously reached the nationals. It was a powerhouse elementary level football school in all over Tokushima prefecture.

Although Karasuno elementary school have failed to qualify for the regionals for past two years because of Ronden elementary school, it was still regarded as one of the powerhouse elementary level football school in Tokushima prefecture just like Ronden elementary school. And unlike Ronden elementary school, it had actually won the nationals once, a long time ago.

But what surprised him even more was to receive offer from the newly formed elementary school i.e Ookami elementary school. Although it was still a newly formed school, having knowledge of the future Hiro knew about the potential of that newly formed school.

Due to it's excellent scouting, the school would gather countless exceptional talents and go on to challenge both Ronden elementary school and Karasuno elementary school for the spot in nationals. However it would always fall short to grab the spot for nationals.

After thinking for a while, his mother spoke;

"But both Ronden and Karasuno elementary school are far away from here. So who'll escort Hiro to school. You and I both have jobs."

Hiro knew that if he remained silent, his mother would send him to Tokushima elementary school. And before that happened, he needed to raise his voice.

"But what about Ookami elementary school?"

Hiro mumbled.

"What about it?"

"It's not that far away from here. And it's only 30min away from bike."

Hiro tried to persuade his mother.

"But since it's a private school, the fee's must be ridiculously expensive."

His mother replied with a worried face.

"Actually you don't have to worry about that matter. All three of the school's have offered him sports scholarship. So we won't need to pay a single yen"

"Huh!! You're not joking, right dear? If you are, then don't even think about having a single sip of beer for an entire month."

"No, no, I'm not joking. I'm telling the truth, they are offering him full scholarship."

His father replied in a flustered tone.

As soon as she heard about scholarship, the expression in her face quickly changed. Just like chameleon changing it's colour, his mother's expression changed as soon as she heard about scholarship.

He knew for a fact that his mother was very fond of money. And she was that cheapskate who'd buy tons of items if they were offered for sale even if they didn't need it.

"We'll go visit them tomorrow."

His mother concluded.

And just like that it was decided that he would attend Ookami elementary school. Even though Hiro wanted to attend Ronden elementary school or Karasuno elementary school, he was still satisfied with attending Ookami elementary school rather than Tokushima elementary school.

Next day early in the morning, Hiro set out to Ookami elementary school with his parents. Both of their parents applied for a leave to accompany him to the school.

They left their home at 10 AM and took a train to the school. It would have taken them longer if they were to bike to the school. But since they took a train to commute to the school they reached their destination in only 10 minutes.

At 10:20 they stood infront of the Ookami elementary school's main gate. The school was huge and covered a lot of area. Although it was in a remote location, the chatters of the students could be heard even from outside the gate.

After exiting the train, they needed to hike for 5 min to reach the school. Ookami elementary school was located at the top of a hill.

"Who are you? And what's your purpose for visiting the school?"

A middle aged man dressed in a guard uniform stopped them as they tried to enter the school.

"Umm... sorry for bothering you. But we're actually here for the admission of our son."

His father replied in a gentle manner.

The man then casted a glance at Hiro who was neatly dressed in a black shirt and beige colour linen half pant.

"The admission process hasn't started yet. So why are you here so early?"

The guard replied.

"Honey don't tell me that you haven't talked with the staff yet?"

His mother exclaimed while barely holding herself from getting angry.

"Uhh... I forgot.... Hehe"

His father laughed awkwardly as he replied.

"Huh!! You forgot?? Are you for real??"

Even though she didn't speak loudly, he could clearly see that she was getting agitated and was barely holding herself from yelling out loud.

His father had sensed her anger as well and thus he remained completely silent.

"Argh!! Whatever!! For now, let's just ask him to let us enter the school. And you and me will need to have a talk when we reach home."

"Gulp! Gulp!! yes mam"

His father gulped his saliva.

'Rest in peace dad!'

He mumbled inwardly.

"Umm excuse our intrusion but would you let us enter the school."

His mother spoke to the guard.

"No mam I can't do that. I can't let you pass without any appointment."

The guard sternly denied their access.

Just then his father pulled out a business card from his pocket and handed it over to the guard. The guard as soon as he witnessed the card went over to his booth.

"Please wait here for a while."

He then started to call someone. As soon as he finished speaking, he opened the gate.

"Please come in. I didn't realise that you were invited by Sakamoto san. Please forgive my rudeness."

The guard apologized as he let them in.

"It's alright. You're only doing your job. But where do we need to go?"

His father replied as they walked inside.

The school was gigantic. There was a 4 storeyed tall building with a gigantic clock at the entrance of the building. Aside from the main building there were four more buildings.

"No worries, I'll escort you."

The guard then began to escort them towards the principal's office.

While they were being escorted towards the principal's office, the guard then began to introduce about the general layout of the school.

The main building had almost more than 60 classrooms, several store rooms, several science labs and other facilities. There were also 2 gymnasium and a large auditorium present in the school. Cafeteria was in a separate building.

The football ground was behind the main building and infront of the dense forest. He said that the football ground was surrounded by nets to prevent the ball from going astray. And the whole school was surrounded by sturdy walls.

Hiro's anticipation grew as the guard mentioned about the football ground. He was more concerned about the football ground than the various sumptuous facilities provided by the school.

Finally after 10 minutes of walking, they reached the principal's office. It was in the 3rd floor of the main building.

"I can only escort you up to here"

The guard spoke as he left them infront of the door of the principal's office.

knock! knock!

"Please come in."

As they knocked the door, they heard a voice of a woman coming from inside the principal's office.

"Pardon our intrusion"

They entered the office. As they walked in the office, they were greeted by four peoples.

The principal's office was extremely spacious and neatly clean. Several certificates and photos were hung up on the walls of the office. At the centre of the room, there was a huge table and sofa on it's either side. At the end of the table, there was another table with a opulent chair.

In that chair was seated a old man who looked like he was in his 60's and beside him was beautiful young lady who looked like she was still in her thirties. And finally at the sofa, there were two men seated next to each other. One looked like he was still in his fifties while the other looked younger than him.

"Please be seated"

The young lady escorted them towards the empty sofa. And as they took their seat, the young man opposite to them spoke;

"It's a pleasure to meet you once again Takahashi san"

"No, no!! The pleasure is all mine Sakamoto san"

The young man who greeted them was the scout of the Ookami elementary school and the old man who was seated beside him was the head coach of the Ookami elementary school's football team.

"This right here is Miura sensei and the person seated at the chair infront of us is our principal Miyamoto Takumi san and beside him the young lady is his PA Sizuka sensei."

Sakamoto introduced everybody present in the office.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Takahashi Takashi and she's my wife Takahashi Momo. And this is our son Takahashi Hiro."

While he was introducing himself, his wife and his son, Sakamoto interrupted him.

"We are well aware of your son. Aren't we all gathered here to discuss about his possible admission in our school?"

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