1 1) Sheldon Cooper

(A/N: For those who didn't read it my Sheldon Cooper looks like Matthew Gulber like the cover art. Will focus more on their Daily lives rather then science, I am not a genius after all. Show takes places starting in 2003 with them being like 23 or something, mine takes place 2005.)



Nobody noticed but the world was glowing with colors, something was happening that was changing it drastically, well at least to one specific person in the world, who changed for the better. As everything calmed down a shiny ball of light floated down to Pasadena, California stopping inside of apartment complex located at 2311 North Los Robles Avenue going into apartment 4A.

Inside the apartment was a single man who was waiting on someone else to show up for the interview for the roommate position, before he could move or do anything a blinding light took over the room. Groaning he fell out of his chair grabbing his head, no one could see it but at the moment his soul was going through a rainbow of colors.

His mind stayed the same as his soul started to settle, yet there was a difference to it now, his once OCD riddled brain being swept away though not all of it being able to leave him. His personality was a drastic change though, with him now being a perfect combination of two people he was no longer the same him as before, it was a more human him.

Not knowing how much time had passed a new Sheldon woke up, looking around he nodded seeing the room, the ball of light that came in earlier was now the dominate wiping the other Sheldon. He got all his memories and the genius I.Q but other then that he was the person he was before he came into this world.

'Interesting, I honestly didn't think that it was all real.' He thought to himself thinking about the being that sent him to this world after being offered. He didn't get powers or a system or anything like that, all he got was the option to take over a main character in this show.

The choice was easy for him choosing Sheldon, only because he knew that he would change the old Sheldon completely, he didn't plan to live like the other one did. Standing he nodded seeing that the apartment was bare, that along with the memories let him know that he was before Penny and Leonard came into his life.

It also gave him a little time to think, he could choose not to let Leonard move in at all, it wasn't like that would change much seeing as they both worked at Caltech they could always meet there. Sighing he decided to let him move in, he didn't see a reason to not let the guy move in, he would at least bring a little enjoyment to life.

From his memories he knew that he didn't need a roommate, his bank account was full enough that he could rent this place for at least twenty years without having to room with someone. The only reason he was looking for a roommate was because the old Sheldon loved to set aside a certain amount of money for Comics, Action Figures, and collectables.

Since he really wasn't into collecting those he wouldn't be wasting that money, instead he would use it for other things, he would keep the ones he already had though. No way was he giving up all the first and mint condition things he already had, if he ever needed money then he would sell them.

*Knock Knock Knock*

He was brought back to reality from the sound of knocking on the door, cracking his stiff neck he walked over to the door to open it, it was most likely someone who was here to be a roommate. Opening the door he saw a younger Leonard standing there, he looked a little freaked out which made sense because he hadn't changed his ways yet.

"Hi, My name is Leonard Hofstadter I am here about the room for rent." He said fixing his face and trying to come off friendly.

Sheldon looked him over nodding, so far that was one person who looked like the actor them, he was the only different looking person so far. Though from a picture he passed he saw that his mother and meemaw looked like their Young Sheldon versions and not The Big Bang Theory version.

"Figured since I didn't know you and all. Come on in my name is Sheldon Cooper. I am a Theoretical Physicist at Caltech, let's get to know one another a little before we decided to be roommates or not." Sheldon said while allowing him inside.

"Sounds good. Wow this is a nice place." Leonard said while looking around.

Sheldon agreed with him, the apartment was nice, really big too with decent sized rooms, he loved the open layout that connected the living room and kitchen. The only thing separating them being the island, as they walked around he let Leonard look the place over, as they walked they talked a little about hobbies, Leonard is still a nerd through and through.

When the tour and getting to know one another came to an end they ended up back in the living room, "So that is everything, I do have to warn you I have OCD, it stems from my Mysophobia, that is a reason I have kept a distance from you also. It can be a bother to most people which is why I lost my last roommate, as you saw from the message he left.

At the moment it isn't as bad as it usually is but sometimes it gets to the point that I freak out some, so it is better for you to know that now rather then me freaking out on you later. If this is something you can work with then I see no reason for us not to be roommates, well as long as you can agree to a couple of things that is."

Leonard looked down while thinking it over, "Can I hear what they are first before I decide."

