Limited Edition Video Tape

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To Ron, hiring a bodyguard did not make him safe either.

The system was his biggest trump card. If he had someone to protect him day and night, they would realize something was wrong.

Even though he had only suffered for a month, he did not want to live such a life anymore.

He could depend only on himself. Only one's own strength was the foundation.

A hundred thousand USD was a hundred thousand USD.

After clicking on the purchase button, the item disappeared from the System Shop.

It was a green pill.

There seemed to be some kind of phosphorescent powder inside the capsule, as the lights were off in the room and it glowed.

However, he could clearly see the pills.

"Perhaps this is a dream.

Forget it, I'll just eat it. Isn't money meant to be spent?

I have already earned a million dollars today, and I will have more in the future. "

At that thought, Ron swallowed the green gene pill.

The pill was slightly acidic and melted in his mouth.



Ron took the pill, startled. He tried to open his eyes, but couldn't.

What the unconscious Ron did not know was…

He was experiencing a life and death situation.

The bottom part of the gene pill was written clearly.

"Those who consume it, if their genes do not merge well with the pill, they will turn into monsters or die…

"However, if the fusion is successful, it will greatly develop the potential of the human body, and it might even result in unknown changes."

One wondered if he would risk it if he saw the disclaimer.

Time passed.

Ron's arms and legs were covered with barbs.

Even his skin was covered with these barbed hooks.

If this continued, Ron would most likely become a monster, a walking corpse, or a mutant that would cause social unrest.

Wisps of powerful energy rampaged through Ron's body. No immune system cell could resist these external genes.

This genetic pill belonged to this timeline.

But it was a deemed failure, as it had never succeeded.

So it was sealed.

But it appeared in the store and was bought by Ron directly.

Normally, the probability of the gene elixir fusing with the human body was almost zero.

It was against the will of God to fuse the genes of living creatures with humans.

But—but this genetic power was synchronized to Ron's brain.

All the external forces stopped.

There was a mysterious force in Ron's brain that blocked everything.

The external genetic forces could not advance at all.

These genetic powers, when gathered together, were like a ferocious beast.

Looking at the brain in front of then and roaring angrily, unwilling, and finally unable to resist the temptation, they rushed directly towards Ron's brain to merge with it.

Ron's brain shook, and a power that did not belong to this time and space appeared and swallowed the power of the gene pill.

Doing all this was basically impossible.

But it really happened.

Without a leader, the genetic power in his body started to become chaotic.

"Don't panic. All of you belong to me."

A mysterious spiritual power, like a supreme king, commanded the foreign powers in his body.

All the power calmed down and merged into Ron's flesh.

Finally, the power completely merged with Ron's flesh and blood.

The strengthening took place in silence.

In the morning, Ron stretched and looked around.

From the corner of his eye, he saw the mess in the room.

The bedsheets were covered in green liquid.

"Damn, what happened?"

Ron jumped.

The place was a mess, but he did not care. He took out his phone to check his messages.

He sighed in relief when he saw the balance of 890,000.

"Phew, so everything is real."

As for why the room was in such a mess, Ron remembered the gene pill.

He touched his body and was stunned.

He walked to the mirror and tore it gently.


His clothes were torn off.

In the mirror, his muscles were well-proportioned. If he used a little more strength, he would be able to see his muscles stretching.

He looked extremely valiant.

"F*ck, this effect is too good."

He suppressed his excitement.

Ron hurriedly opened the Dimension Merchant City again.

Comparing the items that were at the slots from yesterday.

Because he had looked at it for a long time yesterday, he had basically memorized everything inside.

After the refresh today, almost all the items inside had been replaced.

But it could be that Ron recalled the items wrongly.

"2009 Mickey Mouse, teacup. Price: US $1."

"2010. Apple iPhone 4th generation. Price: 800 USD."

"2018, Weitu Phone, 30,000 USD for one."

After looking at over a hundred items, it was almost noon outside.

Ron still hadn't found an item that could turn a pretty profit.

"Hmm, it looks like I got a huge bargain when I found the rare Bible yesterday.

We can't spend this money recklessly. If we can't keep refreshing within a short period of time, it will be troublesome for us to obtain valuable items. "


"This seems pretty good."

Honestly speaking, it was just out of interest.

Ron opened a

"In 1985, there were three sets of complete cassette tapes of Tom and Jerry.

Price: 1,000 USD. "

Such a price was not cheap.

Later, because the whole world had changed to discs, and now it was the USB flash drive, such things were eliminated from history.

However, Tom and Jerry was one of Disney's main animated products. Even now, they are still popular cartoons around the world and are loved by children all over the world.

1985 complete tapes of Tom and Jerry. No matter what, they have nostalgic value.

Ron didn't know its value, so he had no choice but to check it on his phone.

He first searched on Amazon for the price of this set of Tom and Jerry.

He thought it wouldn't be too bad, but when they found out the results,

Ron almost jumped.

"F*ck, is it really that crazy?"

"Two, two, two hundred thousand per set."

Ron couldn't believe his eyes.

He even thought there was something wrong with his eyes.

He quickly opened the relevant forum.

Video equipment was developed in the United States in 1985 for 10 years.

But it was also in this year that the tape became popular, and the equipment that played the video became popular in every developed country.

Disney also advertised Tom and Jerry all over the world because of the cassette tapes.

This was a symbol of wealth back then.

Those who could afford a video recorder or use a video recorder were definitely wealthy families.

But later on, the video recorder and cassette tape were eliminated by technology.

However, just these old tapes alone were worth a lot in the world of collectors.

Not to mention a complete collection of Tom and Jerry sold for $1,000 a set back then.