My Secret Billionaire Transfer Student Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

My Secret Billionaire Transfer Student


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Nathaniel Heatherworth is the son of one of the wealthiest families in the world, and the sole heir to their multi-billion dollar company. Due to a scandal involving his father, he and his mother have been forced to hide their identities; forcing him to change his identity and enroll in a public school far away from home. In contrast, Grace is a girl who has a struggling family, but thanks to her unwavering spirit and determination, she decides to do her best to help. As fate would have it, these two bump into each other on their way to school, kickstarting their love-hate adventure in school. Will Grace find out just who this Jerk, Nathaniel is? Or will their complicated emotions for each other blossom into love? And what about Nathaniel and his family? Just what secrets exist within his heritage? Secrets will be unraveled and feelings will be unveiled. Ultimately, these two must decide... just what path to take.