Sheldon nodded, "First keep the apartment clean, every Sunday being a deep clean day where no guest are aloud and we deep clean it. Though they may come over after. Two, No loud noises after eleven, I like to stay up late like anyone but most nights that is when I am in bed. That is all I can think of now, until we live together for awhile I don't think I can think of anything else."

"What is this?" Leonard asked looking down at a copy of the roommate agreement that was set on the box in the living room.

He hadn't bothered to move it or destroy it yet, "Ahh, that was something I was going to make you sign but then thought it might be unreasonable so I am leaving it alone. So, what do you say? Roommates?" Sheldon asked but kept his hands behind his back.

There was some things from the other Sheldon's personality he couldn't get rid of, Mysophobia being one, he didn't see that ever happening since it was deep inside him.

Leonard thought a moment before smiling, "Yeah that sounds fine. So how much am I paying?"

Sheldon smiled nodding, "Split rent being $750 with utilities being split also. Unless marked any food I buy you may eat, marked food will not be touched though."

Leonard nodded, "Sounds fair, well I guess this is the start of a beautiful friendship."


Two Years Later...

Sheldon changed a lot, not only did he not look like the original actor that played Sheldon, at the same time in this new body that looked like Matthew Gulber it was also different. Because he was different then the original he also made sure to improve himself like he did in his past life, also making sure to get rid of all his old clothes.

At the moment he stood at six foot one with shoulder length brown hair and shiny blue eyes, he had an athletic build with a six pack, his muscles weren't huge but if someone touch him they would notice. For the past two years he took to working out and doing more activities from his past life, he no longer followed the old schedule of his past self.

The people that knew him before also saw the change and thought he was better for it, his Meemaw gushed over his new lifestyle along with his mom, though they were worried at first. He also made up with his older brother George who actually accepted the apology, it helped that he apologized for everything he did in the past.

Another big difference is that he drove himself around, he has himself a Grey Ford Focus RS, the thing was a beauty, it helped that since he was a mechanic in his past he knew how to supe it up. After a week of riding with Leonard to work he bought his own car, he was just glad that the school respected him enough to give him the salary he was making.

With an annual salary of $250,000 he was set for anything he needed, also the papers he has been publishing helped get him to this, it wasn't where he use to be.

"Did I really need to come with you here?" Sheldon asked as they walked into the sperm bank, he could afford his half of the internet. It was Leonard who couldn't.

"Yes, with this we can afford the internet we want." Leonard said as he walked into the office.

Sheldon sighed following him, he was wearing a leather jacket with a white shirt underneath, regular fit black jeans and converse shoes. That was one thing he wouldn't do like the last and that was dress ugly, he did not want to wear all that mismatching stuff it just looked ugly, he was glad Leonard had a little style.

He hung back as Leonard walked over to the receptionist getting a clipboard after it looked like he annoyed her, "What did you do?" Sheldon asked as he stretched out in a chair.

"I may or may not have answered the questions on her cross word making her very crossed with me in the process." he said while looking down shyly.

Sheldon just shook his head at that, he seemed to remember what was happening but since he spent the last two year focused on work and changing himself it wasn't clicking that well. Not that it mattered it wasn't like he was following a plot or anything this was his life now, it wasn't going to be anything like the shows.

"I can't do it!" Leonard said twenty seconds later while looking freaked out.

"Why the cold feet?" Sheldon asked raising a brow.

"I just can't okay? What woman is going to want my sperm huh? I am short, nonathletic, lactose intolerant and many other things. Can we just go, I will let you pay for it this time, but I will try and pay part of it." Leonard said freaking out more.

Sheldon nodded while standing to leave, it wasn't like they needed to tell anyone that he didn't want to do it. He also sighed a little inside, he noticed that Leonard was a lot more cowardly, it may be because of how much he had changed though, Leonard watched it all but couldn't do the same thing.

The drive home was quite, going inside they took the trip upstairs, making Sheldon groan he had to sacrifice the elevator since Leonard didn't listen and still combined the rocket fuel. Walking up the stairs again made him want to trip the short man but he held off from doing it.

As they reached their floor he noticed that Leonard had stopped and was looking into the apartment across from theirs, following his gaze he nodded. Penny. She was flipping through a magazine while listening to music, it seemed she just moved in.

"Oh hi!" She said noticing them looking.

"Yo!" he said nodding.

"Hi." Leonard said shyly not being able to look her in the eyes.

