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Yume, who heard her given name called by him, pursed her lips and blushed. Unlike before, his voice had changed from when they dated. His voice became heavy and low.

Whenever her given name was called by that voice, it was like he showed his dominance, like she was unable to do anything, completely captivated as he did whatever he wished on her. 

The gentle and shy boy that she once loved was no longer there. 

Still, Yume took a deep breath as she stared at him, trying to intimidate him. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful since their height difference was quite a lot. She was about 163 cm, and while she wasn't sure, he should be around 178 cm, right?

However, there was something important that they needed to talk about, and this height of him was nice. 

Folding her arms, she stared at him haughtily. 

"Mizuto-kun, there is something that we need to talk about." 



"Are you sure?" 

"Is there a problem? Are you doing something naughty inside?" Yume tilted her head, trying to peek at his room to see criminal evidence. Unfortunately, his body was quite tall and developed, so it was hard for her to see anything from the gap between his sides. 

His lips twitched, and then he sighed. "We might be siblings now, but we're step-siblings. What do you think if our parents see us together inside my room in the middle of the night?" 


Yume was silent for a moment, then blushed before she accused him. "Pervert!" 

"That should be my lines! Who peeked at me before?" 

"Th-That's was an accident!" 

"Then, who stared at my body before?" 

"...th-that is an accident! Don't mention that anymore!" Yume became agitated as he kept pressing her about the incident in the bathroom. 

"Shh... be quiet. What if our parents hear us?" 

Yume pouted, thinking that this guy had become a bad guy!

"So, do you still want to enter my room?" 

"Enter! I am going to enter your room!" 

There was no hesitation, and she entered his room bravely while also looking at it curiously, thinking there were many changes in it. 

If something changed, it was the fact that he collected many fashion items such as sneakers and watches, which made her wonder whether he got the money from them as it definitely wasn't cheap to buy them. 

Moreover, where were his books?

She still remembered that he had so many books that they filled almost every corner of his room, but now?

While there were some books, the numbers were too few! 

Mizuto only shook his head before he closed the door, but when the door closed, he couldn't help but take a second glance at his stepsister. Unlike before, she really had grown up, and weren't her clothes risque?

Her clothes consisted of a shoulderless pink knitted sweater with purple chemise inside, as he could see two purple straps on her white, smooth shoulders. She also wore light-colored shorts that nicely wrapped around her plump thighs with tights that gave her enough warmth during the night, which somehow also enhanced the charm of her legs.

Meanwhile, Yume's body tensed as she realized that they were alone, and she could feel his gaze on her body. Her body started to sweat, and she was also nervous, wondering whether he would push her down, but at the same time, she also felt happy secretly. 

'Hmph! Did you just realize my charm?' 

His words that day were still vivid in her mind as he decided to break their relationship. 

At that time, it was the beginning of the change in their relationship, and unlike when they were in the second grade, many changes happened between them when they became the third grade. 

However, instead of facing this problem together, he decided to stop their relationship, and they were no longer a couple. 

Still, this wasn't the worst thing. 

The worst was that he also changed and was no longer that loner who stayed in the library all the time. By then, many girls realized his good points, and he became popular, especially when he became more handsome and fun to talk to. 

Was it growth?

It was like her, who was petite and slender, then became taller and had a lascivious body; he should be the same. 

Still, unlike her, who was still thinking about their past relationship, he had forgotten it and spent his time with one new girl after another. While she knew that none of those relationships ended up dating as he wanted to focus on the entrance exam, in the end, during their graduation, she had heard that many girls confessed to him, which made her annoyed and angry. 

She knew that she didn't have a right to get angry, but it couldn't be helped, right?

After all, was she the only one who thought of their relationship as special?

Moreover, she was also angry at those girls who confessed to him since they never put their eyes on him, ignored him, and even talked bad about him, but then, they became crazy and fell for him.

They were a bitch!

"Yume-san. Yume-san." 

"Ah!" Yume was startled and saw that Mizuto was by her side. Due to this, she lost her balance and was about to fall, but his hand grasped her waist tightly. 

"Be careful." 

Yume felt her chest was stuffy, and she couldn't breathe, and her heart was beating so fast, which made her wonder whether she had caught a chronic disease. Yet, as they were so close, she couldn't help but think about the kiss that they shared many times when they were together. Unfortunately, when she closed her eyes, waiting for him, he didn't do anything and just patted her gently. 

"Can you stand up now?" 

"Ah, ye-yes!" 

Yume then pouted once again since this guy was really annoying!

How could he stay calm with all of this?

Moreover, were his aggressive eyes just an illusion?

She really couldn't read him. 

