5 Go Train in the Danger Zone

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As soon as he entered, Yang Tian saw a white-haired gentleman sitting on the sofa, smiling widely at him. 

"You must be Grandfather Qin?" Yang Tian felt slightly embarrassed, and he bowed his head as he spoke. 

The old gentleman nodded warmly. "My name is Qin Zhengyang." He extended his hand after speaking and made a welcoming gesture to Yang Tian. "Come, sit!" 

Yang Tian sat opposite the old gentleman. At that moment, he felt extremely self-conscious as he thought to himself, 'This is similar to meeting her parents!'.

"These days, children mature fast! You've just became an adult, and you're all rushing to find a partner!" Qin Zhengyang exclaimed in a helpless tone, before he continued, "Yang Tian, Xiao Fei really likes you, but do you think that you have the ability and status to have her?" 


Yang Tian did not think that Qin Fei's grandfather would suddenly ask him that question so he did not know how to respond. 

Qin Zhengyang continued, "It's fine if you don't have the status now. The potential of a young person is limitless. If you can become a Class Four Warrior by the time you're 25, I'll agree to you marrying Xiao Fei. The Qin Family is a family of Warriors. Little Fei's parents are all Class 5 Warriors. Xiao Fei's husband therefore can't be a normal person. What do you think of this requirement?" 

If Yang Tian had been faced with this situation the day before, perhaps he would be at a loss of what to do. However, he knew then that he had strength beyond that of a normal person. If he wanted to join the other Military Academies other than the Shenwei Military Academy, namely the Yangwei and Ningwei Military Academies, it should not be a problem. 


Yang Tian stood and nodded his head with determination. 

Qin Zhengyang laughed instead, and said, "I saw the results of your trial yesterday—they're not bad! If it weren't for Sun Yu's interference, you definitely would've been selected by the Shenwei Military Academy. In three years' time, you would have certainly been able to become a Grade One Warrior. For your sake, Xiao Fei even asked me to help. This child was wracking her brains for you! However, I refused. Do you know why?" 

It was at that moment that Yang Tian realized that Qin Fei had been keeping an eye on his trials. She must have known about his failure to be accepted. 

Yang Tian was moved, and he felt that he must have done a lot of good in his previous lives to have met Qin Fei in this life. 

Hearing Qin Zhengyang's words, Yang Tian paused for a moment before he shook his head. 

Qin Zhengyang spoke with disdain, "The Military Academies have changed. They no longer produce good talent. If you wish to become a true Warrior, then go out of the city and fight Monsters. Only through endless battle can you achieve the greatest growth in your body's potential and develop a Combat Skill that best suits yourself. Of course, this comes at great risk to your life, and you could lose it at any time. Just like your grandfather Yang Song." 


Half an hour later, Yang Tian walked out of the gate of Villa No. 18. 

Just as he was leaving, Yang Tian suddenly heard the pattering of rapid footsteps from within. 

These footsteps were very familiar to Yang Tian and he turned with anticipation toward the gate. Of course! A moment later, Qin Fei appeared. 

Qin Fei looked like she had meticulously dressed up. She wore a pristine white dress, and high heels made of crystal. She had even put on some makeup. 

"Little Fei!" 

Yang Tian was stunned by her beauty before he managed to call out her name. 

Qin Fei rushed over to Yang Tian, saying, "Yang Tian, I'm sorry! I couldn't help. I don't know what you and grandpa discussed, but don't worry. I'll wait for you." 

When Qin Fei finished, she planted a kiss on Yang Tian's lips before she turned and ran back into the mansion. 


Yang Tian licked his lips and tasted her lipstick. It was imprinted in his mind now, and he could not help but smile. 

5 pm the next day. 

100 kilometers outside of Tianxiong City, Huangqiu City. 

Following the ruined streets, Yang Tian carefully looked for a temporary shelter. 

After the Global Cataclysm, the Warriors had pooled together all of their resources and chose a few easily defensible cities as designated Safe Zones in order to defend themselves against the onslaught of Monsters. 

In all the world, there were just over a hundred Safe Zones, and Tianxiong city was one of them. 

The defenses in the Safe Zones were formidable, and normal people could live in them without worry or care. They did not need to fear the attacks of Monsters because the Safe Zones were where the newest weapons and the most powerful Warriors were stationed. 

With a Safe Zone as the center, a perimeter of 50 kilometers was designated as the High Alert Area. There were constant patrols of Warriors in the High Alert Area. If a Monster entered this area, the Safe Zone's Defense Center would be alerted and measures would be implemented. 

Outside of the High Alert Area was the Danger Zone. This area was highly populated with Monsters, and some people who wanted to become a Transhuman would look for low-Grade Monsters in the area. They would hunt and kill these Monsters for a chance at obtaining their Beast Core in order to ascend and gain the requirement to be a Warrior. 

Beast Cores were a kind of crystal within the body of a Monster. It contained great power. After a human consumed it, their body would strengthen and grow beyond that of a baseline human. 

Yang Tian was currently in an abandoned city known as Huangqiu City. It was considered the border between the High Alert Area and the Danger Zone. There, the number of Monsters was not too great. It was Yang Tian's destination after he left the city. 

The day before, Yang Tian had a long conversation with Qin Fei's grandfather before deciding to choose an unconventional path to becoming a Warrior. 

That was, going out of Tianxiong City to the Danger Zone, just like Yang Tian and Qin Fei's grandfathers did in order to endlessly battle with Monsters in the worst of environments. Step by step he would grow, and become a mighty Warrior with a hundred battles under his belt! 

Yang Tian could tell that Qin Zhengyang meant him no harm. He was just using the thought process of a Transhuman to carve out his own path. 

This road would be hard! 

Success would mean he would gain the love of his life and become a famed Transhuman! 

Failure meant death! 

It was just that simple. 

After leaving the mansion, Yang Tian had returned home and packed his grandfather's equipment in the night. After leaving a note behind to his parents, he brought the little green dragon with him and left the house. 

Yang Tian had detailed his thoughts in his note. He believed that his parents would understand, though they would be very sad for a while… 

That was unavoidable. If an eagle wanted to soar, it would need to leave the nest and go through the storm before it could mature. 

In any case, it was not like Yang Tian did not have the expertise. His starting point was already higher than that of his grandfather's generation. At the very least, he was already a Transhuman who had consumed a Grade One Beast Core, and his body was far stronger than that of a baseline human. 

There was also the little green dragon. Yang Tian felt that the little pipsqueak was no normal Monster. It must have unfathomable power! It should mature very quickly and become his battle companion. 

Yang Tian entered a five-story building that had not been destroyed. He scanned the area before deciding that it was a good place for a temporary shelter. He would rest here for the night before going on the hunt for Monsters when dawn broke. 

The building Yang Tian chose had been abandoned for a very long time as there was a thick layer of dust in the corridor of the building. After exploring the building for a while, Yang Tian finally found a suitable apartment on the third floor. 

The bed in the apartment had not decayed, and the beddings and clothes in the closet had all been washed and packed in a vacuum pack. They had not oxidized, and had stayed intact for decades. 

There was also sufficient home equipment. The only thing lacking was water. 

This was easily remedied as there was a river in the outskirts of the city that provided ample potable water. 

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