My Servant System

Katherine Zara, a single middle aged office worker, went about her day as she always had; wake up, go to work, come home and read or play games. However, today would be different. Before she left for work, her ex broke into her apartment and killed her. When she woke up, she was given many choices. She could pick her new world, pick her starting point, and pick her system among many other things. And so Katherine decided to become a servant to a villainess. Follow Katherine as she serves her petty, demanding mistress in a world of swords and magic. Additional: The Female Lead (Katherine) will be submissive to her mistress, but will be cold towards others. I plan on having some action, but mainly this will be a story about Katherine serving her mistress and leveling up her system.

Ketsueki_Hasu · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1050 Chs

Chapter 857: Experiment To Learn

Using my Ice Magic to create heavy manacles on the Goblin's handless arms and remaining leg, I grinned down at the helpless monster as I cooed "Aw, you must be in such~ horrendous pain, little one... such, such terrible agony..."

Leaving it there for a second, I retrieved its hands and its leg and laid them beside their respective origins, all while the Goblin stared at me with those beady eyes filled with such delectable despair that it made me shudder, a jolt of glee rushing up my spine and tickling my mind as I looked down upon it.

"Let me make that better for you, hm? Oops, my hand slipped~! How clumsy of me..."