274 Chapter 273: Gone

Jahi PoV

Crossing blades with Matilda was less of a thrilling duel and more of a tedious chore; the short human woman simply didn't have much real technique, instead relying on brute force and potent magic.

Each strike against my blade was easily thwarted away, while she floundered around to block my blows.

I felt no thrill fighting her, but she was simply too strong to kill off with ease.

That water magic of hers was more defensive and had insane healing capabilities, so for every blow I did land I had to watch in annoyance as the cut closed in mere moments.

Especially when she had pulled out an enchanted coin, crushing it and summoning a large sphere of water that aided her spells and enhancements.

Sighing, I redirected her jagged Zweihander to the left and head butted her, earning myself a satisfying crunch as I shattered her nose, while two gashes appeared on her cheeks from the edges of my gold tipped horns.


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