As Long As You Are Thick-Skinned

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White clouds floated above the azure ocean.

Just like when they had been on the journey to the East Ocean, a huge white cloud floated towards the north-west gate while carrying 16 Perfected Immortals and 11 disciples, and a few Heaven Immortals protecting the order in all four directions above.

Those who left first dumped the huge white clouds behind. The cloud path was very wide and did not seem crowded.

This was the third day after Li Changshou's insane battle with Ao Yi, and the Demon-Sweeping Meet had also ended successfully.

The fake leader, Li Changshou, sat at the corner and had retired from glory. Thus, nobody paid attention to him.

Since the true leader, Youqin Xuanya, had an outstanding performance at the Meet, her name had spread everywhere. She had beaten 36 cultivators and four dragon race disciples consecutively. As a result, she had risen to fame. She was now being surrounded in the middle of the white cloud.