My Soul card is a Reaper

#Gold Tier Winner of WFP26; Setting in the fictional world of Gaia, where special individuals can awaken certain powers within their souls. They are called Arcana Masters. Some awaken beasts, some awaken weapons, while some awaken the power of plants. Some people train to become stronger so that they have the power to protect loved ones, some wish to use it for revenge, some wish to live longer, while some want to be free and use their power however they wish. Yet, there exists a clan, where the descendants only exist to grant death to others so that life and death remain balanced. Follow the journey of Azrael Garcia, the heir of the cursed clan of Death, as he forms friendships while facing betrayals, meeting love, and cutting down enemies in the process. ************** Note: Author isn't born in an English-speaking nation and has no editor either. So, please be understanding if there are any grammatical errors. ************** Author's other contracted novels: War Online, Weapon Seller in the world of magic Author's other notable works: The Last Slytherin, The Sharingan Hyuga, Prince of Kpop ************** You can also support the Author through Patreon https://www.patreon.com/snowstar

Snowstar · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
663 Chs

Preparations for world league part-2

"Holding back strength needs a great deal of patience, junior Avia." Flora, who heard her comment, countered with her statement. She added, "It isn't a secret that Senior wasn't known for holding back when he first transferred here. You are his sister, shouldn't you know that more than anymore."

"Well, he's a stranger to me just as he is to you." Avia shrugged her shoulders.

"Ah, yes… I forgot that you didn't spend much time with him. You might not have known anything about him, after all." Flora hit her back with a fact. As if it wasn't provoking enough, she further said, "and senior isn't stranger to me though. He looks after me like a sibling."

Avia didn't say anything and just looked away while mumbling to herself, "and the one who should be treated like sister gets ignored."