4 Chapter 3: Choices, Choices

[Host found. Beginning fusion.]

The blue orb started pulsating in front of me, and with each pulse it became fainter. I opened my mouth and found that I could finally talk. "What do you mean host?!? Wait, please don't go!"

The orb grew so faint that it looked like it wasn't there. I was scared. For the first time in god knows how long I could actually see; I could actually talk. And this... orb was capable of speech! If it left me alone in the void, bereft of any stimulation, I might just go insane.

[Fusion complete. Hello, Katherine. I am <System>, and I will be your guide through your new. life.]

The orb had disappeared, but a spectral screen took its place. Written on the front was '<System>'. And the voice was still there. Was this like those web novels I had read? Would I be... reincarnated?

[Correct. Creation beginning. Please press the screen.]

It can hear my thoughts? Thats kinda creepy. Whatever. I reached forward and pressed the screen. The screen blurred before changing its display.

[Please select the World you wish to reincarnate in.]

So it IS like those novels. Cool. I scrolled through the list. Modern, Sci-Fi, Cultivation, and Fantasy. Those were the four choices. "Isn't this... a limited selection?"

[Please select a world. Failure to do so in 30 seconds shall result in a random selection.]

"Alright, alright. Hmm... Definitely not Modern or Sci-Fi. Not my cup of tea. So Cultivation or Fantasy. Hmm."

What to choose. I like both, but... I guess I have a soft spot for Fantasy. All those childhood stories and the Mythology of many countries was always interesting. So I picked Fantasy.

[Fantasy selected. Next, please select your specialized system. List generated.]

A long list appeared on the screen. It was sorted based on most popular choices. At the top was Sword, Magic, Bow, Blacksmith, Druid, and so on. As I was scrolling through, unsure of my choice, the system spoke.

[Would Host like the <System> to narrow down the list based on which are most suited for you?]

"Yes, please!" Even if the suggested systems aren't cool, they should help me figure out what I should pick. After all, if its narrowed to what I am most suited for, I can get an idea on what I would like to do.

[List narrowed. If you have questions about the uses of a certain system, please ask.]

Looking through the list, I saw two that stood out. A dancer system, and a servant system.

"System, can you please give me the details on those two?"

[Dancer System: A System based on dancing. Dances will be turned into skills, with specific uses such as martial arts or magic. Dances can be used to gain experience points and/or skill points.]

[Servant System: A System based on serving a Master/Mistress. Earn experience points and/or skill points by serving. While not a combat system, you will be allowed to choose a weapon proficiency.]

"Would I be able to choose my Master or Mistress?"

[Yes. That is tied to your starting point, which is the next section.]

"Okay then! I choose the Servant System! I like the idea of being able to serve someone important, like a princess! I'd be able to live a good life, with the only problem being the work. However I've done worse, and I'll be paid in money by my employer (maybe) and XP and Skill points by the system!"


[From this point onwards you have points. Current balance: 1950p. Every choice will either give or take points. Choose carefully.]

"Points? How were those determined?"

[Every person starts with a balance of 1500p, and the actions taken in their life, plus the way they died, reward or take points. Since you were murdered, you received 350p. The remaining 100p was from various small good deeds done throughout your life.]

"Thats interesting. I always knew I wasn't the greatest person, but I thought my... activities would have been viewed as negative. Lust is a sin and all that."

[That is the view of humanity. However, your Lust didn't negatively effect anyone.]

Cool. Next was to choose my starting location. I was given three choices. Male, Female, and... Futa? "Futa is... chicks with dicks right?"


"Why is this here? Am I supposed to... 'serve' them too?"

[Optional. This selection is so that you can choose based on personal interest.]

I clicked futa. What, you judging me? Its the best of both worlds.

Next was the alignment.

Evil: +100p

Neutral: +0p

Good: -100p

"So what exactly makes her evil?"

[Moral values are skewed. Has no qualms killing. Y'know, normal things.]

"She won't lock me in a dungeon for looking at her wrong?"

[She shouldn't.]

"So you have no idea?"

[People are complicated.]

Well, whatever. I clicked evil. Good people in Fantasy worlds are insufferable. And Neutral people tend to be indecisive, not Neutral. Also, I always wanted to see one of those legendary 'Villainess' characters.

[Points: 2050p]

Next was her social status.

Merchant: +0p

Baroness: -100p

Viscountess: -150p

Countess: -200p

Marquess: -300p

Duchess: -500p

Princess: -750p

"I know I said I wanted to serve a princess, but... that's a lot of points. Wait, what else am I going to need my points for?"

[Race, Stats, Magic, and Skills.]

So I need my points. Cool. Hm, maybe a Countess then? While she won't be a full Villainess, she could be the underling of the main Villainess. Like one of those side characters that do nothing except make the Villainess feel better? Or should I go for a Marquess? Might be a minor Villainess then. Yeah, that sounds good. "Marquess."

[Points: 1750p]

[Generating Host's body... generation complete.]

Next to the screen now stood my body. Looking at it felt odd.

[Would you like to change anything of your physical appearance? Size, Height, Eye color?]

