This is an R18 book with just the right amount of Romance that will make you love love! ...... Blake Shelton's life takes an unexpected turn when he lands a job at Shelley Technologies. His boss, Rose Shelley, not only proves to be a powerful, formidable leader but also an intriguing figure. As Blake becomes accustomed to his new lifestyle, Rose's acts of generosity grow more extravagant, leaving him puzzled about the hidden motives behind her lavish gifts. Blake enjoys the luxurious life for a while until a huge curve ball gets thrown at him, when he discovers that Rose is more than just a successful CEO – she's a possessive, domineering vampire. Now caught between the dazzling allure of luxury and the mystery of Rose's true nature, Blake navigates a world where wealth and the supernatural collide. Ultimately, he begins to question the price of the life he's come to enjoy. "From now on Blake, you belong to me alone," ******* Disclaimer please : This cover isn’t mine, picked it up from Pinterest and can’t find the artist! Would gladly drop it if owner steps up. *Further information* For those wondering, there will be ….. LEMONS - YES SMUT - YES NTR - Disgusting! (No NTR!!!) Gore - Yes Dark - Yes!! Chapter uploads will be regular but the counts can go higher if your support increases as well! This is my first work and also my WSA ENTRY!! PLEASE give it a chance and be easy on me, lol. I’ll be dropping a discord link in the first chapter comment. Do well to join up! Thanks for the support! DISCORD : https://discord.gg/Gz9DJdmCFz

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Sleep over at the Shelly mansion?!

The sleek SUV glided through the city, the evening lights reflecting off its polished exterior. Blake couldn't shake the feeling that they were deviating from the usual route to Silver Estate.

"Uhm...hey...I think you just missed a turn," Blake cautiously alerted the driver, but the driver remained focused, steering the vehicle with unwavering determination.

Blake, now glancing between the calm driver and Rose, who wore a composed expression, voiced his concerns, "Is there another route to the estate? I don't know this way."

"It's too late to drive up there this night," Rose replied nonchalantly.

Blake, perplexed, persisted, "But...okay. Where are we headed then?"

"My house," Rose stated matter-of-factly.

Blake, taken aback, couldn't hide his shock, "Will I be sleeping at your place?"

"Well, your tone suggests you dread the thought of it. Don't worry, I think you'll survive a night at my place. It's really not that bad," Rose said in a slightly humorous tone, but her face remained enigmatic.

Soon, the car pulled up to an extravagant mansion that dwarfed even the opulent house Rose had gifted Blake. It was a grandiose structure, with sprawling gardens and an imposing entrance that spoke of wealth and influence.

As they approached the entrance, Blake couldn't help but gape at the sheer size of the mansion. He contemplated just how many communities could fit in it and the vast space that would be left. The driveway seemed to stretch endlessly, leading to a set of massive doors.

As they entered, the interior was as breathtaking as the exterior. Extravagant furnishings adorned every room, and the décor spoke of elegance and sophistication. Rose led Blake through the expansive halls, each step echoing in the vastness of the mansion.

The contrast with the modest guesthouse gifted by Rose was stark. The realization struck Blake that he had been underestimating the extent of Rose's wealth and influence. This mansion was not just a residence; it was a testament to an empire.

In the midst of the grandeur, Rose's demeanor remained composed. She casually guided Blake through the mansion, showcasing rooms that seemed to go on forever. A vast library, an art gallery, and even an indoor pool were just a few highlights.

Finally, they reached the guest quarters. A room that could easily rival a luxury suite in a five-star hotel. Blake couldn't help but feel a mix of awe and discomfort.

"Here's where you'll be staying tonight," Rose gestured towards the lavishly furnished room.

Blake, still grappling with the surreal experience, managed a polite nod. As he settled into the extravagant guest room, he couldn't shake the feeling that his relationship with Rose was far more complex than he had initially assumed. The night ahead promised to unravel more mysteries in the opulent embrace of Rose's mansion.

"If you don't like it, there are other options," Rose said, her words lingering in the air as Blake inspected the luxurious guest room.

'Other options? So you mean this room that could put the place you gave to me to shame is one of the 'options'? Just how rich are you and at such an early age' Blake couldn't help but fathom.

As he contemplated the opulence around him, Blake couldn't help but wonder about the extent of Rose's wealth. The room alone seemed to surpass anything he had ever imagined, making him question the origins of Rose's affluence. Was it inherited, a result of generational wealth, or a stroke of improbable luck?

Was Rose from some rich noble house and inherited a generational wealth or was it a lottery she won? But even a lottery didn't make sense as it would take a really huge one to match the scale at which Rose was operating.

Turning to Rose, he managed to convey his gratitude, "The room is just fine, thank you."

Rose nodded and gracefully departed, leaving Blake alone with his thoughts. As she descended the stairs, her silhouette exuded both power and an undeniable allure. As she walked away, Blake watched her descend down the stairs, her hips swaying side to side.

Despite the air of intimidation that surrounded his boss, Blake couldn't deny the captivating presence she held. Her departure left him pondering, and he found himself thinking about the fact that his boss was terrifying, equally, she was one hell of a fine woman.

"I could get fired for this thought. I'd better remain focused," he muttered as he closed the door behind him.

Facing the room, a lavish sanctuary, overwhelmed Blake. The full-length mirror alone seemed to carry a value greater than his previous week's earnings combined. The king-size bed, an inviting haven of comfort, beckoned him. He felt like he had been thrown into an ocean of comfort as he felt he could get lost on the large mattress alone if he ever tried finding his way back down.

Laying on the plush mattress, Blake marveled at the unexpected turn his life had taken. "Can't even lie. At this rate, I might just get used to this. She can be demeaning sometimes, but that's just trait I think people who are rich have," he mused, feeling the luxury enveloping him.

Laying on the expansive bed, he began to reflect on Rose's words from the restaurant. "A diversion, is that really all she sees me as? Just for being a diversion, I get all these nice treatments? And to be honest, I haven't really done much on the diversion part."

The subtle signs of Rose's domineering and possessive behavior over the weeks crossed Blake's mind. "Also, I can't help but see the subtle signs of a pure yandere," he thought, noting the possessive traits that had surfaced in Rose's actions.

Lying on the bed with his current attire still on, Blake contemplated the complexities of his situation. The surreal nature of his newfound lifestyle and the strange characteristics of Rose made for a combination that left him questioning the true intentions behind the lavish gestures.

The next morning, a gentle knock echoed through the opulent guest room, stirring Blake from his slumber. Groggily, he rose from the extravagant king-size bed, hastily making his way to the door.

As he opened it, a man stood there, dressed in a manner that suggested he held a certain position. "My lord would like you to come see her now, please follow me," the man stated with a practiced formality, pivoting on his heel and heading towards the winding stairs Blake had observed Rose descending the night before.

Following the mysterious man, Blake arrived at an imposing door. The man knocked briskly before turning around to leave. The door opened, revealing Rose in a white bathing suit, a towel wrapped around her head.

"Come in," Rose invited, her demeanor surprisingly ordinary.

The room Blake entered was as exquisite as the rest of the house. The curtains were drawn closed, shrouding the space in a soft, muted light. He couldn't help but notice the air of tranquility that enveloped the room, a stark contrast to the bustling corporate world he had grown accustomed to.

"Not a morning sun person, I see," Blake remarked, trying to fill the silence.

Rose offered no verbal response but instead handed him a bottle of cream. With a low tone, she turned away, lowering her bathing suit down to her lower back. The unexpected display left Blake momentarily stunned, his eyes drawn to the unexpected sight.

"Apply that, please," Rose instructed, breaking the silence with a request that carried a peculiar intimacy.


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