She looked between the two of them for a moment trying to figure out why they were there, "Sorry about the staring, we are your neighbors we live in 4A, just surprised to see someone else living here." Sheldon said with an easy smile saying something when it looked like Leonard was stuck.

"Oh it is nice to meet you two. I am Penny." She said with a wide smile moving closer to the door to talk to the two of them.

"Leonard, and this is my roommate Sheldon. Well, uh, oh, welcome to the building." Leonard said finally finding his voice with a small smile.

"Thank you, maybe we can have coffee sometime." She said looking between the two of them.

It didn't escape his notice that the entire time she kept sending him little looks, he ignored them though, he was not trying anything with the woman. TV shows and real people are two different things, he wasn't about to start something with someone just because they were beautiful, he actually dated for romance rather then a quick sex filled night.

Rolling his eyes he nodded, "Sure thing. See you around Penny."

She looked a little disappointed as he walked away but nodded shutting her door which prompted Leonard to follow him, he could already tell the man was in love. Going into the apartment he set his bag down before walking to get something to eat, Leonard wanted Indian food so he stopped for it, that didn't mean that he was going to eat it.

With how bad his Mysophobia was he didn't eat anything he didn't cook himself it was just a rule he had, he didn't trust kitchens at restaurants.

"Should we have invited her for lunch?" Leonard said move confident now that he was out of the presence of Penny.

Sheldon shrugged as he pulled out ingredients for shrimp tacos, "You have enough to share so go ahead. That is your choice not mine."

Leonard nodded and rushed out of the apartment to invite her, he rolled his eyes, he was hungry and didn't have time to deal with the aspiring actress. He had been living here for two years now plus his memories, he had seen many more beautiful woman then Penny even dating a few but some turned out crazy.

The two came in minutes later her looking around excitedly, "Okay well make yourself at home." Leonard said to her as they moved further in.

"Thank you." She moved further in looking around checking everything out before she stopped in front of his board looking at his equations, "This looks like some serious stuff, Leonard, did you do this?"

"Nope that is mine." He said while looking up from his food. Since he didn't dress or act like the old him people didn't take him for a physicist anymore, they actually couldn't tell what he did.

"Wow." She said looking over at him with wide eyes.

"Yeah, well, it's just some quantum mechanics, with a little string theory doodling around the edges." He said going back to his food turning over the shrimp he had in the pan.

"So you're like, one of those, beautiful mind genius guys." She said flirty while leaning on the counter smiling at him.

"Well I prefer Good Will Hunting, just without all the emotional drama to go along with it." He said with a smile.

"This is really impressive." She said leaning a little further.

"I have a board too. If you like boards, this is my board." Leonard said with some desperation in his voice as he watched her interact with Sheldon making Sheldon roll his eyes as he heard it. He didn't see why the guy was acting that way, at the moment she didn't seem him as anything more then a nerd at the moment.

Sheldon didn't bother with them and finished making his food, he missed breakfast since he was running late so he was really hungry at the moment. As he finished the food a heavenly aroma went around the room, he was glad he had been cooking since he was a little kid since his experience in it had reached this level.

"Uh, do you guys mind if I start?" She asked sitting in his spot on the couch.

That was one thing that was the same, he kept that spot on the couch since it was the best in the apartment, why would he give it up. His eye twitched though as he saw her sitting there, with his Mysophobia no one sat there, since he wasn't as obnoxious as his other self they respected it and let him keep his spot without a fuss.

"Oh no don't sit there!" Leonard said moving to go to her.

"Why?" she asked looking confused.

"That is my spot," Sheldon said while bringing his plate over, "I have Mysophobia, which is on the brink of being extreme at the moment. There are certain things in my life that stay the same because of that, one being I make my own food because of it. So if you could please give me my seat."

"Oh I am sorry," She said while sliding over to the middle seat, "There you go."

He nodded while taking the seat then dug into his food.

"Well this is nice, we don't have a lot of company over." Leonard said looking at Penny with a wide smile, all Sheldon did was roll his eyes. "So Penny, tell us about yourself."

"Um, me, okay, I'm Sagittarius, which probably tells you way more than you need to know." She said, Sheldon rolled his eyes but held his tongue, "Let's see, what else, oh, I'm a vegetarian, oh, except for fish, and the occasional steak, I love steak."

That made him chuckle since it didn't make any sense for her to love steak and still consider herself a Vegetarian.

