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Katherine Zara, a single middle aged office worker, went about her day as she always had; wake up, go to work, come home and read or play games. However, today would be different. Before she left for work, her ex broke into her apartment and killed her. When she woke up, she was given many choices. She could pick her new world, pick her starting point, and pick her system among many other things. And so Katherine decided to become a servant to a villainess. Follow Katherine as she serves her petty, demanding mistress in a world of swords and magic. Additional: The Female Lead (Katherine) will be submissive to her mistress, but will be cold towards others. I plan on having some action, but mainly this will be a story about Katherine serving her mistress and leveling up her system.

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Chapter 42: Departure

(Kat PoV)

Groaning, I opened my eyes. I had a pounding headache, and when I opened my eyes and saw the sun filtering through the windows, I grimaced.

Feeling someone holding my hand, I looked over to see Jahi sitting next to me, her amethyst eyes wide with worry.

Giving a weak smile, I saw her eyes water before she wiped them.


She pulled me into a hug, holding me as tight as she could. Nuzzling into her arms, I took a deep breath, finding solace in her warmth.

Jahi was shaking, and I could hear muffled sobs.

Placing my hand on her back, I stroked her gently, hoping to calm her down.

Time passed by slowly, however I wanted this moment to last as long as possible. To help me forget what just happened.

Hearing someone shuffling behind me, I looked over my shoulder to see my mother wiping her red, puffy eyes. Seeing me, her eyes lit up even as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Jumping onto the bed, she wrapped her arms around both of us, her face nuzzled between my ears.

Surrounded by warmth, I smiled. However, it was this exact warmth that made me realize something: I need to start training, even if it's just the basics.

I could feel their pain through their shuddering breaths, and while I was happy to be back in the real world, each shaky breath they took made my heart clench.

I needed to be stronger, to prevent something like this from happening ever again.

I could no longer hope that this life would be some warm, comfortable life, one where I can sit back and never worry about conflict of any kind. There was no way I could have a tool to get stronger and not use it.

Feeling resolve growing in my heart, I continued to remain quiet, allowing them to find comfort in my presence.

As I waited, I heard the system speak for the first time in a while.

[What... What happened? I couldn't see anything for three days!]

'So you really couldn't see that... Are you able to view my memories? Or can I... 'project' them to you? I kinda need a second opinion from someone who won't think I'm crazy...'

[... if you concentrate on it really hard, I can view it.]

I clenched my jaw, before closing my eyes.

Thinking about everything that happened in that monochrome world, I waited a few moments.

[Why... Why can't I see anything?]

The usual calm voice of the system was now concerned.

I started to recount what happened, making sure to recount everything as best I could.

[If I had to guess... it's true. That really was you from the future. There is magic that can bend the laws of reality on this world, and when you have a system to help speed up your growth... well, it's not unheard of for users to do things like that.]

I stayed quiet, thinking it over. If that really was me, and that... eye was really something that hated me to my core, I needed to get stronger. I can try and learn the basics of things now, before starting in earnest next year when I awaken my core.

"Katherine... Baby, are you alright? Do you hurt anywhere? Do-"

Hearing my mother's concerned voice, I chuckled lightly.

"I'm fine mother, really!"

She hugged us tighter, her breathing still shaky. Pulling away a few moments later, both she and Jahi looked me up and down, looking for any injuries.

Chuckling again, I smiled at how much they cared about my wellbeing.

My mother sighed in relief, her tense muscles finally relaxing. However, this just caused her to start crying again, pulling me back into her arms. I leaned into her, trying to comfort her.

"I'll go tell everyone else that you're awake..."

Hearing Jahi's raspy voice, I looked over at her and nodded. Giving me a weak smile, she left the room, her shoulders slightly slumped.

Moments passed, and I heard my mother take a deep breath.

"Katherine... I... think it might be best if you started training with Jahi now..."

Looking up at my mother, I saw her eyes had a worried look. Smiling up at her, I nodded my head, saying "I want to start training as well. I never want to let you all go through something like that again..."

She stroked my ears, before sighing.

"We were really worried, y'know? For three days you laid here, looking like you were experiencing a nightmare over and over again..."

Nuzzling into her, I took a breath and nodded.

"I... I don't remember most of it, but... I was scared..."

That eye... just describing it wasn't enough. Sure, it was creepy, but it was something about the way it looked at me, the raw hatred it radiated, that scared me.

She continued to stroke my ears, and before she could say another thing the doors flew open.

Seeing a grey blur rushing towards us, my mother let me go, a slight smile on her lips.

Feeling Leone wrap her arms around me, I froze for a moment. She buried her face into my neck, sobbing lightly. Gently stroking her back, I watched as Jahi and Anput entered.

