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What is my straight thug

Read ‘my straight thug’ Online for Free, written by the author Oluchukwu_Francis, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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space called Slayer. Enol is an extraordinarily intelligent being, however, taken by ambition and thirsty for power. In the futuristic world in which the story takes place, the galaxy is divided into several factions, each vying for domination of territories and scarce resources. Enol, with his cunning and charismatic leadership, expands his empire through force, conquering planets and subjugating entire races. As Enol amasses a vast army of fanatical followers, a resistance grows in the shadows. A rebel group, led by an artificial intelligence named Aria, is determined to overthrow Enol's authoritarian regime and restore justice to the galaxy. As the plot develops, Enol faces a series of challenges, from epic battles in space to personal confrontations with her own demons. His journey is filled with betrayals, moral dilemmas and exciting twists and turns as he fights to maintain his power and achieve his goals. Meanwhile, Aria and the rebels sneak into Enol's ranks, hoping to find a way to defeat him from within. Members of the resistance are skilled in advanced technology and military strategy, willing to sacrifice everything for the greater cause. As Enol becomes increasingly tyrannical in his quest for total control, the final battle approaches. Will Aria and the rebels be able to gather forces and overthrow Enol, or will he prove invincible even in the face of adversity? Enol of the Universe Saga (slipperylighthearted) is an electrifying webnovel, full of action, intrigue and suspense. Navigate the far reaches of the galaxy together with Enol and Aria and discover who will prevail in this epic battle for the fate of humanity.

Emerald_Net · Sci-fi
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The Youngest Princess Suddenly Becomes the Main Character

Lorelei Braxton was just an ordinary Assistant Professor at Nexus University. She didn’t expect to die of fast-progressing cancer at the young age of 29 years old. _________________________________ Waking up as a minor character in her own novel was not what Lorelei was expecting. Lorelei Braxton was now fifteen-year-old Yvonne Creed, the youngest Princess of the Ethereal Isles. Yvonne Creed was shy and shut-in because she was not conceived by the Saintess, but the Emerpor’s Mage. A truly minor character with a truly pathetic ending. She was destined to die of falling down the stairs. The twist about Princess Yvonne? She was the only one who was truly in love with the 7th Prince of Samonia, Jasper, who is also the second male lead. But, he only ever looked at Yvonne’s eldest sister, Lydia Creed. Next Empress of Samonia and Heir to Ethereal Isles, the Holy Land. When Lydia Creed betrays the 7th Prince and marries the Crown Prince, Abner, there is instant rebellion. Jasper kills Lydia and Abner for betrayal and breaking his trust. Jasper is thrown into prison and is tortured by his own father. How will Yvonne change her fate and the fate of others? Will she be able to twist the story? Or is she just fated to die young in both lives? ________________________________________ All Rights Reserved. Cover was made by me. Original Photo not mine. 16+ advised. Light description of smut, detailed tragedies such as: sickness, death, and light gore. Constructive criticism is always welcome and much obliged! Please comment what could be better and what is good! Thanks so much for reading! :)

savwrites08 · Fantasy
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