Huge Spectacle, Little Tricks

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"Senior Brother Changshou, both of us are in charge of leading the team today. We should work together and protect the reputation of the Immortal Du Sect."

"Yes. Junior Sister Youqin is right."

"Senior Brother Changshou, before the elder left, he told me that later on, the Heaven Immortal Elders within the sect will go to the main platform, while we will go to the tribunal platform. Things will easily go wrong during this period. We have to be careful."

"Yes. Junior Sister Youqin is right."

"Senior Brother Changshou, how has your cultivation been all these years?"

"Junior Sister Youqin, you are… I'm doing well with my cultivation. Everything is pretty smooth," Li Changshou answered with a smile and added another sentence in his heart, 'It was thanks to the fact that you were punished to ponder over your mistake.'

Youqin Xuanya pursed her thin lips. She couldn't find a new topic at the moment but tried to keep the conversation going.

Unfortunately, she had spent most of her life cultivating. She could not just recite a paragraph of the Dao sutra.

Perhaps, Li Changshou saw her thinking hard, so he took the initiative to say, "You should rest first since you still have a huge responsibility later on."

"Okay." Youqin Xuanya nodded her head in agreement. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips before feeling relaxed and restored to her usual self.

Because of Li Changshou's words, those young disciples, who were secretly observing the two of them, felt comfortable towards his self-knowledge.

There was still some distance to the Coast of the East Ocean after flying for four hours. Along the way, the Immortal Du Sect encountered seven to eight teams that represented their sects.

In order to deal with the invitation by the East Ocean's Dragon Palace to the Meet, various immortal sects that received the invitation had secretly discussed various aspects.

For example, they had sent more than ten disciples and Perfected Immortals with around 30 people in total this time.

This would show that the human cultivators did not value this Demon-Sweeping Meet so much. However, they still gave the Dragon Palace some respect, so they reluctantly attended this event.

As another example, they had to be careful when exchanging pointers during this Meet and try avoiding the sanguine glow. The immortal sects also had to put their feud on usual days aside temporarily and could not make a fool out of themselves for the dragon race to see.

There were many similar agreements in place, as well.

The main purpose that these immortal sects had made these agreements was to let human cultivators have dignity before the dragon race and manifest their presence.

There was a slightly weird agreement among them—the young disciples of various immortal sects had to be younger than 150 years old.

Why was that so?

Most of these young disciples did not dare to ask even when they had doubts. On the other hand, Li Changshou had a slight knowledge of it.

The dragon race's dragon egg had to be incubated for at least 150 years before it would break from its shell. The young dragon was equivalent to cultivating in the dragon egg during that time.

The young dragon of the Dragon Palace would possess extraordinary powers and become immortals after cultivating for 100 years. If they were the bloodline of the Dragon King, they would have even more formidable mystical abilities.

The Dragon Palace would let the young dragon show off its strength every time based on previous similar experiences of the Meet. They would use this chance to jeer at the human cultivators.

When the young disciples, who were younger than 150 years old, won against these young dragons, it naturally showed how skillful they were. The immortal sects would be happy with that. Even if they lost, they would not have lost their dignity either.

The human race gathered in the South Continent, while the experts of the human cultivators gathered in the Middle Continent.

If the immortal sects of the East Continent could not hold their heads high before the Dragon Palace, they would also face censure from the major sects of the Middle Continent. Therefore, all the immortal sects in the East Continent were conscious of their dignity.

As they approached the Coast of the East Ocean, the sky was filled with white clouds lingering with an immortal glow.

Although there were few Exalted Immortals in the East Continent, less than a hundred of them were qualified enough to receive the Dragon Palace's invitation.

However, in order to draw the border of the East Ocean clearly this time, the Dragon Palace had not only invited the Immortal Sects of the Three Schools, such as the Immortal Du Sect, which had a profound foundation but also invited all the immortal sects from the edge of the East Ocean.

As a result, even if an immortal sect sent 30 people out, there would still be many attending the Meet. The sky near the Meet was a little… crowded.

All the disciples of the Immortal Du Sect stood up at this moment. Youqin Xuanya also returned to her initial spot and listened to the instructions from the Uncle-Masters and Aunt-Masters in front.

Li Changshou did not take a further look at his surroundings. He stood at the corner quietly, looked down, and listened with his heart.

