Rescue From Prison

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In the blink of an eye, a day passed. Su Yang waved his sword until night fell. After he rested for a while, an uninvited guest arrived again.

Pingshan City's Martial Suppression Division Commander, Zhang Zhiwu.

 This time, Zhang Zhiwu did not sit in the main seat. He obediently found a seat below the main seat and sat down.

"Su Yang, there's still room for negotiation. Even if you have the strength of a Seventh grade, the Li family has two Sixth grade backing them."

Su Yang sat on the main seat and said unhurriedly, "Is a Will of All Living Beings backing very strong? I still have Da Xia behind me."

Su Yang had long made up his mind. When he saw such injustice, not only would he care, but he would also care until the end. It was useless no matter who came. Unless the other party's strength was stronger than his, then for the sake of his own life, he might be able to temporarily put it aside.

In his previous life, he had suffered injustice and no one could stand up for him. In this life, he was willing to stand up for others.

He would kill all the evildoers!

"Why can't you figure it out?" Zhang Zhiwu facepalmed, "Yes, we have Da Xia behind us, but can Da Xia protect us? What if a Sixth grade comes to kill us?"

"Even if the government will pursue the Li family, what meaning does it all have if we are already dead?"

"In my opinion, don't you just want to give those civilians justice? Can't you just stand what Li Ming did? Now that your goal has been achieved, Li Ming will definitely not do this in the future. If we continue fighting, both sides will suffer. Young man, living is the most important thing."

After Zhang Zhiwu persuaded him, he took out a purple-patterned wooden box from his sleeve, "This is a hundred-year-old mountain ginseng that the Li family sent me. It's extremely helpful for cultivators of the Seventh grade."

"Heh..." Su Yang smiled when he saw this, " The Li family is indeed used to being overbearing. They place the gift behind the use of force. Normally, people give gifts before resorting to force, but they do the opposite."

If he really agreed to Zhang Zhiwu's persuasion, then what was the difference between him and the corrupt official who protected the peddler's family in his previous life?

"What do you mean?" Zhang Zhiwu frowned. It seemed that something had happened that he did not know about.

"Looks like you don't know." Su Yang looked at Zhang Zhiwu playfully and then told him what happened last night.

"Send the things back to him. I don't have any good points, but money can't change what I want to do, not even if I add money."

"You know, you can't stop me."

Zhang Zhiwu's face darkened. He put away the wooden box helplessly, but he still reminded Su Yang, "Be careful."

Although Su Yang looked down on him, Zhang Zhiwu had long lost his spirit. Otherwise, why would he be at the mercy of the Li family?

Walking out of the room, Zhang Zhiwu looked at the sky as if he was recalling himself from twenty years ago. At that time, he should still be a high-spirited young man…

He had to admit that he was old.


In the Li Mansion, Li Yijiang's chest was heaving. Obviously, he was already somewhat angry. He had never been in such a sorry state before. All because of a mere Weapon Master…

But why was Su Yang achieved Seventh grade?

He had already asked the servants to collect all the information about Su Yang. His father's name was Su Yu, and he had come to Pingshan City five years ago. He had obtained the position of Weapon Master of Spring Wind Street with the strength of an Eighth grade. For the past five years, he had been extremely low-key and had been an honest Weapon Master. He did not meddle in other people's business. As for the specific origin…However, he could not find out.

A month ago, he died of illness at home and his son, Su Yang, succeeded the throne.

Su Yang had also followed them here five years ago, but in those five years, he rarely went out and stayed at home all year round. How could he be a Seventh grade?

The information he could obtain was extremely limited. He had clearly lived there for five years, but there were no traces. This made Li Yijiang feel very strange.

The current situation was that he really could not do anything to Su Yang, neither hard nor soft methods worked.

What should he do?

Rescue from prison... Suddenly, a thought appeared in Li Yijiang's mind. When this thought was born, it was like a weed that could not easily stop growing.

Li Yijiang had no other choice. On the surface, Zhang Zhiwu could not suppress Su Yang. In secret, the people he had sent out had also stopped moving. Then, he could only think of some unorthodox methods.

With this idea in mind, Li Yijiang immediately began to make arrangements.

Rescuing from prison, however, required a lot of preparation. Given the situation in Spring Wind Street's prison, when was the best time to make a move? The commotion couldn't be too big…


Two days passed in the blink of an eye. It was the third night, the night before Li Ming's execution. On this day, Su Yang wielded his sword for a few hours longer than usual. He only stopped when he heard a thought in his mind.

[Sword Intent Proficiency +1, Sword Intent Level +1]

[Tianqin Sword]

[Sword Intent: LV12 (0/12000)]

[Sword Technique: None]

[Will of All Living Beings: 0]

As the level of the sword intent increased, the sword intent in Su Yang's mind also increased by several times in an instant. Feeling the power of the sword intent, Su Yang's heart became more and more stable. This was his confidence to sweep away the injustice in the world…

It was not difficult to level up the sword intent. Every level only increased the number of times he could swing his sword by 1,000 times.

If he had not spent some time to understand this ability and this world when he first came to this world, his sword intent would have been even higher.

There were rules on how to swing a sword. One could not swing the sword randomly, or else it would not increase one's proficiency.

When he first came to this world, he did not grasp the essence of sword wielding. He could not obtain proficiency, so naturally, he could not increase his sword intent.

His body was weak. In the beginning, it would be considered good if he could swing a thousand swords a day. After that, he swung his sword more often and his body became stronger. Slowly, the number of times he swung his sword every day increased.

If he had to cultivate, he would definitely choose body refining. Unfortunately, in his opinion, body refining was too slow. Even if an ordinary person had enough cultivation resources to refine their body, they would need at least a year to break through to ninth grade.

However, aside from cultivating body refining techniques, it would be nice to find something that directly increased physical fitness.

Suddenly, his Sword Intent in the prison was triggered. Su Yang put away the myriad thoughts in his mind. Casually sheathing his sword at his waist, he hurried towards the prison.

"Rescue from prison... that's a grave offense."