763 Chapter 766: Li Ling'er's Tour of the Five Continents (1)

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The breeze was gentle, and the clouds curled.

A wave of dust blew east in a grand manner.

Near the Huaguo Mountain in the Five Continents.

A small boat slowly sailed through the mist of the East Ocean and headed in the opposite direction of the estuary, as if it was going to visit the famous grotto-heaven of ancient times.

At the bow of the ship stood two white-bearded old men, and at the stern were two beautiful girls sitting around the heater, chatting and laughing.

No one rowed the boat but it moved forward steadily.

There were many chaotic winds on the sea, but there was a breeze 100 feet away from this small boat, drifting with the calm fragrance of flowers.

The old man was talking about the longitude of the universe and the principles of the world, but the two girls were talking about makeup and delicious food.

The girl on the left was quite beautiful. Her willow leaf eyebrows were charming, and her cherry lips were fair.


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