My Second Male Lead [J.JK]

Author: Base_peasant
Fantasy Romance
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What is My Second Male Lead [J.JK]

Read ‘My Second Male Lead [J.JK]’ Online for Free, written by the author Base_peasant, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering REINCARNATION Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, TRANSMIGRATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: I'm pretty sure i jump off from the 30th floor, so why the fuck am i still alive whose body am i staying at?just because...


I'm pretty sure i jump off from the 30th floor, so why the fuck am i still alive whose body am i staying at? just because you're a God doesn't mean you can forced me to live

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Mr Jones has been leave the grave where is a possibility where you can find some secrets about this continent When I find our that my family is killed due to some techniques which are higher than a S rank skill The one black organization is trying to find me to gain that book from me but at that time I am traveling with Mr . Jones who is trying to find another continent while flying in the sky The intense pressure is coming to the person who is standing in air and smiling like a devil who wants to say that the prey is here but he is unable to say anything because his mouth was stitched with some threads Mr Jones bow down and said I am respectful that the great elder of heavenly sect He didn't say and than he take out his sword from the back and point it towards the Lawrence Crownwell and than he starts moving towards him The dark aura has covered the sky and than Mr. Jones shout he is following the demonic path , Lance take a side and let me fight Than the Jones take out the sword from his space ring and starts fighting the clashes has produced to much force than after 4 hours the head of the great elder of heavenly sect is fallen in the water that is beneath us and left arm of Mr Jones is cut At that time , I fell miserable and the book they are finding is in the space ring which book I am unable to open No , I will just save Mr Jones He is the only person who has treated me as human than 4 mask man appears and said how a weak person is able to kill a one of the strongest person on this lowly continent Give me Unholy book !! Otherwise I will kill this old man No , Lance you don't have to do it They are for you and as your father please run Lawrence, you have to run save your life This world is ruthless and he throws a ring towards him and said run but at that time the monarch of Cairo Kingdom kill his father and the whole palace of Crownwell family is burning into ashes The bloodlust has formed the shape of disaster and the Lawrence cut the arm and said let Mr. Jones go otherwise I will burn this book and he take out the book from his space ring But those 4 mask man has killed Mr Jones and try to kill me to take this book from me Fighting for more than 2 days , The bloodlust has reach its limit his body starts burning into black flames 4 masked man are killed , it is the self destruction move and Lawrence is also killed Synchronizing 10%_ 25%_50%_100% Synchronizing complete You are going 40 years to the past What am I seeing ? [ 2 chapters per week ]

swordmen · Fantasy
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