My Soulmates are IDOLS [Reverse Harem] Book

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My Soulmates are IDOLS [Reverse Harem]


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[R18 content.] "I'll bring you to a toilet cubicle and re-enact an R18 version of our first meeting." His fingers drifted down her back. "R18?" Amber scoffed, lips pulling into a cheeky grin. "Like what? Kissing?" She knew that she shouldn't tease him too much but she couldn't help it. "Kissing huh?" He hummed softly, digging his fingers into her skin. "Not exactly." His tongue flicked across his lips, a quick sensual drag of pink muscle that made her insides clench deliciously. "I'll rip off your panties with my teeth," he spoke, "and m********* while drawing circle eights on your c******* with my tongue, Vixen." He growled out the last words with a deep baritone voice that made it seem as if his lips were dripping with liquid gold. -- Wet dreams. While they are technically a normal, healthy part of life, wet dreams are not the norm for 19-year-old Amber. She should not be dreaming of men she doesn’t know, let alone the seven male pop stars from the world-famous boy band IDOL. In a few days, she will receive a soul bond that should be her one-way ticket into the arms of her soulmate, the destined love of her life. And it’s definitely not a good idea to continue yearning for a group of men when she should be paying attention to her fated mate. Right? In a last-ditch attempt to get rid of her infatuation, Amber decides to attend their concert on her birthday. It’s her way of saying goodbye to the people of her obsession. Her way of convincing herself that she would never see them again, and that is for the better. She does not expect to switch bodies with the idol on stage, minutes after her 20th birthday, nor does she expect to find that all the members of the boy band are her soulmates. All seven of them. ***Google 'tinyeyecat' and 'emiree' to find me on Patreon/Wattpad***


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