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My Solo System


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To make your reading experience MORE FUN, I created a free comic for the novel. Check out the first chapter to read it or join my discord server :D ____________________________________ It's a story about a super hero in his early footsteps, the journey to become one, and the rise to save all human kind. The only mistake Aroon and his brothers made was to say no. They got an offer to submit and they refused. Aroon didn’t know all this would happen next. He and his two other twins wrongly thought that the worst would be to lose some privilege... not losing their lives. Under other circumstances you wouldn’t put him, his brothers, or even any of his family in any regard at all. He was raised knowing how hard it was to survive in this world, especially with such a big family with no father to shoulder many responsibilities for them. However fate had another opinion regarding him. The world is under great turmoil for five years. Dungeons came up out of nowhere and monsters kept killing people. In this brutal and mysterious world, systems started to appear. They were only given to twins, and humanity started to strike back and defend their homeland. Join the adventures of Aroon, who lost his two twin brothers before, lost his systems and was left as someone without anything at all... The loser Fallen as he was always called. In a sudden twist of fate he got himself a system, the only and unique Solo System that no one else had. He can fight on his own without the help of anyone and also can level up; something wasn't available to anyone before. _______________________________ Discord server link: https://bit.ly/ranmaro _______________________________ Release schedule: one up to two chapters per day. _______________________________ The cover photo is from the comic XD


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