24 Dragontongue

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"Yang Tian, I never thought you would be more powerful after you were injured. If you had this kind of ability, then you would never have been injured," Xiao Fei said as he walked over to Yang Tian and slapped him on the shoulder. 

"Brother Xiao, I'm very curious, what's your Warrior Class?" Yang Tian asked with a smile after he gulped down large breaths of air to catch his breath after the test. 

Xiao Fei replied with a smile. "I was just promoted to a Class Four Warrior. However, when I was your age, I was a Class One Warrior! Your development far outpaces mine." 

A Class Four Warrior! 

Yang Tian never would have thought Xiao Fei was still one class above the ability he had estimated! 

"How about Zhou Dadao from that day?" Yang Tian asked curiously. 

Yang Tian could still clearly remember the scene outside the city that day when Zhou Dadao brandished a blade and came at him. 

"Him?" Xiao Fei laughed. "He's at the peak of a Class Three Warrior. He's a ruthless man, so he will definitely break through within a year and make it to a Class Four Warrior." 

As soon as Xiao Fei finished speaking, he put his arm around Yang Tian's shoulder and shouted to the surrounding crowd, "In order to welcome Yang Tian to our Tianwei Military Academy, and passing the Class Two Warrior trials, I'll be treating everyone to dinner tonight at Paradise. Everyone can enjoy to their heart's delight!" 


The moment Xiao Fei finished speaking, all the Warriors around them began to howl. 

Paradise was a high-end entertainment venue. Yang Tian had heard of it a long time ago, and that it was a man's paradise. When he was studying at school, a few rich students would often brag about going there. 

Yang Tian did not really want to go to such places, but he would be offending Xiao Fei if he did not. Therefore, he did not refuse. At most, he just would not touch any girls. 

With a beautiful girlfriend like Qin Fei, Yang Tian had no interest in any other females. He definitely had no interest in hitting up girls at an entertainment venue. 

"Brother Zhao, I can only buy you a meal next time," Yang Tian said apologetically to Zhao Wu when Xiao Fei and the others left. 

Zhao Wu smiled. "No big deal. Just remember, you owe me a meal." 

Yang Tian nodded. 

There was still a long time to go before the evening, and Yang Tian had many errands to run such as giving his parents two Grade One Beast Cores to strengthen their bodies. He would sell the rest and convert it into Wu. 

The Warrior's profession was one that needed a lot of money; without money one could not mingle. 

After catching a cab home, Yang Tian pulled out his keys and opened the front door. 

His parents were not home. Yang Tian sat on the sofa and opened his backpack; Drago jumped out. 

"Squeak squeak1…"

Drago jumped onto the coffee table and squeaked at Yang Tian. 

Strangely, Yang Tian could understand the little green dragon's squeaking. That was to say, Drago's language. 

Drago had said to Yang Tian, "Finally, I'm free! It was so boring in there." 

Yang Tian was caught off guard when Drago addressed him as 'master'. He took a long while to process it and responded while nodding, "There's no time now. I'll make some for you when we're back tonight! Also, why did you call me master?" 

Yang Tian never thought of Drago as his pet. He viewed him more like a brother. 

Drago jumped onto Yang Tian's shoulder and squeaked, telling Yang Tian, "Did you forget? I established a blood bond with you. From now on, you're my master. Your body now possesses the inheritance of the Dragons. You can now understand Dragontongue." 

"Inheritance of the Dragons!" Yang Tian's eyes opened wide, suddenly thinking of the very long dream he had in the hospital. In that dream, he had become a little dragon, and over a very long time, he evolved into a giant dragon. 

Drago replied, "Yes, Master. From now on, you're half dragon. I'm starving. I want barbecued meat." 

Yang Tian nodded. "Okay! It's just about time for lunch anyway." 

Yang Tian opened the freezer. There was a large amount of frozen Monster meat inside. Most of it was bought by his mother during a sale in the supermarket. After every Monster Wave, the supermarkets would have a large amount of Monster meat sold at a reduced price. 

Yang Tian pulled the barbecue grill out, and went downstairs to buy some charcoal… 

An hour or so later, both human and dragon had finished all the meat in the freezer. After lying in the sick bed for more than ten days, Yang Tian was famished. After leaving the hospital, he only ate two cans of Eight Treasure Porridge2 in the car. 

After cleaning everything up, Yang Tian looked at the time. It was only 12.30pm. 

