2 An inconvenience

The emergency department at Starlight Hospital were having a rough day. To be more specific, some people were making things difficult for them.

An ambulance had arrived with a patient and a metal rod was stuck between his chest just close to his heart but the patient was surrounded with several guards wearing black clothes.

The guards did not let anyone touch the patient. The man on the stretcher was losing a lot of blood but even then they still refused to let anyone get close to him.

Wen Shao Feng, one of the doctors in charge of emergency response and the one who had called Lin Ye tried to reason with them, "Sir, you have to let us check on the patient or else he could die!"

This was true, as the time went, the more blood was lost and that could lead to serious circumstances.

A young man stepped forward. He was dressed in white, completely different from the others. He had on a pair of glasses and his tone was eerily calm, "Don't worry, he will not die."

He turned around and looked at the man lying on the stretcher and continued calmly, "I will trouble you to call Miss Lin Ye of cardiothoracic surgery, only then will he be treated,"

His tone was calm yet he gave off an air of unapproachability. His glasses looked simple but Wen Shao Feng instantly knew that they were not ordinary, they had to be expensive.

Wen Shao Feng almost slapped him to the nine heavens but if they refused for the patient to be attended to by them then their hands were tied.

A crowd had formed at the entrance and all of them were looking at the mysterious patient on the stretcher.

He wore a white shirt and blue trousers, impeccable beyond extreme. His face was smooth and beautiful and his lips were chapped. The blood on his shirt did not make him look like a patient at all but they played as an accessory to his charms.

The people were stars-truck and could not look away no matter what, that man was simply too eye-catching!

Everybody was wondering, "Who is he?'

Lin Ye walked down the steps and this was the scene that greeted her.

Wen Shao Feng ran over to her, "Doctor Lin, this way."

Lin Ye nodded and went over to sanitize her hands and then took gloves from a nearby tray and wore them.

She went over but just like the others was blocked by the men in black. She did not become frustrated at all but spoke calmly, "If you don't want me to look at him then you can take him away to another hospital, they are quite many in the capital,"

She walked away calmly after she had said that. If they did not want the man to be treated then they should have never brought him to the hospital!

The men in black looked confused and turned to the man in white. He pinched his brows and went after Lin Ye, "Miss, excuse me for a second, we are waiting for a doctor named Lin Ye, could I trouble you to give me some directions to where I can find her?"

Lin Ye turned around, "I am Lin Ye, what is it you are looking for me for? you are being an inconvenience to the whole emergency department"

The man was stunned, this was Lin Ye?

He expected her to look older but what he was seeing now was beyond his imagination, was she not too young?

He did not know why his boss specifically asked to be treated by this doctor but whatever he was ordered to do he had to do it without fail.

His tone was still respectful, "I am sorry for any inconveniences caused," he paused and then continued "Then I will trouble Miss Ye to please look at him..."

Lin Ye faltered, "Him? What is his name?"

The man in white did not answer, he simply held the curtain for her and watched her enter, after that he left and waited outside.

Lin Ye took one look at the man and an indescribable feeling rose sharply in her heart, the man looked so familiar. She did not remember ever meeting him anywhere so why did she have this unsettling feeling?

She looked at him. His face was calm yet the rod was clogged in his chest.

Beyond the calmness, his face was also impeccable, she had never seen someone with such a face.

It was extremely handsome but still managed to give off an air of coldness even when lying there.

She looked over towards his chest at the rod and then slowly started removing his clothes.

What she found out astonished her, the rod was not clogged in so deep as it was initially thought, it had simply created a small dent and clogged itself there.

The blood that was flowing should not be a lot so why was he bleeding this much?

Lin Ye looked at the blood which was still flowing and frowned, there was only one possible reason to this, the man had hemophilia.

She removed the rod slowly after numbing the area and then started dressing the wound yet no matter what she did or how many bandages she wrapped, the blood would still not stop.

She sighed and walked outside towards the man in white, "We need to admit him, I have done all I can but the blood flow is my main concern. Talk to the receptionist and have her handle all the necessary paperwork" She then turned to Wen Shao Feng, "Call me when everything is ready."

After that she turned around to leave. Her voice was unusually soft and the tone so nice to hear.

Unbeknownst to her, as soon as she left the room, the man who was unconscious suddenly woke up!

His eyes were a scary red and they held a glint that could scare someone to the grave.

He then smiled, one could not tell whether it was out of pain or amusement.

His mouth slowly moved, "So we meet again..."

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