1 Big interview day

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Blake Shelton stepped out of a taxi, his 6'3 frame commanding attention.

He had visited the saloon and had a temple fade haircut just for the interview.

 He had a single piercing on his right ear but for the job interview, he had chosen not to go along with his stud earrings. He got this while in the university but knew he couldn't wear it to a serious job interview. 

As he approached the towering skyscraper of Shelley Technologies, a mix of anticipation and nervousness fueled his determined stride. He began to practice breathing techniques, steeling himself for what was ahead. He had prepared heavily for this day and was in a sharp mind.

His best suit adorned him, impeccably ironed and tailored, and he couldn't resist checking his own reflection in the glass doors, a satisfied smile breaking across his face.

At the age of 21, armed with a diploma in business administration, Blake was ready for the challenges and promises that lay ahead.

The lobby's shiny floors and expansive windows ushered him into an atmosphere of modern luxury.

A woman at the front desk guided him to a seat, where he observed the hive of activity around him. Patiently waiting, he noticed the affluence that permeated the surroundings.

A suited man appeared after a few minutes to escort Blake upstairs, holding his folder of resumes tightly. "Right this way, Mr. Shelton," the man said with a warm smile as he directed Blake into an office where a woman sat, her gaze fixed upon the cityscape beyond the window.

Turning to greet him, the woman had a very pale skin and black hair that reached her waist.

She stood tall as well, Blake estimating her with his eyes to probably be around 5'11 inches tall.

"Mr. Shelton, I'm Rose Shelley, CEO," she introduced herself. Blake shook her hand, sensing a weird coldness off Rose's palm. A quick look and he could tell the woman was quite young yet her youth was in stark contrast to her powerful role.

How in the hell did someone so young looking get into such position as to becoming the CEO of Shelly tech?

Rose asked Blake to come with her. She turned on her heels and Blake followed from behind as she led him through a set of glass doors.

Finally, as Blake entered Rose's office, the first thing he noticed was her engrossed in watching the city's view through numerous cameras that captured scenes outside her window. It was akin to watching a live TV feed of everything within their surroundings.

Questioning the necessity of such technology, Blake's thoughts lingered as Rose turned off the window screens, plunging the office into momentary darkness before clapping, and the lights came on.

'Showing off now,' Blake thought but dared not voice it.

They were seated across from each other at a sleek desk. Rose passed him a short stare before she began to go through his credentials. The whole time, Blake refrained from fidgeting as Rose perused his application.

"You have great qualifications," Rose acknowledged, "Very organized. Math skills superior." Rose said, looking up at Blake with a scrutinizing look on her face.

A proud smile crossed Blake's face as he expressed his eagerness to contribute to her excellent company.

Rose delved into Blake's past experiences, her intense gaze making it challenging for him to concentrate. The hour swiftly passed, culminating in Rose's commendation, "Impressive. I think you show...promise." She stood and shook Blake's hand once more.

The prospect of securing the position left Blake beaming. Thanking Rose eagerly, he turned to leave, only for Rose to interject, "One thing... You aren't...afraid of long nights here, yes?" Blinking, Blake assured her, "Oh no. I'm very dedicated to my work." Rose nodded with approval. "Good." She gave a brief, bright smile, her teeth gleaming. "Then welcome aboard."

Exiting the imposing building, Blake carried the satisfaction of having secured the job. Despite Rose's initial cold demeanor, he was determined to prove himself in this new chapter. Excitement coursed through him as he anticipated working for the famously bold and mysterious woman who ran everything—the beautiful Miss Shelley.

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