My Stepsister in Kyoto

It's just an ordinary story where I am reincarnated in Kyoto and have a stepsister. If there is something special, it's just that I have a system. --- If you wish to see advanced chapters, you can check the link below: https://www.patreón.com/akikan40

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Let's study in the library

If someone saw her at this moment, they would definitely be dumbfounded since no one expected that Kamiya would be capable of doing such bold action. 

Yet, her head was high, and the lust muddled her mind. 

The thought of having to comfort him as he let his semen cover her face, making her push him closer, sticking to him as if never giving him a chance to escape. 

"It's my fault. I will take care of it, Irido-kun." 

Yet, even so, her words were that of duty. 

Kamiya felt that she had caused him trouble, so she had a responsibility to fix it. 

"Here? Are you sure?" 

Mizuto was dumbfounded at how active this girl was. At the same time, was it okay to do it in the library? While his skill told him that it was okay, he wondered what Kamiya was thinking. 

"It's fine. There won't be anyone here at this time. The library has always been a quiet place. Oh, probably, there is Izumi-san, but I am sure that it will be fine." 


"Yuu Izumi. He was the guy who you saved along with me when the bookcase was about to fall." 

"I don't remember." 

"It doesn't matter, but I am sure that he won't say anything." 

"Why are you so confident?" 

"He is just like that. I am sure that he will stay quiet even if he knows what we're doing." 

Watching how confident Kamiya was, Mizuto wondered what kind of image Yuu had on her mind. 

"Then, what if he attacks you?"

"He won't." Kamiya's words were so flat when she mentioned Yuu Izumi before she looked at Mizuto lustfully. "Unlike you, I don't think he is interested in this." 


Mizuto was helpless at how Kamiya stroked his erection from the top of his pants. Even though she was a virgin, she seemed quite good at this, which I wanted to immediately agree. 

"I will take responsibility for this, okay? Leave the rest to me." 

When Kamiya whispered those words to his ear, she kissed his neck lightly and even stuck her tongue, licking it lightly, causing Mizuto to wonder how such a cool and stoic girl could become such a perverted girl. 

Or was it the cool and stoic image that she showed nothing but a guise to her perverted nature?

Still, how could he reject this exciting offer?

"Then... please." 

Kamiya smiled sweetly. "Leave it to me." Still, while saying that, she removed a simple hair tie from her pocket and tied her shoulder-length blue hair into a ponytail, and instantly, the image of a capable sports girl appeared before him. "It's my first time, so tell me if you feel uncomfortable, okay?" 


Mizuto obediently nodded. 

While nervous, Kamiya was also excited and tried to remove his pants slowly. While she wanted to do it in a hurry, she knew that it was her first time, and instead of being in a hurry, it was better to do it in a manner so she wouldn't make a mistake. 

Slowly, she pulled down his pants and underwear. 

His penis, which was completely erect, snapped and hit her face, but she didn't say anything and was completely entranced by his cock. 

"Wow~! This is Irido-kun's penis~? Amazing~!" 

While letting out an excited sigh, Kamiya stared intently at his penis, moving closer, and blew hot air into his penis while looking up at him with a smile. 


Was Kamiya such a lewd girl?

Mizuto was completely disillusioned, but probably his penis had magic that turned a good girl into a lewd woman, he thought. 

"Can... Can I touch it?" 

"Didn't you want to take responsibility for me?"

"Okay~! I will make it feel good~!" 

Her hands were gently wrapped around his penis. 

One hand moved down to the base, and the other gently stroked his penis.


"Sorry, does it hurt?" 

Kamiya was so entranced by his cock, that she almost forgot that she might hurt him. 

"No, it feels good, Kamiya-san. You are good at it." 

Kamiya blushed, feeling a bit embarrassed since she was praised for how good she was at stroking a penis, but it made him happy, so she was also happy. 


"It's so huge..." 

By then, Kamiya started to stroke his penis again with a smile on her face. 

"Hm... the tip is soft... it's the glans here, right? This curve is amazing... your shape is amazing... it's kind of cute somehow." 

The huge penis might be a little intimidating at first, but the more Kamiya saw it, the more she loved it somehow. 

Kamiya traced every part of his penis, making Mizuto feel amazed by how lewd this girl had become. 

Kamiya's hands were soft and warm. They were so-called woman's hands, and those hands were used to stroke his penis with love. 

His erection became even harder, and his glans swelled even more as the pre-camp was overflowing. 

"Ah~! The juice is coming out from the tip~! This is a pre-cum, right? When it feels good, it comes out~!" 

Kamiya became more, and she looked at Mizuto with happy eyes. 

Ugh... how could you be so charming? 

When she showed such a face while playing with his penis, Mizuto had to say that it was incredible. 

"Amazing~! A lot has come! More and more~! It's dripping~! Hmn~!

Kamiya scooped up the pre-cup that was about to fall to the ground with her fingers, brought it close to her mouth, and then stuck out her tongue, licking it and tasting it. 

"It's kind of salty and has a strange taste~! But I don't hate it~!

Or rather, Kamiya felt like it tasted great~! 

Still, Kamiya wished to swallow his glans, licking it dotingly, but she was afraid that she would mess up, so she decided to comfort him with her hands, and later, she could use her mouth to comfort him~!

On the other hand, Mizuto had to say how dangerous this situation was and how talented she was. 

After stroking his penis for a while, she had grasped the key to how to comfort him. She grabbed the base of his penis, then moved it slowly while gently playing with his glans with the palm of her hand. 

"Irido-kun, it feels good, right? Just cum out anytime. There is no need for you to worry. Just release everything." 

Mizuto thought that this girl had become more dangerous, but he didn't hate it. 

His penis throbbed over and over again, and almost all the blood pumped into it, making the veins stand out, and his glans swelled even further. 

The precum overflowed without stopping, staining Kamiya's palms. 

"It feels good, right~? Your penis is getting bigger and harder~! My palms are also all sticky with your pre-cum juice~!" 

The pre-cum acted as a lubricant, and the hand that stroked the glans moved smoothly, giving it even more stimulation, and at the same time, she grabbed the base of his penis tightly and began to stroke the back of the shaft with her slimy palm. 

"Hmm... Kamiya-san!" 

"It's okay, Irido-kun. Just leave it out. I will catch all of your semen. You don't need to worry about anything. Leave it to me." 

Hearing that reassurance, Mizuto no longer hesitated and spurted his semen onto the girl, who kneeled down in front of his penis. There was no mercy, and he ejaculated as much as he could on Kamiya's face. 


Kamiya was in a dreamy state as semen covered her face. 

Even during ejaculation, she didn't stop handling his penis and kept looking at his penis as it continued to ejaculate.

His cum spread all over her face, whether it was her hair, forehead, nose, cheeks, or lips, all covered in his semen. Some even fall onto her chest, turning this calm and stoic girl into a whore. Even more, her hands spread apart, trying to catch all the semen so it would fall onto the ground. 

"Oh~! The smell is amazing~! This is so amazing~!" 

With an ecstasy expression on her face, Kamiya looked at his penis with an obsessed gaze, exhaling a hot breath before she opened her lips and swallowed the glans dotingly, sucking all the remaining cum from inside. 

Watching all of this, Mizuto had to say that it was impossible for him to stop anymore.