1 MSAI 1 [Limelight]

Warnings: This is a reverse harem original alternate universe story. In this world, there are soulmates and the magic of soul bonds. This book is rated R21 for explicit sexual content, triggers for abuse, depression and language.

This is a story of raw emotions, drama, angst, sex, and love.


For: BTS. May they find their own happiness and marry people who love them for who they are, and not for what they appear to be.


Author's Note:

While my story speaks of a fan who will marry her idols, I'm sorry, but in reality (unless you are truly destined) the chances of any fan marrying their idols is almost 0. Geography matters, luck matters, and most importantly you'll have to be with them 24/7 in a non-stalkerish creepy way for any romance to take action. (Who would want to marry their stalker?)

Even then, idols are human and they may not be what you think they appear to be. My dear readers, we should always respect the privacy of our idols and their love lives. A true fan will be happy for their happiness.

I'm sure you will find your own idol one day. Just maybe not the one you see on stage (which can be a good thing! For one, you won't have to beat off crazy fans with a stick or face paparazzi during dates).



This story is heavily inspired by BTS.

If you've been here from the start, you'll know that I started this story as fanfiction (hence the AO3 version of this story) because my dumbass brain couldn't magically create seven different personalities without basing it off something.

BTS are my muses, the way artists need inspiration.


Cast List:

Jimin as Ryu Min-Jae

Taehyung as Kim Sieon

Jungkook as Wang JieMi

Namjoon as Casper Park

Suga as Ezra Lee

J-Hope as Oliver Chan

Jin as Hikaru Aoki

Let the story begin :)

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