"Do you have some sort of job?" Leonard went on trying to find out as much as possible about her as he could.

"Oh, yeah, I'm a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory." She beamed.

"Oh cool. I love Cheesecake." Leonard said with a wide smile.

"Your lactose intolerant. You can't eat cheesecake." Sheldon said wanting to make sure that he didn't make a fool of himself. It might come back to bite him in the ass later if he didn't tell the truth right at this moment.

After saying that he tuned them out so he didn't understand how it got to the point of Penny using their shower, soon Howard and Raj showed up as he finished eating. Cleaning his plates and other things he went back to the couch to watch the lecture they brought over, he wouldn't mind seeing something like that since it was rare.

Leonard was trying to get them out the apartment because Penny was in the shower, which he could understand since Howard was a pervert. He wasn't really friends with the guy, even after knowing him for two years he didn't get close to him since he was a creep, they only hung out when all four were together he never went to look for him on his own.

As Leonard failed to get them to leave Penny came out in just a towel causing the three of them to drop their jaws, "Hey, is there a trick to getting it to switch from tub to shower. Oh. Hi, sorry. Hello!"

Howard was the first to recover as Sheldon made his way over to help her, "Enchante Madamoiselle. Howard Wolowitz, Cal-Tech department of Applied Physics. You may be familiar with some of my work, it's currently orbiting Jupiter's largest moon taking high-resolution digital photographs."

"Penny. I work at the Cheesecake Factory." She said with a smile.

"Come on, I will show you the trick with the shower." He said leading her away from the perv, he shot Howard a glare when it looked as though he was going to say something again making the man shut his mouth. "Sorry about him, he will try to do that a lot." Sheldon said while walking into the bathroom.

"You seem to be able to shut him up though." She commented holding the towel against her body.

He paused a moment since he looked over at her seeing her legs go on for days, shaking his head he went back to turning on the shower for her, "Yeah it is because we aren't really that close. The one time that he tried to do that to another girl I broke his nose, he hasn't done it since but it looks like he was brave enough to try again." He explained.

She raised a brow not moving when the shower did start, "Ahh, I knew you were different compared to them. You just didn't give off the nerd vibe, what's up with that?"

He looked at her a moment before sighing seeing that she wasn't going to get in the shower without an answer, "I decided to change how I was two years ago, remembering how I grew up I knew that I needed to if I was actually going to have a life and friends. So this is how I turned out, those three try but they can't really change who they are."

She looked him in the eye before nodding, walking to the shower she dropped the towel and walked inside, all he saw before she got inside was her perky butt. He shook his head, "Hey can I ask you for a favor?" She said as he heard her mess with the products inside the tub.

"What's up?" He asked leaning against the wall, he could see the outline of her from inside the shower.

"It's just not the kind of thing you ask a guy you've just met." She said making it sound flirty.

"Stop being so ambiguous and ask the question already." His tone conveyed one of no nonsense since he wasn't going to be tricked into anything. He knew that if it was Leonard who walked in here then she would have him eating out the palm of her hand, just for even a little attention.

Plus with her in the shower it would set the guy off even more.

"Well my old boyfriend Kurt kept the TV, do you think you could go and get it for me? It is my TV after all." She said while sighing since she knew that her little thing wasn't going to work on him.

He paused before nodding, "Wait here." He walked out the bathroom while closing the door going into the living room he saw the other three standing or sitting around talking about Penny, "Hey guys, Penny wants to know if you can go to her old boyfriends Kurt's and pick up the TV she left behind there."

"She asked for us to go?" Leonard said with some excitement in his voice.

"Like us specifically or just someone?" Howard said looking for clarification with Raj nodding along.

"She told me to ask if you three would go get it for her, I might have mentioned that you three would have a better chance bringing it back more then I would by myself." He said lying without even so much as a muscle tick.

They all watched him for a moment before rushing out the door after Leonard grabbed his keys, it seemed they all wanted to impress her by bringing it back. He smiled to himself before walking back to the bathroom after the apartment door closed, just with the slight mention of being able to help her they rushed out the house.

"They went to go get it. Might be helpful to give them a hug or something as a thank you when they returned." He said standing at the door not going inside since they weren't that close he didn't want to just walk in on her in the bathroom.

"Alright thank you sweetie." She said busting out the nickname that she would always call the old Sheldon in the show.

