My Soulmates are IDOLS [A Soulmate Reverse Harem]

In a world where soulmates exist and people receive their soul bonds (a red string of fate, body exchange, timer tattoos...etc) when they turn 20... --- Wet dreams are not the norm for Amber. She should not be haunted by men she doesn't know, let alone the seven male pop stars from the world-famous boyband, IDOL. In a few days, Amber will receive a soul bond on her birthday, a one-way ticket into the arms of her soulmate. And it's definitely not a good idea to continue yearning for a group of men when she should be paying attention to her destined mate. But on the day of her birthday, Amber switches bodies with the idol on stage. She finds out that the members of the boyband are her soulmates. All seven of them.

tinyeyecat · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
334 Chs

MSAI 1 [Limelight]

Warnings: This is a 183K reverse harem original alternate universe story. In this world, there are soulmates and the magic of soul bonds. This book is rated R21 for explicit sexual content, triggers for abuse, depression and language. This is a story of raw emotions, drama, angst, sex, and love. 



If you've been here from the start, you'll know that I began this story as fanfiction (hence the AO3 version of this story) because my dumbass brain couldn't magically create seven different personalities without basing it off something. 

However, this version of the story will have no relation to the idols at all. BTS are only my muses and the faces to the names, the way artists need inspiration.


Cast List:

Jimin as Ryu Min-Jae

Taehyung as Kim Sieon

Jungkook as Wang JieMi

Namjoon as Casper Park

Suga as Ezra Lee

J-Hope as Oliver Chan

Jin as Hikaru Aoki

Let the story begin :)


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