130 Chapter 129: Lord Pele (3)

Glaring at the red skinned draconic man, I spat in his face before launching myself forwards, pouring my remaining energy into this last, final blow of mine.

He continued to smirk at me, ignoring me spitting on him.

Spreading his arms open, he smirked as he invited me to attack him, a disdainful look in his eye as he watched me approach.

Pushing the last of my mana onto my blade, I screamed as I stabbed forwards, my dagger-

My eyes went wide as it shattered, a thick, red plate appearing in front of the ice coated steel tip.

"Was that all, dog? Was that your final, pitiful attempt?"

Sneering at me, one of his hands shot forwards, wrapping around my throat.

"If so, that was incredibly pathetic. Remember, fire beats ice."

Rolling his eyes at me, he tightened his grasp on my throat, slowly crushing my windpipe.

Slamming my fists against his scaled body, I desperately tried to target any weak spots, aiming for his face.


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