He made a sound before going back into the living room, moving over to his board he decided to work on some equations since the place was actually quiet at the moment. Standing there he looked it over while trying to prove the theory that he made, he already proved about six since being Sheldon which granted him all his pay raises.

Although he never slacked on his work he was hoping to at least get another bump in his pay, he was trying to at least be paid three hundred thousand before being comfortable. He was twenty five at the moment and was hoping to move out the apartment by at least thirty with a decent house.

Ten minutes later Penny scurried out the shower and rushed to her place to change in nothing but a towel, she was back in another ten sitting on the couch watching TV. When she saw that he was working she didn't bother him, which he was thankful for he didn't want any distractions at the moment.

Thirty minutes later he sighed looking away from he board, he wasn't seeing anything at the moment, he also didn't want to fry his brain trying to figure it out. He might have OCD but that didn't mean he let it control his life, instead he tried to be healthy about everything he did, not wanting to get in the stuck moments like the other Sheldon.

"Done working?" She asked looking away from the TV, she was sitting in the middle of the couch again, she didn't even bother to sit in the armchair by herself.

"Yeah," He said rubbing his eyes, he then pulled out his phone when he saw it vibrating, looking at the new email he opened it, "Can't figure out what I am doing with the equation yet so I am taking a break, plus I like doing that stuff at work, I rarely do it at home."

"Ahh so this is your just for fun board when you have nothing else to do?" she asked with a wide smile.

He nodded then looked over the email he got, he was shocked when he saw it, then sat there a moment making sure he was looking at it correctly before he started laughing a little, "What is it?" she asked leaning over to see.

"Wow, I just got an email saying that I got approved for the pet I want. I can keep it here and everything, I was waiting for my license for it to come in and it looks like I got approved." He said smiling.

"Oh? What type of pet are you getting that required you to get a license for it?" She asked with a smile.

"A white Siberian Tiger." He said calmly.

She was shocked though, "A WHAT!!!!"

"Don't worry it is a baby one, I am going to train it and everything. Not like I am going to get a fully grown one and just keep it here, it will be like I am owning a kitten. When it grows up I will keep it somewhere else." He said rolling his eyes, Leonard even 'agreed' to letting him get one when he asked about it, though he was sure that Leonard was being sarcastic.

Penny sat there stunned while looking at him with wide eyes before shaking her head, there was nothing she could say on it since it wasn't her apartment. Also if he was already approved for it then she couldn't really do anything about it, not like it was her place anyway to say something about it, again she was someone they just met.

"Wow that is----" She was cut off by Leonard and the other two walking into the apartment, the only difference was Leonard and Howard weren't wearing pants, Raj was, "Oh my god, what happened to you guys?" she asked forgetting what she wanted to say.

"Well, your ex-boyfriend sends his regards and I think the rest is fairly self-explanatory." Leonard said with sighing.

"Raj here took off as the guy was taking my pants, so he didn't have his taken from him." Howard supplied for them.

"I'm so sorry, I really thought if you guys went instead of me he wouldn't be such an ass." Penny said before walking over and hugging all three of them, "Really, thank you so much for going and trying you're, uh, you're so terrific. Why don't you put some clothes on, I'll get my purse and dinner is on me, okay?"

"Really, great!" The three of them looked excited since she was paying for their meal.

Sheldon sat on the couch shaking his head, he would talk to Leonard later about the tiger, he might have taken it as a joke but Sheldon was serious about it, he was getting it. Though he wouldn't spoil the mood for the guy since he got a hug and was getting a free dinner from Penny.

Leonard watched her walk all the way to her apartment, "Our children will be smart and beautiful."

"Hey! How do you know she won't go for me!" Howard said cutting the guy off.

Sheldon rolled his eyes at the two, if Leonard turned out like his counter part then it would be him that would get Penny while Howard still got a woman. Though at the thought of the person he married Sheldon shuddered, her voice was really annoying to him, add Howard into the relationship and he has found the worst relationship he could ever think of.

"Alright guys are you ready to go?" she asked as she came back to the apartment which caused the argument they were having to be cut off.

As the four walked out Sheldon shut the door and went over to his laptop, he was going to start buying everything he needed for the Tiger, he was suppose to get it by this year. Maybe the start of next year, it just depended on when the mother tiger gave birth.

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