My Sister-In-Law Is My Mate!?! Book

novel - Historical Romance

My Sister-In-Law Is My Mate!?!


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All her life Hazel thought that she was at mistake when her mother treated her badly, when her father ignored her or when her sister was given all love and care. But the truth was told when she was dying. She was never related to blood with them, they hated her all their life. But it was too late now, right? “If I ever get another chance, I will take revenge from everyone who is behind my demise!” That was what she thought and when she opened her eyes she returned to the past when everything started, but this time she was not the weak innocent girl anymore. She promised to take revenge by any means possible. And for that she agreed to marry the prince of mysterious land, Aleinore, would she be able to survive in the land about which no one knows! But why is it that the prince Richard was ready to kill the whole empire only to get a smile on her face. Why was he so determined to help her in destroying the empire which could wage a war! She would still have understood it, but even her brother-in -law , the man whom she hardly knew, was treating her so preciously. Would she be able to find the secrets both men are hiding from her and seek her long awaited revenge.