His parents would only finish work at 5pm. Yang Tian opened up his backpack and prepared to take the Beast Cores out to be sold. There were stores that bought Beast Cores in the city as well, but they offered slightly lower prices in the city as opposed to in the High Alert Area. 

This was because there was a tax on the buying and selling of goods within the city which did not exist outside the city. 

Yang Tian noticed that there were only one Grade Three Beast Core, one Grade Two Beast Core, and six Grade One Beast cores. He was missing one Grade Two Beast Core. 

He did not even need to guess to know that Drago had eaten one Grade Two Beast Core. If it was stolen, it would not be the Grade Two Beast Core that was missing. 

"Squeak squeak squeak…" 

At that moment, Drago spoke up and explained to Yang Tian that he had eaten the Grade Two Beast Core in order to restore the energy he had expended. 

Yang Tian thought about how Drago had dripped a drop of golden ichor when forming the blood bond with him… 

Leaving behind the Grade Three Beast Core, the Grade Two Beast Core, and two Grade One Beast Cores, Yang Tian brought four Grade One Beast Cores and went out. As for Drago, after eating his fill, he scurried off to Yang Tian's room and hid under Yang Tian's pillow to take a nap. 

Yang Tian took a cab to a place that specializes in buying Beast Cores. He sold all four Grade One Beast Cores for 3.8 million Wu. 

The price offered for each Beast Core was 50,000 Wu lower than outside the city. 

The entire sum of 3.8 million Wu was credited into Yang Tian's bank card. 

At 2.30pm, Yang Tian got home, unlocked the door, and went in. 

As soon as the door opened, Yang Tian saw his parents sitting on the sofa with troubled looks. They looked as though they had met with some difficult situation and were deep in thought. They did not even notice that Yang Tian had returned home. 

"Mom, Dad!" Yang Tian said joyfully. 

Yang Lin and Wang Hong finally came to their senses when they heard Yang Tian's voice, and they stood up in shock. 

"Little Tian!" Yang Lin and Wang Hong exclaimed in joy after a pause. 

"It's good that you're home! Come and sit!" Yang Lin smiled as he sat and patted the seat next to him. 

Wang Hong immediately went to pour a glass of water for Yang Tian. 

"Mom, Dad, what's happened? I can see you're troubled." Yang Tian asked as he took the glass from his mother's hands. 

Yang Lin replied, "The factory has retired us on account of our age." 

"Then you guys don't have to go to work!" Yang Tian smiled. "Your son is rich now. In the future you don't need to work, just live comfortably!" 

Yang Tuan knew that his parents could not even comprehend the life of a Warrior. As long as a Warrior obtained a Beast Core, they would make a small fortune; just enough to comfortably support a family of three for a few years. 

Of course, to a Class One Warrior, obtaining a Beast Core was no mean feat. They would have to put their lives on the line. Taking the recent Monster Wave as an example; even though many Monsters were killed, a substantial number of Warriors were killed as well. At the end of it, the number of Warriors who obtained Beast Cores was exceedingly small. 

If it were not for Drago's help, Yang Tian felt that he would not even obtain a single Beast Core. 

At that moment, Yang Lin told Yang Tian. "It's not easy being a Warrior. Use the money on yourself! I know you Warriors need a lot of good weapons and equipment. Don't skimp on those things for the sake of saving money. You'll just be putting yourself in danger. The both of us just need to have something to do in order to sustain ourselves. We don't need you to worry about us." 

Yang Tian chuckled before replying, "Mom, Dad, I really am rich! I just sold four Grade One Beast Cores, and got 3.8 million Wu for it! I plan to buy a larger home in the City Center, where it's more well connected and the area is nice…" 

"What! More than three million!" 

Yang Tian had not even finished speaking when Wang Hong exclaimed in shock, her eyes wide. 

Yang Tian nodded. "To us Warriors, money is actually very easily made. Oh yeah! I left two Beast Cores for you." 

Yang Tian immediately got up when he finished speaking, walked to his room, and pulled out two Grade One Beast Cores from his backpack. 

In order to become a Warrior, the ideal age to ascend would be between 16 and 25. After that window, the body begins to age. An overage individual who consumed a Grade One Beast Core would never attain the standards of a Class One Warrior no matter the amount of training. 

Even though his parents could not become Warriors, Yang Tian could strengthen their bodies through the Beast Cores, and give them a longer life.

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