A Little Bit and Planning the God Conferment

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On the way back to the Immortal Du Sect, Li Changshou thought, After coming out for a few days, it should be fine in the mountains, right?

His master should still be drinking tea at the other peaks. He had also told his little junior sister to enter seclusion and cultivate.

The most probable inconvenient situation was that someone would go to the Little Qiong Peak and trespass the array formation around the Pill Chamber by accident. Even though the trapping arrays and mazes did not cause direct damage, if anyone stopped in between them for a long time, they would easily lose their mind and nourish the mental demons.

However, after he had nearly driven Uncle-Master Jiu Wu crazy the other time, Li Changshou had also done some changes to the chain arrays.

He had left behind a 'guest' path.