A disciple up ahead exclaimed in awe, "As expected, it's the Demon-Sweeping Meet held by the Dragon Palace. It looks very magnificent with all the immortals here.

"Everyone has to give the Dragon Palace some respect. After all, they are one of the three major races since ancient times."

A male immortal turned around to reprimand him. "Speak cautiously and observe more! Do not follow them! You will easily violate a taboo!"

"Okay. It was a slip of my tongue. Please forgive me, Uncle-Master."

Another female disciple suddenly said, "Is that the place for the Meet this time?"

Everyone looked at where she was pointing before they suddenly exclaimed in awe.

Li Changshou also looked at the sky and couldn't help raising his eyebrows.

How magnificent!

What a good array formation!

Some distance away from them in the south-east direction was a huge waterspout.

This waterspout was just like the long stem of a lotus flower. It diverted a huge amount of ocean water to the sky, causing a massive water lotus platform to form.

The waterspout was stabilized by the immortal powers and stayed still. The water lotus platform above it was steady and wide, and the surrounding clouds and mists filled the sky. It was just like an immortal realm on the ocean.

That was the main venue of the Demon-Sweeping Meet.

A Perfected Immortal inside said with a smile, "The Dragon Palace has never disappointed us with such a huge spectacle."

Upon hearing that, Li Changshou laughed softly and looked at Aunt-Master Jiu Jiu standing beside a few female immortals.

Throughout this journey, Aunt-Master Jiu Jiu seemed to have changed into another person. She was gentle and quiet. Not only had she not touched the little wine gourd on her waist, but she also had not dared to utter a word.

After all, her Master was above her. That side of hers was actually pretty lovable.

In the past few years, the more those working together with Aunt-Master to refine pills and set up array formation interacted with her, the more they found it a pity that she spoke well.

Cough. That was a joke.

As they approached the waterspout and lotus platform, they could increasingly sense how spectacular it was and constantly lamented how the Dragon Palace had spent money.

A dense mass of Prawn Soldiers and Crab Generals stood on the surface of the ocean. They were incomparable to those little demons that Lan Ling' e had killed previously, as each of them had a condensed aura.

Even the weakest Prawn Soldier's aura fluctuation could be compared to a Dao Requital realm cultivator. Clearly, they were the elite troops of the Dragon Palace.

Presently, the Heavenly Courts were not doing well, and the Heavenly River had no troops either. They had created a general for Heavenly Courts' water troops. The most powerful water troops in the world were the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.

As the white clouds approached this water lotus flower, the waterspout, which had a diameter of 5 kilometers, produced a dragon roar.

Dozens of azure dragons of all kinds of colors emerged from the waterspout and flew around the waterspout!

Layers of water curtains fell upon the top of the edge of the water lotus platform. Under the sunlight, rainbows hung over the sky…

At another glance, around 3,000 of those figures rose from the sky above the water lotus platform.

They were the flood dragon troops of the dragon race, and they were wearing bright silver-white armor. Most of them appeared in human form with tanned skin and dragon horns on their heads.

Their body was like the immortal flood dragons, which had a close bloodline to the dragon race, and they were the main combat force of the Dragon Palace. They had been very famous since ancient times.

These 3,000 immortal flood dragons were distributed evenly as they circled the water lotus platform. They were in charge of maintaining the order of the Demon-Sweeping Meet.

The flood dragon troops stood still in the air and emanated their grandness, looking very magnificent. They unexpectedly had a cultivation of Perfected Immortal realm, and they caused a considerable impact to the human cultivators.

'A starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Even if they could not become enemies, they did not need to be nice either. It was best not to accumulate karma with them.'

This was what Li Changshou was thinking.

A senior sister up ahead asked, "Does the Dragon Palace value this Meet so much?"

Another Perfected Immortal woman within the sect laughed softly and answered, "The Dragon Palace likes to engage in these to show their power. Actually, who doesn't know what predicament the dragon race is now facing?"

Upon hearing that, Li Changshou had even more thoughts.

Based on the current performance, the dragon race, who were once the overlord of the world, was still unwilling to remain out of the limelight.

Now that they were eager to excel, they could still be regarded as the powerful dragon race.

