System! You're Finally Here!

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Parallel world, Hawaii Volcano Island.

Evening, afterglow.

Nearly a thousand people were lying on the beach in bikinis, basking in the sun.

There were so many beauties that it made one feel numb.

Many of these people had nourished the tourism industry, and similarly, many seaside stalls had also been created.

"Beautiful lady, handsome man, have a look at our new swimwear? It's the premium style of the Paris Terrace. "

"Those who have walked past, don't go just yet, the two of you, rent ourprivate tent, and it will give you a pleasurable night."

"Slippers, slippers."

"Surfboard, Surfboard!"

There were also ice-cream vendors. Outside the beach, there were hundreds of stalls on both sides of the only stone path.

Whatever it was, there were many people.

However, even though there were many people, only those who sold beach products would have better business than the rest.

Ron looked bitterly at the dozens of miscellaneous items on his stall cloth.

After two hours, he had still not sold a single item.

"Hahaha, Ron, you big idiot. Why are you selling ducks and water guns at the beach? You're not an idiot, no one would believe you."

An extremely fierce-looking Blackbeard-looking character mocked.

"Smith, you're not any better than me. Why would you sell dolls at a place like this? It's fine if you sold female dolls, but you chose to sell male dolls instead. Who would buy them?"

The two mocked each other.

They could be considered brothers who had gone through thick and thin together.

Ron was miserable.

One month ago, he was still in another world.

A kid that had just graduated.

But, he transmigrated after a nap.

Transmigration was good. Transmigration was good, even though he was a white man in a parallel world.

However, there should be something special for all transmigrators, systems, or gold fingers.

But it had been a month, and besides perfectly integrating all of Ron's memories of this world, he was a little confused. He was still a fresh graduate and a street vendor, so there was nothing else to buy.

If they were to set up stalls, then so be it. They were all messy and disheveled. It was impossible for anyone to even consider buying them.

He was penniless and only had a storeroom's stock. If he did not get rid of it, there was no other way out.

Then, sell.

But this business…

"Damn it, I'm a transmigrator. Can't you give me some special benefits?"

Ding—Congratulations to the host for successfully activating the time-space plane crossing vendor transmigration system.

"Time-space plane crossing vendor tsystem bound."





"Ding, congratulations, host. The time-space plane crossing vendor system has been successfully bound."

Just as Ron was complaining, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in his mind.


"F*ck, System, you're finally here. In a month, I'll be so poor that I'll eat dirt and sleep on the streets if not."

Ron almost jumped with joy.

Smith rolled his eyes and mumbled, "Idiot."

Normally, Ron would have bickered with him.

But how could he be in the mood to do so now?

A huge panel appeared in his mind, and he could not get rid of it.

Time Space Plane Crossing Vendor System:

1. It can refresh items from the past, present, and even future. (The future is not yet open.)

2. A commodity that could refresh millions of spacetime and different planes (In another world, in another plane, there will always be another version of you. The you here is setting up a stall, and the you in the other world may be a big boss.) (It is not open yet.)

A huge virtual panel appeared in front of Ron.

The words "Dimension Merchant City" were written on the interface.

Under the Dimension Merchant City, a line of small words appeared.

"All the goods in this Dimension Merchant City are tied to the host's stall, so if the host wants to sell the goods in the Dimension Merchant City, there won't be any problems. Please sell them at your current location which you have set up a store at."

"What the f*ck… There's such a restriction?I can't sell anywhere else?"

"Why is it that when other people get a system, they can act like they're the King of the World, but my system has a limit?"

He hurriedly packed up his stall into his cycle rickshaw.

He did not care what Smith said.

Using a cycle rickshaw, he went 75 miles per hour and returned to his home.

He opened the interface of the Dimension Merchant City again.

"In the 1960s, Country M's first multi-fold TV was sold at 50M."

"1989 Motorola, Big Brother Telephone—Price: 2,500 USD."

"2019, under Mercedes-Benz, Big G. Release Price: USD $250000."

"What are these?"

Ron was a little confused. Even a Mercedes-Benz had been sold recently in the Dimension Merchant City?

"Reporting to Host: The Dimension Merchant City will randomly procure goods from different times and space. The host may purchase them at the appearance or distribution price of the goods. After purchasing them successfully, the goods can only be successfully sold at the original stall location. This rule cannot be violated. Note: As the items upgrade later, more functions can be unlocked."

[Gentle reminder: The Dimension Store will automatically refresh the goods every once in a while, so after the host buys the goods, the goods will disappear. Note: After a new refresh, there is a small probability that the same goods will appear again.]

"Any goods once put up on sale from the Dimension Merchant City cannot have their price changed."

"All the products in the Dimension Merchant City are authentic goods. There is evidence and genuine authentication. The system will provide it if you need it."

"I see."

Ron was beginning to understand what was going on.

Most of the goods in the mall were either sold at factory prices or just released.

There was no middleman to earn the difference.

Normal products would have to go through general sales, local sales, local businessmen, and then appear in the market.

If it was an export product, it could be sold at twice the original price, and many people would buy it.

All because they were rare.

In his previous life, Ron was from China.

He remembered this part of his previous life the most.

For example, the Rolls-Royce that was sold in Country M's car shop would cost three million Chinese dollars in China, which was equivalent to half a million US dollars in M yuan.

However, in Country M, the price of a car like this was only 250,000 USD, and this was a normal market price.

The starting price was probably much lower.

"Price of appearance: Rolls-Royce Phantom 100,000 M gold…"

This price is probably already rock bottom.

Almost every item was sold at the factory price or the starting price.

Flipping through the Dimension Merchant City was similar to the APP shopping website. The difference was that Ron only needed to move his fingers in the air and the virtual panel in front of him would move, showing different pictures of the goods.

He only skimmed through it.

Ron found that there were a lot of goods in the mall in one day.

There was almost everything from daily necessities to commodities, but some items were ridiculously expensive.

"Golden Shield…"

There was such a thing. What kind of joke was that? Selling it for 100 million?

"This mall doesn't have the ability to cross other dimensions. Could this be Marvel World's Country M?"

There were also many commodities that were rare materials for profit, such as gold and iron ores.

Even though there was a difference in price, they would have to buy at least ten thousand tons before they could have a big difference in price.

Just as Ron was getting more and more disappointed.



There was actually a Bible sold in the Merchant Shop, and it was the kind of Bible with a cowhide cover.

The overall style was completely different from the modern atmosphere.