Jahi looked much like she did earlier. Her eyes would meet my own for only a few moments, before flickering away. However, I managed to see the slight specks of gold in her eyes when she was Leone hugging me.

Anput was even more awkward, shuffling about as her ears and tail fluttered. Her lips were pulled into a frown, and her normally joy filled eyes were puffy. Biting her lip, she looked at me before looking at the ground.

Sighing, I gently moved Leone to the side, allowing us to stand up. She still had her arms wrapped around me, refusing to let me go.

Shuffling towards the other two girls, I gestured for them to come forwards.

Jahi took a hesitant step forwards, before moving behind me. Wrapping her arms around me, I could feel her bury her face into the other side of my neck.

Smiling slightly, I looked at Anput and gestured again. She looked at me in surprise before moving forwards, joining the group hug.

Hearing more footsteps approaching, I watched as the Marquess and Countess walked in, small smiles on their face. Moving towards my mother, they comforted her slightly.

Next, the Sultana and Kio entered, both observing with neutral expressions. Nodding to me, they stood off to the side, silent.

Finally, the Empress and Lorelei entered. Giving me small smiles, I saw Lorelei sigh in relief, before leaning into the Empress.

"So, I guess everyone leaves today, huh?"

Hearing the Marquess say that, I felt Leone tighten her grip, and Anput flinched slightly.

Nodding, the Empress said "I believe that would be best, yes. We can't leave our offices unattended for too long, right Anubi?"

"Indeed. We have some... important matters to take care of back home. However, I would like to ask if we may visit again, Marquess Asmodia. Maybe for when Katherine awakens her core?"

I looked at the Sultana in surprise. She just nodded at me again, while Kio smirked at me before looking at my mother.

"Yes, that does sound like a perfect time to come back..."

The Empress' low voice made me look towards her, and she just smiled at me, while Lorelei gave me a shrug.

Sighing, I nodded to the Sultana and Empress, saying "It would be an honor to have the Sultana and Empress at my Awakening."

Jahi held me tighter at that, and I could feel her jaw clench slightly.

Sighing, the Marquess said "Well, if Katherine's fine with it... I'll send letters a month prior to the ceremony."

Everyone nodded, before slowly filtering out of the room. Looking back, the Countess said "You all have a few more minutes before you should start getting ready..." before following behind the Marquess.

Jahi and Anput pulled away, and after some coaxing, I managed to get Leone to let go as well.

Smiling at everyone, I said "I wish you both will come visit next year..."

Anput nodded, her jovial attitude slowly returning.

"Maybe I can show you a thing or two when I come back..."

Smiling at her, she grinned at me before giving both Jahi and I a hug, before leaving the room, humming to herself as she went.

Leone's orange eyes flared slightly, and she bit her lip.

"I... I will visit, Katherine... I promise..."

Hearing her low, shaky voice, I smiled at her. Seeing that, she blushed lightly before moving forwards. Gently wrapping my arms around her, I felt her shaking slightly.

"I'll be alright, Miss Leone. Really! This year will pass before you know it, as well!"

She just nodded, biting her lip again. Moving to Jahi, they briefly hugged each other. Moving towards the door, she looked back, her eyes watering. Gently smiling, I waved to her. Clenching her jaw, she quickly walked out of the room, tears falling down her cheeks.

Sighing, I looked over to Jahi, who was standing there stiffly.

Moving over to her, I leaned on her shoulder, before saying "I plan on joining you in your training now..."

Looking over at me in surprise, I could see reluctance and anticipation battling in her eyes.

"Are... are you sure? I am going to increase my training, by a lot... I... I don't want to have to experience something like that ever again..."

Hearing her voice grow soft and shaky at the end of that, I wrapped my arm around her, saying "I don't want to experience something like that again either, which is why I want to start training."

She sighed, before pulling me into a tight hug.

"I was... so, so afraid... that when we found you, you wouldn't be-"


She started sobbing again, nodding.

"Well, I'm alive. So, let's try our best to keep it that way, yeah~?"

Hearing my joking tone, she started chuckling.

"I promised to be by your side forever, didn't I?"

Her tone was joking, but I could feel the undertones of possessiveness and want. Stroking her back, I nodded, saying "Forever and always..."


So, a few things.

One, I asked another author on the site, Grayback (Vile Evil Hides Under the Veil), about contracts. I wanted to hear what he had to say about it, and he managed to clear some doubts. I DO NOT have to upload daily with a contract. Apparently that is only works that do the privileged chapters (The chapters that are locked locked behind a coin wall and are technically not released yet.) So, I think that at chapter 50 I will accept the contract. If I have control over how much a chapter costs coin wise, I was thinking about either 4 or 6, since they split profits 50/50. Make it nice and even for my minor OCD...

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Let me know if you've been enjoying it, and I hope you continue to enjoy Kat's journey!



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