A set of sliders appeared in front of me, controlling my different sizes and height. Now, I wasn't the tallest person, but I was definitely taller then a lot of people. So that was fine. But my sizes... that is tempting. After all, who doesn't want to change some things about their bodies?

I did like my sizes, after all it helped me a lot throughout my life. My breasts weren't too large, but were definitely big. My waist was thin, and my hips were wide. Maybe I should change it all just a little though? I'm sure that I could make my Mistress love me for a long time based on just my 'skills'.

I stared at the sliders, adjusting everything, looking at myself and seeing if the changes were good or bad. After a few minutes, I decided I should just keep it the same. After all, it was my body. No need to change it.

[Done? Next, please choose a race.]

Another long list appeared on the screen. All the typical races were there, Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc. Of course, I clicked each to see what I looked like as that race. And I have to say I was tempted with the orc. Chiseled abs and defined arms and legs. That was definitely my type. But then I saw another option. Dogkin. Its exactly what I thought it would be. Just a human with dog ears and a bushy tail. I looked cute, not trying to brag though.

Yup. I am now going to be a Dogkin. Why? I want to be Kat the Dogkin. Lame joke, I know, but imagining introducing myself as that to people makes me laugh. Though the plus was that it was only 50p. The elf? 500p. Dragonkin? 1000p. Orc? 250p. Those prices are insane.

[Points: 1700p]

[Generating Host's base Stats:

Strength (STR): 10 {Physical Strength}

Constitution (CON): 12 {Body's Strength}

Agility (AGI): 10 {Speed}

Dexterity (DEX): 14 {Body's Control}

Charm (CHA): 14 {Personal Magnetism}

Wisdom (WIS): 12 {Magic Control}

Inteligence (INT): 14 {Magic Power}

Increase a stat by 1: 100p.

Average stats are 12.]

"Can I come back to this after I choose my magic and skills?"



{Fire: 0p

Wind: 0p

Water: 0p

Earth: 0p}

(Ice: 200p

Lightning: 200p

Metal: 200p

Nature: 200p)

|Dark: 500p

Light: 500p

Space: 1000p

Time: 1000p|

{Can only have one, must pay for second, third, and forth. 100p, 300p, 400p}

(Can only have two, and gain access to the elements that make up the intermediate element.

Ice - Water/Wind, Lightning - Fire/Wind, Metal - Fire/Earth, Nature - Water/Earth)

|Can only have one, and lose access to all other elements|]

"Easy. Ice! Water magic for healing, Wind magic for support and offensive, and Ice magic because its awesome!"

[Points: 1500p]

[Generating skills based on previous life...

Housework (Expert): Can clean most things easily, and can cook exceptional food.

Hardworking (Master): When you focus on completing something, be it task or studying, you can complete/understand it faster. Additionally, when studying/researching, there is a chance to become {Inspired}, allowing you to potentially create new skills or advance current skills.

Nymphomania (MAX): When completing any {Sex Quests} you receive triple XP. However, after your 'First Time' you will receive a stack of {Arousal} every two days, and the higher the stack, the more impaired you become. Having sex reduces all stacks.

{Inspired - A state that the Host can enter to improve their skills. Difficult to enter.}

{Sex Quests - An optional quest that gives large amounts of experience. Depending on your partner(s), you may also receive stat points or skill points.}

{Arousal - A state that, when high, impairs the Host's thinking and makes them more likely to fall for a persons charm or seduction. At max, the Host will do anything to sleep with someone. Host can remove one stack a day by masturbating. Max Stacks: 20.}

"Thats... interesting. A lot of upsides, but the downsides are... scary. And the 'Sex Quests', are they exclusive to my Mistress or can they be triggered by anybody?"

[They can be triggered by anyone. Again, they are OPTIONAL. The Host need not worry about being forced into something.]

[Please browse the skills. They are optional, and can be learned for free through hard work.]

Another list appeared. It was sorted by magic skills, weapon skills, utility skills, and more. I went into the weapon category and looked for daggers. Finding it at 50p, I purchased it and upgraded it twice, from Novice to Apprentice then to Adept. I spent 250p upgrading it.

[Points: 1200p]

I looked through magic for a skill that increases healing benefits. After all, healing others is a good way to earn money if I need some. Healing was 300p, and to upgrade it I had to spend another 300p. So I had Apprentice Healing.

[Points: 600p]

I looked through all the lists, and as I was about to go choose another magic skill, I saw one Utility skill that seemed amazing.

{Growth (Novice): Increases quest XP by 25%, and Combat XP by 50%}

The price was 600p, but I knew a broken skill when I saw it. Also, that was at NOVICE. Imagine it at Master, or at MAX.

[Points: 0p]

[Is the Host sure of their choices?]

I looked at my stats, my skills, and my starting area. "Yeah. Yeah I'm good."

[Would host like to start from when you are a baby, when you are 4, or when you are 18?]

"At 4 please. While those four years could be nice to try and learn new skills, the idea of being a baby again is weird."

[Very Well. Beginning Reincarnation...]

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