Nevertheless, Mizuto didn't care much about Yume's reaction and sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Yume, who stood before him. "So what's wrong?" 

Folding her arms, causing her breasts to swell and grow even bigger. Noticing his gaze again, her mood became better, thinking that this guy was a pervert. 

"I can't endure it anymore." 


Mizuto blinked his eyes and asked weirdly, "The toilet isn't here, you know?" 

Yume blushed, embarrassed, and got a little angry. "That's not what I mean!" 

"Then, what?" 

"I mean... why did you have to call me by my given name?"

While she was complaining, her voice was like the pur of a kitten who asked for attention from her master. 

"You don't like it?" 

"I-I don't hate it, but-but that's not what I mean!" 

"Then, what's the problem? Didn't you also call me Mizuto?"

"It's different! It's different when I call you that!" 


Mizuto knew that a woman was unreasonable, so it was useless to talk logic with them. 

"When we were a lo—" Yume pursed her lips as if she didn't want to mention the past. "When I was in middle school, I never let you call me by my given name." 

"What else do you want me to call you then? We have the same name now, you know?" 

Hearing that question, her expression became haughty, and she said, "Of course, there is something else that is more appropriate, right?" 

Mizuto rolled his eyes. "Don't play a riddle with me. If you have something to say, then say it directly." 



"Because we're siblings, calling me Onee-chan is normal, right?" 

He sighed and said, "Our birthdays are on the same day, right?" 

As if waiting for that question, she took out her smartphone and showed his picture as a baby. 

"...that's my picture?" He was in doubt and wondered how she could get his picture as a baby. 

"That's right!" Yume nodded. "You can see that you were born 30 minutes later than me, right?" 


He felt a little scared of this girl as she had the potential to become a yandere. 

In the future, if he had a different girlfriend, would she stab him?

He felt his entire body cold, and he also started to sweat. 

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Yume asked worriedly. 

"I am okay. It's just a little hot." He quickly changed the topic and then asked, "So, do you want me to call you... what is it again?" 

"Onee-chan! Call me that!" 

Under the anticipation of Yume, Mizuto didn't say it immediately, but he started to think and then said, "I don't mind." 

"Really?" She was so excited at that time. 

"Yes, but I want you to give me something?" 

"Gi-Give you?" 

"I mean, it isn't fair if you ask me a request, but you don't give me something, right? As I have given up the right to become an older brother, it isn't fair for me to ask you to give me something?" 

"But I am much older than you..." Yume pursed her lips and muttered in dissatisfaction, but she knew that he was correct. It wouldn't be fair for him if she didn't give him something. "So, what do you want? As your Onee-chan, I don't mind following your little wish!" 

Patting her chest confidently, it was as if she said, "Leave everything to Onee-chan"! 

 Mizuto wanted to laugh, thinking that this girl was so cute, so he said with a joking tone, "Then, Onee-chan, can you kiss your little brother?" 

"Ki-Kiss?!" Yume was startled that her face was so red. 

"You can't? I mean, isn't it normal for the older sibling to give a kiss to the little sibling before sleeping?" 

Still, he knew that he was joking, but if it could happen, then why not, right?

"But kissing..." 

Watching her hesitant and troubled expression, Mizuto then apologized. "Sorry, I was just joking before. You don't need to—" 

"It's okay!" 


"I-I mean... it's just a kiss, right? Why not? You are my little brother, so it is normal for the older to pamper the younger, right? Come on! Let's kiss!" 

She then sat by his side and was about to kiss him, but he stopped her. 

"Stay still. I will take the initiative." 

Hearing those words, she pursed her lips, but she didn't complain and waited for him to kiss her. 

Mizuto knew that this was wrong, especially when he used the feeling of the previous Mizuto on Yume to deceive her, but at the same time, he also wasn't wrong since even if they had broken up, they still often met and talked to each other. However, she hardly gave him a good face as she often hummed and then looked away. 

Nevertheless, he knew that when they dated each other, they often kissed each other and even almost lost their first time at the same time. 

Still, even so—

As she waited for the kiss on her lips, she only felt something warm on her forehead, and she saw him kissing her forehead instead of her lips. 

"That's the kiss. Good night." 


She stared at him and couldn't look away. Her breathing became so heavy, and her eyesight became blurry. She wished to jump in his direction and kiss his lips obsessively, but she endured it as she didn't want to make the first move. 

He was stunned by this gaze, but he also wasn't passive, staring into her eyes, moving slowly as if asking her permission, but before he even moved, she pounced on him first, and they started to kiss each other. 


He stopped thinking, feeling helpless, before they enjoyed their reunion. 

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