1 My stepsister is ecchi

What is an ecchi story?

There are many ways to describe it, but there must be an element of lewdness within that story. While some of them might be cliches, as long as one is a man, there is no doubt that they will be attracted to it since it is within their nature to be attracted to such an element. 

Still, if there is no example, it will be difficult to imagine such an element, right?

However, fortunately, in this country, there were many cliches of such a situation, for example, of an ecchi situation like how one entered a bathroom and then saw a naked girl.

Watching the bare whiteness of a girl's body, the boy would be panicked and embarrassed before being bashed by the girl. 

However, in reality, such a thing hardly existed except if the relationship between two people was intimate to each other. If the relationship between two people wasn't intimate, then one should be ready to be treated as a perverted, then either blackmailed or called by the police. 

Yet, fortunately, such a troublesome situation didn't happen to him. 

Watching his naked reflection in the mirror, Mizuto Irido felt that everything was incredible. Frankly, it had been one year since he was transmigrated into this body. Even though it was incredible and something amazing that usually only happened in the novel, he quickly accepted it since, like how a cliche ecchi situation usually could be predicted by the people, his situation was also cliche since after he died in his previous life, he was reincarnated into a new body. 

Still, if there was something that he wanted to complain about, he hoped to be reincarnated from when he was a baby instead of being in the third year of middle school. When he was reincarnated, he was afraid, wondering what the family of this young man would think and wondering how to integrate into his new life. 

However, fortunately, his worry was meaningless. 

First and foremost, he gained all the memories of the previous Mizuto so he could integrate easily without worrying about anything. Moreover, after he was transmigrated, his memory and brain improved, which made his life easier, especially for him to learn all the necessary knowledge for a student.

Yet, this wasn't all since his body became stronger and healthier.

With all of those new talents, he didn't waste them and used them well since it would be stupid of him if he didn't use them. 

Secondly, he didn't have friends. 

Yes, the original Mizuto didn't have a friend, so it was easier for him to integrate into this body. 

It was a sad fact, but it was a good thing for him. 

Thirdly, while it was kind of a sadder fact, his family was only his father, and the relationship between the father and the son wasn't that close. This was a good thing, so even if he became this person, his father didn't really notice the change in him. Moreover, his father often went on business trips, so they hardly met each other. 

However, as he had become the son of this father, he hoped to have a good relationship with his father, so during this past year, the relationship between father and son was quite good. 

It was also why he didn't say much and even supported his father when his father told him he would remarry and give him a stepmother. 

Still, hearing the word "stepmother" made him feel weird and giddy for some reason. 

He knew that it was kind of wrong, but it couldn't be helped, right?

Also, as a "son," wasn't it natural for him to have a good relationship with his "stepmother"?

Nevertheless, this matter aside, the problem was that the original Mizuto had a girlfriend. This was troublesome since he knew that the way he treated his "girlfriend" and the way the original Mizuto treated his "girlfriend" was different. 

So, when he became Mizuto, he didn't hesitate to break up with this girl. 

At that time, he could see she was so sad, crying, staring at him in silence while asking him "why," but in the end, he didn't say anything and his decision didn't change as he knew how that it was impossible for them to be together. 

While he had to admit that Mizuto's girlfriend was cute and the feeling of taking the girlfriend of another was quite interesting, he wasn't the original Mizuto, so he didn't have feelings toward this girlfriend. Moreover, he was afraid that this girlfriend would notice he had changed, so he directly cut all of his relationships except for his family.

One year was enough for him to integrate, and as a middle school student, it was normal for him to change, as many things could happen to a teenager. 

Still, one year had passed, and he was about to become a high school student. 

His life as a high school student was about to start.

Still, it seemed that his life as a high school student wouldn't be smooth, especially when he got a surprise after he became a high school student. 

[A great evil is sweeping over the realm...]

[You have been chosen as someone who will face this great evil!]

[A hero must be born to face this catastrophe!]

[From the highest towers to the depths of the underworld, through forests and deserts alike. Having deadly fights and defending the helpless from the ravagers.]

[Will you be willing to become such a hero and walk toward a noble end?]


At first, he was dumbfounded, but he also quickly calmed down since he knew this was also a cliche development.

However, there was one big problem. 

"Isn't this a normal world?" 

He didn't see the existence of the crisis except for a declining birthrate and an aging population in this country. Nevertheless, it didn't stop him from accepting this system, and when he accepted it, he could see his status. 


Name: Mizuto Irido. 

Level: 9. 

Job: Novice.


It was said that when he reached Level 10, he could change his profession, so he anticipated what kind of profession that he could change into. Still, he had to say this system was like an MMORPG game that he often played before. 


[Your bravery is worthy of commendation.]

[At the same time, as you have the power of the hero, you will also have the power of the demon king. ]

[So walking into the path you believe is good or bad is nothing but two sides of the same coin.]


He wondered how to raise his level as there were no monsters such as a goblin, an orc, or a dragon in this world, but before he graduated, he was confessed by many girls, and somehow, his level rose.

"So, you take down a woman instead of a monster?" 

Yet, even if he didn't do anything, the experience would continue to rise even if it wasn't much.

Still, if he did something commendable and extraordinary, such as being confessed to or other things that typically couldn't be experienced by people, then his level would increase at speed, like when he hunted down an Elite or Boss type of monster. 

Unfortunately, he only got this system when he graduated from middle school, so he couldn't level up to Level 10. 

Yet, he knew when he became a high school student, there would be many chances for him to raise his level. 

Still, this system wasn't the only surprise when he became a high school student. 

As he fell into a deep thought, suddenly, the bathroom door opened. 

Like in a cliche ecchi story, when one wanted to take a bath, they would see a naked girl when they were about to enter the bathroom. What was different was that he was the one whose naked body was seen.


He turned and saw a beautiful girl standing before the door, staring at him in a daze before looking down and unable to look away. 


"Yume-chan, what's wrong? Why did you shout all of a sudden?" 

Suddenly, another voice came in, and a beautiful mature woman also walked behind her daughter before she was startled and stunned when she saw what was inside the bathroom. 



Yes, not only did he get the system, but he also got a stepsister and a stepmother. What was even more impressive was that this stepsister was his former girlfriend.

Now, an ecchi situation has happened to him. 

Should he shout and call them perverts?

[Congratulations, you have become Level 10!]

[Please choose your job according to your preference!]


He took a deep breath, calmly took the white tower before wrapping his lower body, and looked at the two awkwardly. "Can you close the door, please?" 

The two nodded shyly and awkwardly before quietly closing the door. 

"Kyaa, ecchi." 

He had always wanted to say that line

"I am not ecchi!" 

"Mi-Mizuto-kun, I-I am sorry!" 


Well, his mood was good as he became a Level 10, so it didn't matter that he became Level 10; he thought to give them a fan service. 


My new novel. 

Please enjoy. 

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