After thinking about God Conferment, the cautious Heavenly Courts used their means to bestow rain…

After the Heavenly Courts became powerful, the dragon race would be beheaded even if they slightly violated the laws of heaven of bestowing the wrong amount of rain. Thereafter, the dragon's liver and the phoenix's marrow would become an immortal dish for the Immortal Emperor…

What kind of tragedy had these ancient Big Three experienced before and after the God Conferment?

Li Changshou felt sentimental and made a resolute decision not to roam outside before he attained the Zenith Heaven!

Although it was still long before reaching the Great God-Conferment Tribulation, he had to start his preparations early.

Li Changshou silently pondered as he stood on the cloud. The white cloud of the Immortal Du Sect floated along with dozens of white clouds and reached the water lotus platform first.

Immediately, a shiny golden turtle emerged from the water lotus platform.

It carried on its back two Turtle Ministers, who were clad in a red embroidered robe with a turtle shell and had a small head at the end of the neck, looking very comical.

The turtle on the left cleared its throat, fanned with the little fan in its hand, and said in a gentle, charming, low voice, "Fellow Heaven Immortals and Elders, please proceed to the platform at the front."

Was it the legendary… voice from the Dragon Palace?

Then, the turtle on the right shouted in a sharp and ear-piercing manner, "Fellow disciples of the immortal sects, please enter the venue!

"The tables and chairs have been prepared at the tribunal platform! There are signs for the immortal sects with a higher rank in the East Continent! Look carefully!

"Those who are illiterate can ask those maidservants!

"Immortal sects with a lower rank do not have a sign. Please find a seat at the back!"

They seemed like the workers of the same gender in the brothel of the mortal world.


Jiu Jiu, who had been silent, could not help but cover her mouth and laugh. Everyone in the Immortal Du Sect was also entertained by these two turtle immortals.

How dramatic!

Everyone in the Immortal Du Sect naturally did not need to worry that they would have no seats. Apart from that, their seats were closest to the front.

At that moment, Exalted Wang Qing and a few Heaven Immortal Elders flew to the high platform suspended in the air.

16 inner sect Perfected Immortals, who were voluntarily protecting the disciples, abandoned the white cloud and flew towards the seating area for the Immortal Du Sect.

It was as if Li Changshou and Youqin Xuanya, who were the team leaders, were non-existent.

The various immortal sects had previously discussed, and each sent 30 people over, which the Dragon Palace clearly knew about. However, only 25 meditation cushions and 25 short tables had been prepared at each of the sect's seating areas.

25 sets of fruits and refreshments had also been prepared.

However, this was just a trivial matter. A few of the female disciples took out their meditation cushions and joined two tables.

Those smaller immortal sects were treated more poorly, as they only had rows of stone meditation cushions without even any short tables, let alone fine wine and fruits.

Li Changshou sat near the corner of the Immortal Du Sect's seating area, and a clam maidservant stood beside him to serve the Immortal Du Sect.

He scanned the fruits and fine wine in front of him and was surprised. He took and sized up a crystal grape before throwing it into his mouth.

A clam maidservant, who looked rather pretty, covered her mouth and laughed lightly. She did not say anything but only secretly sized up Li Changshou.

Soon, Li Changshou opened his mouth to burp before he confirmed what he had eaten.

The Dragon Palace also teased people in such a way. They gave each of the people in Immortal Du Sect a frozen immortal grape called the Little Postnatal Spiritual Root.

After carefully observing the area of the other sects, he realized that they had another kind of immortal grapes.

The frozen immortal grapes were indeed good stuff. When taken in small amounts, it could nourish a cultivator's essence soul, condition aura, and provide recuperation for wounded people. It was also exceptionally fragrant and expensive.

However, there was also a shortcoming of it. When taken in large amounts… one would fart. In other words, the anus would relax, and the gas would pass out of the body.

It was also continuous, which was hard to endure that even immortals could not prevent it from happening.

After giving some thoughts, Li Changshou reminded Youqin Xuanya.

"Junior Sister Youqin, before you eat these, ask the Uncle-Masters and Aunt-Masters whether there is anything wrong with them. I see that the other sects have already started eating them. Don't say that I was the one who reminded you. Just say that you find something amiss with these."

Youqin Xuanya blinked and turned to Li Changshou. She pinched a round peeled grape and delivered it into her mouth as she tilted her head.

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

'Fine. Take it as if I did not bring this up.'