Chapter 766: Li Ling'er's Tour of the Five Continents (2)

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Suddenly, she heard a loud shout. Li Ling'er stood on the white crane as if she had been hit by an immobilization spell.

Below her was a lush forest, and in front of her were white clouds.

She turned around and saw three figures slowly approaching her.

Li Ling'er's small hand shook, and the five pearls emitted the five elemental Dao runes that wrapped around her. She immediately retracted her hands into her sleeves. Her right hand held two porcelain bottles, and her left hand held a handful of jade talismans.

These three Daoists clearly did not come with good intentions.

They were two men and a woman. They did not use any ritual implements to cultivate. Clearly, they each had cultivation above the Golden Core realm.